First things first where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from minneapolis and i am 18 years old.

You’ve been making a buzz for yourself as an independent producer, tell us about where @4evrgon3 is at in his career right now, How’s things running?

Things are going good im really focusing on the collective im in right now, garden ave, and just trying to make lots of stuff with them and start branching out to different artists with that, as well as just working with as many of my friends as i can because i really think they are going to do big things.

That’s what I like to hear, I’m glad your motivated with everything. Now when did you originally get into music? What was your first exposure to music and who were some of your early influences you would listen to?

honestly i didn’t really have that much exposure to music as a young kid but i got more into rap when i was in middle school, i listened to a lot of lil wayne lol. Eventually i just kinda found more underground music and hearing shit like yung lean and black kray is what really started making me want to produce and started influencing my sound. I’ve been interested in producing for a long time though honestly just because I would get bored as a kid and go on garageband.

Garage band really the app that started a lot lol. That’s so sick because Wayne really was such a huge influence to me as well, What was your favorite song you made back when you were younger? If you had one.

favorite song i made when i was younger?  i don’t know if i have a favorite from my old stuff i like my new music much better haha.  i do like listening to old music to hear my progression though.

That’s fire though, those old joints can always show you how far you came. When you were producing early on what was the point you knew you kinda wanted to take it seriously? Was it far from the early point of starting music or no?

I started really taking it seriously like 2 years ago maybe a lil less.  i connected with lil lotus and we made “wanna be ur last one” and that was the first beat i got someone on. After that I just knew that I could make good songs with people so my goal just became to work with everyone I was looking up to, but there was probably like 3 years before that where i was just making shit not selling any beats or sending them out I was just kind of doing it for fun every now and then.

So you really put your work in before you ever got a decent placement, that’s amazing because that doesn’t happen much anymore. After paying your dues and getting lotus on a song what was your next step? More importantly what’s your favorite song you’ve made or released since that time?

next step after that was to get myself out there more and just make more music!  the project i did with Shinigami was one of my favorites because I felt like we were able to work well together on it to get a cool sound.

That’s actually one of my next questions, was how did you get into contact with Shinigami and how was working with him on his project?

he just heard my beats and messaged me on soundcloud and I sent him something and he loved it so we just started planning on making more and it turned into an EP, it was great to work on because i really felt like we took our time with it and made it how we wanted it, it wasn’t really something we just threw together.

That’s must have been an amazing experience, especially for someone of his caliber, what are your plans for the winter and the rest of 2018?

im dropping an ep soon featuring a bunch of different singers/rappers and also have projects being worked on with fantasy camp and yesterday. Separate projects.

Amazing, that’s gonna be extremely exciting especially working with @fantasy_camp Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small?

I would love to work with lil tracy or bladee, wicca phase too.

Imagine those collabs. A lot of those would break the underground. Speaking of the current community, what are some things you love about the underground and some things you dislike?

my favorite thing about the underground is definitely the people and connections ive been able to make.  having friends that are so talented is pretty cool. The only thing really for me that i don’t like about the underground is the amount of people doing the same exact thing as someone else.  i think anyone that wants to make music should go for it, but when everyone is making the same exact song that’s when things feel over saturated. different stuff is more interesting.

Couldn’t agree more with that statement at all. Over saturation will die out soon enough and talent is gonna shine, it’s only a matter of time. What’s one thing you wanna leave from your music? What’s your overall goal, if you have one?

i want to be able to travel and meet people around the world with music, its given me so opportunities already i want to see where it can take me!  my goal is to produce hit songs that are played in stadiums and see that many people being influenced by my music.

That’s the ultimate goal as a producer right? That’s amazing, I’m glad to hear that. One of my last questions before we signed off was who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time? If you had to pick.

I feel like i can never answer with a good top 5 bc it always changes but i guess my favorite music is nothing nowhere, bladee, corbin, lil uzi, and tiny moving parts i can listen to any of them all day.

Nonetheless, a fire line up that’s a fact. What are some things that keep you going outside of music? What do you do when you aren’t producing?

I go to school in san jose so i’m usually either going to class or making music, but i like video games and drawing too.

Awesome, it’s always great to keep yourself busy, I’m glad to hear you’re keeping busy. My last question for you is, what would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

haha honestly probably just drop out of school and buy a lot of designer clothes.

LOL easily the most solid answer I’ve gotten from that question. Do you have any last shout outs or words of motivation before we sign off?

hmm shoutout to everyone in garden ave and also my friend bloodworth hes cool! that’s it! Thanks for having me(:

Absolutely thank you for taking the time out for this. Extremely appreciated and we’ll keep our eyes out for those @4evrgon3 credits! Super appreciated.

of course thank you!!

Check out 4evrgon3’s SoundCloud page below.