One of Underground Vampire Club’s own, BloodRealm artist SxberBlu has released a new two track indie EP called ‘Alone in My Room With Thoughts of You’. Delving into indie proves itself a very good idea for SxberBlu as these songs are something I see myself coming back to a lot when I need something to chill to.The two songs on this EP are titled ‘Solitude in my Bedroom (Antihuman)’ and ‘We Knew This Would Happen’.

‘Solitude in my Bedroom (Antihuman)’ is a nothing short of masterful in its use of reverb and voice layering. The inhuman and lyrics had me remembering the feelings I felt the first time I listened to Daft Punk’s ‘Human After All’. These sublimely depressing vocals are set over a simple track that I can visualize being played in a movie scene where a teenager is being driven away from all their friends as they move to a new town. Sometimes we all get in a mood where we feel “anti-people” and this song really captures that.

If there’s one word I could use to describe ‘We Knew This Would Happen’ it’s weightless. The vocals are light and airy and they carry your head straight into the clouds. Despite the sad tone to the lyrics the song is something that’d be played on that cute girl in the sun hat and flowery dress’ Songs for the Summer playlist. The weird mix of sad lyrics and beautiful tone to the song remind me of walking through a park after a breakup, confronting the sadness you’ve been feeling, and realizing everything is going to be ok. The production is a mix of simple drums and a lullaby-like guitar. The riff comes straight out of a summer camp’s bonfire on their last night.

Overall this EP was an excellent step into the world of indie music. I hope to hear more like this from SxberBlu and I hope you’ll all check the EP out below.