Kaiyko is changing the SoundCloud scene with her own sound. Not only that, but she has an incredible voice that works very well in both solo music and as a feature. Kaiyko has songs with many of today’s emo artists you’ve most likely heard of. You will be hearing her, and her friend’s, names a lot more in coming years.

Where are you from and how would you describe your style of music?

I’m from Texas and it’s always been kinda hard for me to describe my style for some reason. As a songwriter I just learn to adapt my own style of lyrics into instrumentals whether its a slow emotional beat or if it’s upbeat/pop-ish. I just go with how I feel really.

What are some of your biggest musical influences?

I grew up listening to a lot of alt/pop and indie bands. My top influences would probably be Now, Now, nevershoutnever, Brand New and Japanese Breakfast. Obviously I also got a huge influence from artists I found on soundcloud plus my friends who make music as well in a way lol.

Which of your songs is your favorite to sing, and which is your favorite to listen to?

I find myself singing “What Stays Permanent” and “TheGirlWhoLivesUnderwater” a lot just cuz they have my favorite melodies in them. I highkey listen to a lot of my upbeat ones more like “My Heart Does U -Turns” and even a rare one “Why don’t we just dance” It just brings me I’m a better mood listening to my stuff most of da time.

“My Heart Does U -Turns” is my favorite. What can you say about Dying in The Cut?

Even though people see Dying In The Cut just as a group of friends messing around making songs the people in it mean a lot to me. Everyone in the group has a lot of talent and they make it fun af to make songs whether its on some free type beat or some metal stuff we find. By next year I hope we’ll all be able to link up and do shows all together. Demxntia, Gertrude, Remy, Scumby and the others are the best people I have met online ngl. I hope more people find out about us cuz we really out here making hits for fun. Also s/o anyone who listens to us, ya’ll real for that one lol

You guys make great music together. The next few questions are going to be some fun hypotheticals. Here’s the first one; You’re writing a song for Demxntia, Scum, and Shinigami. Who are you putting on the chorus? Who are you putting on Verse 1? Who gets verse 2?

I love song collabs with people doing some kind of harmony on the chorus. I think i’d order it like my song “A Flame Out in the Wind” I’d have Demxntia on the first verse with scumby next after the first chorus with all of them together. Then Shini as the final verse as they do the hook once more. It’d be a masterpiece for sure.

You can bring any anime character to life for a music video, who are you picking?

Honestly idk if Aggretsuko would count but she is literally my spirit animal. I talk a lot about her in

dying in the cut songs so if we were to ever have a music video I would have her on it for sure haha

You can perform with any artist currently on the SoundCloud top 50, who do you pick and why?

I don’t really check the top 50 very often but I noticed Lil Peep was on there a while ago, and if he was still here it’d be a dream to be on the same line up with him. He made such a huge impact on the scene and world in general.

You get to keep your voice but on top of that you can also have the voice of any singer in history, whose voice do you take?

Oh damn that’s a hard one. I have way too many favorite singers but I think Chester Bennington has the most rawest vocals to ever exist in my opinion; he could really anything a vocalist needed to do.

The Underground is all about helping each other out and putting other people on. Is there anyone that you would love to perform with and show to the world?

Okay that’s an easier question. Obviously all of my friends that are/were in Dying In The Cut. That would include – Gertrude, Demxntia, Scum, Vision4k, Celestia, Inochi, Gehrman, flwrs, aleksia, and Two -22. I would also include any producers/friends I have worked with in the past. I could have a list that goes on forever of people I would want to do a show with. It’s one of my biggest dreams to perform with my friends honestly.

That’s a good dream and I have a feeling it will come true for you soon. That’s everything I have, feel free to tell the people what you have coming.

Thank you for believing in me. I can’t say a specific date when I would have a project coming out but i’ll constantly be writing new songs so just look out for some new stuff throughout the rest of this year. I’d also just like to thank any of my supporters out there that constantly show me love with everything i’ve dropped so far. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without them, my friends, my bf, and just everyone who’s been there for me. With the amount of love i’ve received I know this is just the start for all of us

Check out Kaiyko’s most recent track below.