Young Virginia based artist Bishop opens up about his influences and what albums he’s been bumping this year in an exclusive interview.

First of all tell everyone who you are and what you do.

I’m bishop I’m 19 from Northern Virginia and I make epic music.

What inspired you to get started making music?

My boy Hunter Hair he was the first person I knew who rapped but we didn’t put anything out until after my freshman year of high school. I was inspired by Felly and Childish Gambino when I first started making music.

It’s good finding inspiration in people you know

We talking ‘because the internet’ era gambino?

Yessir that shit was fye to me back then.

Still fire today homie

Nowadays what artists are you drawing inspiration from?

Mac Miller, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Travis

That’s a solid list dude

Do you feel the scene out in Virginia has an impact on the kind of stuff you’re making?

Not really.. me and Austin Skinner have similar sounds but other than that no one sounds like me here, and he’s definitely impacted my sound.

Bringing a new sound to the area, that’s tight af

Switching up a little, it’s nearing the end of the year, what’s the album of the year in your opinion?

Shit like a lot of them, the juice wrld album was on repeat but I also fuck with kids see ghost and Astroworld I had the wrld on drugs on repeat too tho.

Solid choices

If you weren’t doing music what do you think you’d be doing?

I can’t even imagine not doing music.

I feel you there it’s a lifestyle

Describe a day in the life of bishop

Bro it’s different every  day, I’ll be at school and just go to class and sleep the rest of the day but on the weekends I’ll usually make some music at night. When I’m not at school I’m usually at work and when I get off work it’s straight to the studio.

On that grind fr

Is there any dream collabs you have?

Kid Cudi for sure and Travis, also Playboi Carti.

That’d be fire

What are you working on at the moment? Any big projects?

Yea my first EP, it’s called Bad Enough. I’m not gonna say much on it now I want people to hear it and understand it.

Can’t wait to check it out when it drops

Have you always been making a similar type of music or would you say that your style has changed a lot since that first drop back in high school?

Yea it was way different I didn’t even use autotune. You can hear it on the first song on my soundcloud which is my biggest song and it’s without autotune.

It bangs hard man

Evolving your style is always good, do you feel you’ve found the style you’re comfortable with or do you think it’s still growing?

It’s still growing frfr I’m always tryna think of new ways to innovative.

That’s the best way to be homie

Where do you see yourself with music 5 years from now?

I see myself being very successful for sure they way me and Ali are moving.

I hope so dude it’s always good seeing talented artists out the underground blow up

Any live shows planned rn?

Not right now but I definitely plan on doing one in the spring.

That’d be fire

Out of the underground right now are there any producers you’d love to work with on a track?

Not really I got my go to producers they keep my sound up fresh.

That’s good, making sure you’ve got a recognisable sound using a smaller number of producers

Tough question this time, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Dang I would hate music lmao. I couldn’t do that at all I get bored of albums after 1 listen all the way through, the only album I’ve listened to a bunch of times is Bryson Tillers first album.

Lmao I feel you dude it would suck having only one.

Before we wrap up the interview do you have any words of wisdom or stuff to plug?

Just shoutout my brother for life @Youngali23 for helping me get this far and shoutout everyone in 1990.

Check out Bishop’s most recent release on SoundCloud below.