Ight first things first where are you from and how old are you?

East NY Brooklyn, and I’m 21 going on 22 no Adam. I moved to NC in 2010 when I was in middle school and I started making music in 2012.

Wow okay kind of a decent move there that’s interesting, do you like North Carolina?

Honestly, it’s quiet as fuck here and it’s slow as shit too. Everything closes early and it’s not much to draw people outside and I got my first 2 charges here so it’s kinda fuck NC but I was a dumb ass back then. I visited NYC recently and I like it a lot more but i wasn’t paying for shit on my trip so I mean shit free NYC with a crib is lit but NC is easier to live in. If I liked coleslaw, tobacco fields and red dyed pork dogs I’d buy a house here but I’m drawn to California a lot more. I did make a song called “To live and die in LA “

That’s crazy I hear SC pretty wild but I’d deff go to NC one day. California home of the creatives so I agree with you there. What did you end up getting arrested for in your younger days?

2 zips of weed and a B&E. Two separate cases. I got popped 2 days before 4/20 w 2 zips of bud. I was in a car with dirty tags. Got bonded out the same day and the second one was a breaking and entering and a lot of destruction to public property. Me & 2 homies I make music with we’re shooting a video in an abandoned crib right next to my house and we trashed that shit. The painters went in the next day then I saw them call the cops then the ccbi (the finger print people) pulled up after, I was in my boxers when the cops pulled up for me but I got bonded out and put on probation. I was 17 at that point.

That’s actually insane that they fingerprinted you and everything damn. I hate getting caught up when you’re younger but like you said everyone’s a little dumb back then lol. When did you get into music and who were some of your earliest influences?

Well being from NYC and my mom having me at 19 I was exposed to music through her being a lit single black mom in the year 1997. I was exposed to all the 90s hip hop classics you see on every other complex post back when they were popping on BET and MTV jams but like mo bamba them shits get played tf out.

That’s fire all that music was so so classic. What was recording your first song like and when did you decide you wanted to take music seriously?

In nyc I never really liked jay z and I gravitated towards kanye and good music more than the roc, I grew up in a nas household and that’s civil war shit basically. My earliest serious influences include Kanye West. 3-6 mafia who to this day I still credit as one of my favorite street rap songs in my life. Kid cudi Tyler the creator. SHWB, Yung lean , & childish gambino but his first rap songs gambino not like because the Internet gambino, I recorded my first song w @kamifonzo, it’s called str8 and it’s still up on SoundCloud go check it out. I was in high school at that point in time but I always knew I was gonna do music. I guess you can say watching all those rap videos as a kid was mentally training me for being a rapper but i took music classes all throughout school. I used to make beats on the class of 3000 game app on CartoonNetwork.com. I was even in a marching band in NYC that got me in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial. So I’ve always been into music and wanted to Pursue it. I took it seriously in moving to NC and finding other people that I fucked with that had studio work spaces because that’s what I was never around nor had money for. So when I met Kami and he had the studio that was it. I was making 5 mile troops to record at his crib and make it back before curfew. After we started booking our own gigs locally I took that shit seriously as fuck. That was my job and my life at like 15/16. So by the time that I get arrested I’ve been making music for some time now.

That’s crazy what a start and a rare one too. What are some of your plans for the winter and the rest of 2018?

Yeah dude I Booked and performed with SHWB, POUYA, CHXPO , Black Kray & WiFigawd back then, But as for this year I got 3 projects I’m gonna be dropping to lead everyone into 2019. No release dates. I like to have everything done organically cover and all before I even think about dates but I definitely want everyone to know it’s a succession of projects dropping one after another. I got a lot of visuals on the way from @isaiahbrande & @kamifonzo both my roommates and videographers that have me looking amazing in my videos. I’m waiting on 35mm photos to get back to me. I hoard a lot of my film of me around before I get it processed. I shoot w a 35mm point and shoot to get a more grainy picture. Outside of that seriously pushing my brand & collective #SCARECROW6. That’s another thing, I got a huge ass collection of pops and skateboards, Maybe biggest in the underground right now but that’s a side note. I love figurines and anime collectibles.

You definitely experienced for sure and you got a unique style. We’re definitely looking forward to new content. What’s your number one goal in music?

Quality. I wanna make sure people getting the best and most Honest content from me as possible. I’m a very talented musician so I just wanna make sure people are getting the best content from me and that it’s FREE and accessible. It’s imperative that the music is free. If you’re a smart artist you’ll get money where and when you need it but not at the listeners expense. If people can’t get to your music why are you making it? Money? Be an A&R and get better music money but don’t press the fans because I started listening to music as a broke ass lil kid so I want to make music accessible for kids that grew up like me.

Absolutely I couldn’t agree with you more honestly. I really like that message from you. What are some of your favorite songs you’ve made or released?

Well I can’t shit you I love every track I made ever. Like I listen to all me at all points of me ever making music. I’d have to say anything I’ve made since 2016 is in my repeat as of lately. For specific names, Renaissance (prod rob surreal), House the albatross (prod oddwin), Oddwin is a really fire producer that’s been making everything I feel come to life as sound. Water house prod oddwin, I can go on all day foreal, My biggest track is mud which is a remix to an old koopsta knicca track. Shout out TA$$.

Perfect that’s what I like to hear, With a library like that who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small?

I got a few tracks w c**** I produced one and (f1lthy) produced another one. I’d love to work w SYBYR , OMENXIII, Xavier Wulf , Robb Banks Or Chris Travis. They all fire as fuck and I bump them on the regular degular. Also really anyone that fucks w my music. I’m a man of the people so if you fuck w me I fuck w you and we can work from there. It’s really a lot of bigger producers I’m trynna lock in on.

Yeah for sure I’m like that too I feel that vibe a lot. That’s a good list most definitely. What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without.

Water. Weed. (Preferably exotic if you got it my nigga) Backwoods. Trolli gummy worms. A bottle of Hennessy if I can grab it, if not maybe a bottle of sangria.

Same with me honestly and I’m glad you mentioned the water because that’s something nobody mentions. What are some things you love about the underground and what are some things you hate?

I love everything. I just came to the realization I’m not in everyone’s target audience and that helps me get through the day a lot when I’m listening to a lot of different artists. I don’t hate shit cuz I can’t give up that energy. But I do dislike how people confuse industry plants w artists on SoundCloud. I feel like everyone knows that mfs is mainstream and when they bring that to the structure of what is and will be known as SoundCloud culture, they aren’t the top dawgs. Shwb,g59, BRK are the actual SoundCloud OGs and artists that I know as the starter of what mainstream artists are now coming into. Like TA$$ & Wulf were the first no jumper interviews and that’s back when it was still TCU ( the come up BMX blog) so when mfs is looking to get coverage from no jumper i just look back to moments like that or the $b interview or the XXX one to remind me what the real underground artists are and who’s trynna get money off the underground. Outside of that it’s all peace love and psychedelic drugs.

Honestly couldn’t agree with you more broski. Absolutely accurate. What are some things that keep you going outside of music? What are you doing when are you aren’t making music?

Playing video games, just got a Xbox 360 and damn near all the games I want on it. I got a ps3 collection to with metal gear solid , kingdom hearts, persona 5 & DBXENOVERSE. I collect anime figurines and plushies. I just started a DVD collection and it’s coming together pretty nice. Watching anime and mainly reading manga keeps me on my toes. I also do side photography and videography work, I shot a video for chxpo on trill phonk. I started skateboarding again also, but I’m shit as fuck. I can Ollie and kinda big shuv but I can’t hit a solid kickflip yet. Shout out isaiah and stone sasser, Markus, 7 , Patrick, Gavin and all the other local skaters I know. They really got me back into hopping back on the board.

I honestly got a similar background so i feel you thats the same stuff that keeps me grounded as well to be honest. One of the last questions I had before we signed off was who are you your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Queen. Kanye West. Tyler the creator. Childish gambino. Xavier Wulf.

Power house list and you didn’t hesitate at all lol. Any last shoutouts or words of motivation?

Shout out Kami Fonzo , Diplorian, Lucifer,Clearly ,Mvrxxn , Alex gross. They’re all apart of my collective #SCARECROW6 EST. 2015. And for words of advise, don’t stop. That’s the last thing you can do. This shit is like a staring contest and you gotta start over when you blink. DONT BLINK. Stay focused and it won’t be easy I promise you it you gotta thug it through to the light at the end of your tunnel. And please believe me i
Understand if you have a vice or feel different type of way about something. I’ve had a not good Xanax addiction for like 3 years now but I’ve been tapering myself so I don’t seize up again. So even with that in mind I can’t give up and if I can’t give up NO ONE CAN. I love y’all and thanks for the time and hospitality.

Check out Art House’s SoundCloud and his new EP below.