PrettyBoyKelsey or better known as Connor is making waves in all parts of the east coast and is trying to make a long lasting name for himself. See what he has to offer in this UVC exclusive interview.

Ight so first things first tell me about where you’re from and how old you are, tell us about your traveling journey so far.

Okay word. I’m Connor, born and raised in Massachusetts. I’m 20 years old. I’ve lived in many different towns in Massachusetts growing up. Boxford is where my family really settled down, although we moved 4 different times in boxford over the years lol. Once college came up, I Iived up in Bangor Maine for freshman and sophomore year. Most recently, I have transferred to a school in florida, and as of current I am living in Orlando.

I had a feeling it was a heavy traveling life for you and that’s not a bad thing at all. Do you adjust to new places well? Do you actually like Florida better than MA?

Yea for sure traveled a lot. But yea bro to me florida isn’t even comparable to Mass when talking about like things to do, the weather, things like that. even the girls down here are unreal lmao. As far as the music scene, I’m not too sure because I haven’t lived here long enough yet to know.

Yeah I feel you 100% I’ve yet to talk to someone who left MA that didn’t like where they went to be honest with you. That’s really exciting I’m glad it was a good change for you. Now when did you get your start in music? Or better yet who were some of your early influences that made you wanna start creating?

Damn bro I’ve been waiting for this interview question for so long. So when I was 17, a junior in high school, I really started getting into music. To me I felt like it was super late to start at 17 but I loved it. So me and actually my friend Cooper, (aka @lilcxxp) started rapping together in high school out of nowhere. We just had that idea to rap, and we ended up buying the shittiest equipment and just started writing and recording. We both dropped our first song, like a collab song, and that was when I realized how much I loved that whole process. Bro my influences are NOTHING like anybody today. I’ve been waiting for this question my entire life. Anyways, when I started getting into rapping and making beats, I would always be listening to underground music, or just music nobody ever heard of before. Martin $ky was probably my biggest influence of all time. He is a rapper / producer from Chicago, but stopped rapping a couple years ago. Other influences would be Tory Lanez, Gashi, Pouya, Yung Pinch, and  $uicideboy$, and all for different reasons. I was really inspired by all these artists mostly when they were coming up, like WAY before they came up. I still consider them my influences because at a time in my life I looked up to them more than anybody.

Lots of great names there honestly and I know a lot of people who got in “late” but since so many people start practically out the womb it’s not a bad thing to start in your later years. You’re right though those are heavy underground legends. Linking up with Coop must have been so tight and what a great start for you guys. I’d love to see what you guys were like back then. I also like you mentioned their come up rather then when they actually came up and I think that’s super inspirational as well. Do you think you enjoy the vocal side of things or production wise since you’ve gotten some time to practice both?

I honestly love the entire process. Everything from writing, making the beats, recording, and mixing. I love both rapping and producing equally. Mixing my voice is fun af with different styles, effects and stuff, I spend so much time doing that. Making beats too, I sit in my studio for hours upon hours every day just creating, i love every aspect. One of my biggest goals in my life right now is to master the entire creative process and do everything myself, and I can’t wait to get to that point.

That’s honestly so fire I really like that mindset and that’s always gonna be great to keep learning everyday. Everyone should learn to really see how far they can push the limit on their craft. That’s brings me to my next question which is tell us about your school journey and how you ended up in Florida?

Thank you, I definitely push myself and my abilities further every day I can. So yea right now I’m in florida pursuing a degree in music business/ production at Full Sail University. Before I transferred here, I went to a college called Husson University for 2 years. I went to Husson for audio engineering, but being in Maine for hip hop was not the move for me whatsoever, although I met some great friends there that are still friends with me today. To be completely honest though, I don’t feel like college is the right place for me, because I am not one to enjoy sitting in a classroom. But I’m here to learn and better myself in what I want, so it shouldn’t be as bad as I make it out to be.

That’s amazing and I hear Full Sail is perfect for that not so college feel and they’ll actually help you a lot. I think it’s worth it and a great choice. Moving on to the rest of 2018 what are
your plans for the winter and closing out the year?

For the rest of this year, I have a LOT planned. I have a bunch of songs releasing very soon. A couple self-produced singles as well. Multiple music videos are in the works as well. For beats, I am working on beat tape, and I want to get my close friends in @deadlockriot on the tape, as well as many singles with them all. My website will be released as well, along with some merch. Lastly, some Instagram videos music related and some not-so-music related clips will be posted often. I can’t wait to see how these next few months unfold.

Insane plans and lots of content on the way from the deadlock boys that’s gonna be so fire. How did deadlock riot come about and who are it’s members?

Deadlock came about through my friend Nick He reached out to a bunch of local talented artists around and started the wave. Deadlock now officially has 10 artists, 5 producers, 6 engineers, a DJ, and multiple photographers/videographers, stylists, and marketing/ advertising/management. It’s a collective of talent all working together to better each other. Every single person in deadlock is there for a reason, and everyone is beyond talented, it’s crazy. The members are Nic Violets, King from 98, Cal & Bren of Brevin Kim, Raccaveli, Tanj, lil cxxp, Trev, Liburdi, and myself.  Recently joined talent Includes Savoia, Woody Pond, JazzMania, and EJ Noro. We’re a talented collective in a sense if you’d like to call it.

Literally so stacked. You guys are one of the only ones that stick out and I think you’re doing a great job for real. Moving back to your solo career, who are some artists that you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small?

Damn, there are so many. I think a song with Gashi would probably be the hardest song of the year if we recorded one hahah. Same with Tory Lanez. Some vibes with Swae Lee would be unreal too.

All would be such bangers for sure. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

My fav song I’ve released would definitely have to be Once only. That song is the definition of my sound. Rockstar is a close second though, I love that song too. My next self produced unreleased single is another favorite of mine. I hope people are ready for it hahaha.

Honestly can’t wait all your drops lately have been so good. What’s your overall goal in music? Do you have a message you wanna spread? or leave in your music?

Thank you I appreciate that, but yea I’m my music, I want to make people feel a certain type of way when they listen and/or watch me. When I find a new artist and listen to a song by them I’ve never heard, I get such a weird, yet amazing feeling listening to them. I want people to feel that exact same way when they hear my music. I also want to be heard and recognized for the music I make.

You actually gave a few of us that feeling so I can definitely say you’re on your way. That’s a great legacy if we’re being real. What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without?

Thank you. But in the studio, honestly I haven’t thought about that hahah. I would have to say my beat laptop to cook up, a hair band because my hair gets annoying as fuck, and some hot water for my throat cuz my throat gets fucked up sometimes in there. That’s pretty much it to be honest.

Everyone’s got their own ticks that make themselves comfy. A few people have said hot water before so that’s pretty common. What keeps you going when you aren’t working on music? What do you like to do to get your mind off things?

When I’m not doing music, I do a lot depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I learn more about business, everything from running ads to SEO, I find business and marketing super fun too. I still run fort sometimes too, but I’ve yet to ever catch a solo dub, the day I get a solo dub will be the day I stop playing forever on god but all that and chillin with friends too.

That’s great to always have your hands in different things. That’s exactly what I’m on as well but LOL that Fortnite will get you I still see people grindin that game to the core. One of the last questions I had for you was what would be the first thing you did if you got filthy rich?

That’s dope you’re on that too, but yea kids on fort go so fuckin hard it’s ridiculous. Anyways, if I became super rich, bro that money would be going into savings, I would invest most of that to make more money, and give the rest to my family, not even a question. If I had enough to ball out, I’d def cop a nice ass whip tho for sure.

Yo that’s facts I’m glad you said that, every once and a while someone says they would invest & save and that’s probably the smartest thing you could do. That’s goals for sure. My last question is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Yea definitely bro. But of all time, I would def have to say Yung Pinch for one, 714ever is a timeless album for me. Tory Lanez is a second, he always drops unreal music, always fire. Pouya has been ahead of the game always. As of older artists, definitely raider klan were unreal, ASAP Mob, damn there’s so many to list hahah. But those are a bunch. And of course Martin sky #1 of all time though

Straight power list right there. That’s a solid lineup I like all them as well to be honest. Do you have any shout outs or last words of motivation?

I would have to say support local talent. Support your friends who are working towards something, whether it be making music, or or doing something to better themselves. Also, do what you love, there’s no reason why in your life you aren’t doing what you enjoy. Fuck the money, fuck everything about it, just do it because u love it. Everything will come with it.

Literally perfectly said. That’s something everyone should here and I know people will get a lot from that. Everyone make sure you keep your eyes for brand new PrettyBoyKelsey content and thank you so much for taking the time out for this.

Of course! And thank you bro, I appreciate you taking the time for this! All love for UVC.

Check out his most recent track on SoundCloud below.