Today, Louisiana native and ☆hellworld☆member ssgkobe. teams up with UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB to drop his first ever interview.

At the age of 15 he’s worked alongside acts like Weiland, Autumn! (@twinuziss), Summrs, Goyxrd, Texako, lil 4 and more. And backed by an impressive roster of producers to collaborate with, it appears ssgkobe is on track to disrupt the music industry as he pleases.

Continue below to learn more about the youthful, wide-ranging artist.

You’re from Louisiana. Has this influenced your artistry?

it really hasn’t. to blow up in Louisiana you have to either sound like Youngboy or Jaydayoungan lol.

How is it being 14 with the sauce? Ha, but I’m sure everyone is always talking about your age.

Im actually 15 , well.. I just turned 15 December 2nd. Remember that next year so y’all can send gifts.

At what moment did you know you had to get into the rap/hip-hop game?

I was always rapping , i jus haven’t recorded any , until I heard Summrs & Autumn’s track , they influenced me to start music , also Chief Keef

What can you tell us about the collective ☆hellworld☆?

It’s cool , it’s not really a collective anymore we jus clown in a groupchat

Do you have a favorite producer you like working with?

Jakesand is my favorite producer currently

What’s been your favorite part of 2018 musically or personally?

Um.. Reaching 1k followers is probably my best goal , although i have met important people

Who do you want to work with in 2019?

Duwap & Chief Keef ooh & can’t forget Lil Uzi

What upcoming projects can you tell us about?

I have a tape dropping on New Years Day !

What’s your favorite anime?

I really don’t watch anime although I should 🙁

Do you have a favorite clothing brand?

Not really , i wear what I like..

Who needs a shoutout?

Taehuncho , Weiland , Summrs , Kankan , Autumn , & Deuce.. I love them fr

Check out his most popular track on SoundCloud You The One! below.