“My beats make you want to moshpit with your grandma.”

Shoki is quickly becoming a playlist staple. He’s made hits for artists like Ugly God, Comethazine, SCARLXRD, DC the Don, Jay Storm, Sad Frosty, Steven Cannon, Lil Turbo, AGOFF and more. In just two years of making beats he’s witnessed an artist perform one of his productions at Rolling Loud (Bay Area, September 16, 2018). Check out Shoki’s reaction to having his music heard by thousands at the largest hip-hop festival in the world, and continue reading to find out more about the multi-faceted artist and producer.

its crazy seeing thousands of people turning up to a beat i made haha pic.twitter.com/KKkDbztsLy— shoki (@prodshoki) September 18, 2018

You’re from Alabama. What made you start producing?

Well at first I was honestly just doing it for fun because my friend Luke was making beats and music and I kinda wanted to try it out so I just got FL Studio and started working on making beats, at first I was awful and it took awhile for me to really find my sound but now I feel like I have found it.

How do you describe your style to people who aren’t too familiar with music?

My beats make you want to moshpit with your grandma.

How does XXXTentacion’s legacy inspire you?

X was a huge inspiration to me and a lot of younger artists/producers I feel. His style has definitely had some influence on my sound. I feel that he is one of the greatest artists to come from SoundCloud and he definitely left his mark.

How do you begin the beat-making or production process?

Well, first I decide exactly who I want to make the beat for, but sometimes I usually will just lay chords down or play around with sounds and start from there, I always start with the melody.

when that shoki 808 hit pic.twitter.com/u18msBFPIK— shoki (@prodshoki) October 21, 2018

What influences your sound selection?

I don’t really have a specific influence I feel because I am pretty versatile, I think I’m just good at picking out sounds that go well with beats I make.

What’s the average time you spend on a beat?

Maybe like 20-45 minutes on average. My best beats come out the fastest.

What artist do you want to hit the studio with the most?

Never have actually been to a real studio, but if I could go with anyone, it would definitely be Ugly God/Comethazine/Zillakami x Sosmula. I feel that the energy in the studio would be insane with any of these people/

What’s your favorite placement so far?

Definitely V12 with Comethazine, the song is doing insane numbers [3,761,305 plays on Spotify as of Dec. 1, 2018] and a lot of people really love that song. I made the beat to V12 in about 15 minutes.

What can you tell us about Shoki in artist mode?

When I’m not making beats and working on my own music I usually love to put a lot of emotion into my music, I like to incorporate past experiences and use them in my music to tell a story.

What do you wish you started doing earlier?

Producing. I’ve only been producing for about 2 years at this point and I feel that I’ve already made huge moves in the amount of time I’ve been making beats. I only started sending beats out to artists last October.

What piece of advice can you give people who want to create or already create music?

Music is art, it’s your own style. Don’t let others bring you down for wanting to be different, create your own style and work hard at it.

Who needs a shout out?

Shoutout to the Goat chat, Ugly God, Comethazine, Anvil, Convolk, John, Thot Destroyers chat, my parents and there’s hundreds of more but is all for now haha.

Check out Shoki’s favorite song he’s produced, V12 with Comethazine below.