“I get inspiration from everything. Sometimes Tumblr. Sometimes vintage pieces or sometimes just shit I’ll see at the grocery store. Colors and ideas come from everywhere.”


SIXCELLPHONES’ Twitter page was flooded with positive feedback today (December 14). Users posted screen grabs of completed orders to show their support for the creator’s first clothing drop. SIXCELLPHONES, released three designs printed on pre-shrunk cotton and polyester short-sleeve t-shirts ($23), jersey knit long-sleeve t-shirts ($26), crewneck sweaters ($33) and hooded sweatshirts ($40). Colors include maroon, navy, white, sport grey, light blue and light pink. Colors vary across styles and designs.

The graphics incorporate classic streetwear elements in the designs. The “gun club” graphic appears to poke fun at gun control in America. Pink balloons, 3-D lettering and crosshairs evoke a rather ironic and lighthearted mood in comparison to other gun club’s typefaces and culture in the United States. SIXCELLPHONES’ gun club regulations must be non-existent, and applications are never rejected!

The “cops” illustration pictures a runaway Dutch Shepard police dog with a right arm hanging from its mouth. The text reads, “COPS… BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” in what looks to be a collaborative design with BRRRAULIO. The newly feral K-9 retired the unit entirely by chewing out the officer. The clear police brutality statement on the apparel is a surefire way to turn heads and spark unforeseen dialogue in public.

The “sixbear” design is a rip from the vintage line of POLO BEAR by RALPH LAUREN. Preppy the bear is seen wearing a grey monogram multicolor jacket, green SIXCELLPHONES hoodie and plaid Polo button down in blue. A light maroon hat with three white sixes rests on his head, and Preppy stands goofy-footed on his skateboard (riding with his right foot in front). Baggy, khaki-colored cargo pants and black and white athletic shoes are placed on the board as well. The name “SIXCELL” arches downward across the chest and bear. It’s displayed in a white, collegiate-style font with a black outline.

Jake said he always wanted to make the clothing into something official. He halted most music-related commissions after having the realization of what the new brand should be called.

Most details remain unknown but SIXCELLPHONES left us with this,

“My new brand’s name is still a mystery but I’ll be unveiling it in about a week or so or around Christmas. Expect higher quality clothes and more experimental garments.”

Check out SIXCELLPHONES’ initial fashion capsule collection here before it’s gone.