The Astari featured Orlando artist topboytheo, originally introduced to me through his official video for the track “Whose Mans”, has recently dropped a new EP entitled “Deadication”.

The short 6 track project comes correct at every turn, featuring this very compelling fusion of somber autotune backed by high bpm trap instrumentals, rife with catchy hooks and clever wordplay. Theo has a knack for using autotune in a way that acts as this hypnotic supplement to his vocals rather than as a crutch or aid to them. The tones of Theo’s voice vary track to track, with very deep bass-y electronic low notes and dulcet high ones. It’s alluring and simply catchy. Pair that with the frequent trap drums that accompany the tracks and it puts you in this stasis of calm yet tweaked. If I were to fall asleep with a quick heartbeat it’d be to this project. That’s not to say that Deadication is only this wavy autotuned beast, as it also tackles 808 heavy bangers head on with aggressive vocals and repetitive bars, as the track “Walk” is definitely a stand out amidst the other tracks. Other huge standouts off the tape include the likes of the smooth intro “Deadicated”, and “Clout Demons” 

The intro track Deadicated is the first inclination to this mellow style of autotuned rap by Theo.This track features catchy flow with a repetitive consonance: “Deadicated…I’m medi- I’m medicated I’m faded I feel amazing”. This along with production by Theo himself that possesses this high pitched, liquid synth beat, Deadicated acts as an ode to the work that the artist has put in thus far as the repetitive hook boasts “I’m deadicated.. I’ve deaded all of my haters I told them that I would make it”, a bar that speaks for itself about the success Theo has amassed. The pun in the spelling alone acts as a allusion to this do or die mentality. 

Clout Demons, the third song off the tape acts as a good extension to the intro track. Theo exhibits slower, space-y singing vocals on this track with production by titypizza and BOY FLOSS. This track is huge on harmonic autotuned backing vocals and sweet piercing adlibs. As far as bars goes it acts as this well constructed thematic compliment to Deadicated as Theo calls out superficial lovers, egos, and the fortitude to drop all of it and keep pressing forward. 

It’s not to say that there aren’t more riveting tracks off the project, with tracks like Pop That and Sad Baby having excellent replay value, but as far as working cohesively as a project with a semblance of thematic narrative and opportunity to display sonic versatility, the tracks mentioned in the latter paragraphs really shine. It’s a testament to success and the foibles therein, like clout chasers or naysayers. To put it strongly, run this project up. 

Stream the project below.