Mick Jenkins is finally back with some more water (Pause). He recently dropped his forthcoming album, Pieces Of A Man. There is a slow, but steady resurgence of jazz-influenced hip-hop that you can find in different pockets of the underground scene, and he is one of the top of that class. Mick Jenkins is known for his background in poetry and spoken word, and he easily combines those skills into his music. Heavy, intricate bars mixed smooth flows and Jazz instrumental. This is his breakout project; an album that demands attention while doing so effortlessly.

Mick Jenkins has a lane all of his own. With only three previously released projects under his belt, this album was very anticipated by his fans. And when you listen to the album, you can hear why they were waiting. Every song and feature seems well placed and natural, while the tracks flow into each other. He was trying to tell a specific story in his exact way.

“Heron Flow” and “Heron Flow 2” has Mick showcasing his spoken word featuring talented artist Julian Bell. Mikahl Anthony on “Stress Fracture” and Corrine Bailey Rae were also the standout features on the album. Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah, who easily may have one of the best verse of the year on the bar-filled “Padded Locks”

Mick Jenkins lets us know exactly where his head space is at with POAM. “Who do I run to?/The papers in frontal, they can’t see me subdue/they can’t see me undo” he rhymes on the first track “Stress Fracture” He lets his thoughts and emotions take control of the album. It feels like he’s reached a point in his life and artistry where most of his peers (or older) don’t reach until a later point in their career.

One of the best things about this album is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be chasing a specific sound. He seems to be creating what inspires him spiritually. His maturity as an artist is vastly ahead of his competition. Even though the year isn’t over, he has placed himself as having one of the best projects of 2018. Although this year has brought us the best music in the past five years, it’s hard to find an album that’s cohesive and thought out, while also having tons of replay value.

My personal standouts are “Stress Fracture” and “Padded Locks”. This is honestly one of my favorite albums of the year. If you’re not hip to him by now, make sure to check out the album and see what the hype is about.