As of 24 hours ago I couldn’t find myself warming up to a mixtape that is on the surface overwhelmingly generic. Then I got more than a track in. What I expected going into the 20 year old Wrist Boi’s SoundCloud was similar to the vein of Drop Top Golf Cart or Slim Jesus, but that was not at all what I got when going through the 13 track project. Belgianese isn’t anything new or cutting edge, in fact it’s pretty cliche and formulaic. What Belgianese actually is, is sonically an avalanche of bouncy, drug addled lyrics over loud, boastful 808’s and increasingly earworm-y production. It builds and grows to a strong handful of hard hitting tracks at an upward trajectory. Couple that with a technically impressive and aggressive flow by Wrist Boi and you end up leaving with dizzying and spaced out tracks, all the perfect amount of time, ringing around in your dome.

Wrist Boi vocally isn’t that abrasive, but he has a delivery and punch-y inflection ever present on each of his tracks that lends itself to work harmoniously with all of his high octane bass heavy beats. There’s a rather Rozz Dyliam’s esque tone to Wrist Boi’s voice as far as gruffness, but it really works and stands out above all the instruments. On top of that, as far as technical rap prowess Wrist Boi’s flow thoroughly rides a beat and doesn’t lack on bars, energy, nor on choruses.

The intro track “Moon Wrist” exhibits the type of of catchy on par chorus described above. It isn’t the most hard hitting or attention getting introduction to a project, but it piques your interest just enough to be able to act as a redirect into a new yet familiar world. It’s a soft track that takes it’s time to set up the tape, ripe with braggadocio and drug references encapsulated in chill yet strong, brisk vocal delivery.

Stand out tracks off the tape include,”Butterfly”: a speedy, insanely bouncy flute backed track, “10g”: an ambient and chilling track that has heavy spitting by Wrist, a perfect run time of 2:17 that doesn’t overstay its welcome, “Virus.Stylist”: a track backed by intensely retro instrumentals reminiscent of 8 bit menu music, and “Pills”: a track that almost acts as the tape’s fiercest stiff arm to the listeners ears (in the best way).

Pills boasts a high tempo and an energetic production thanks to Flight2k and Youngknock. The 9th track into the tape can be seen as a flagship track to this project. The pinnacle to a roller coaster through which all that pent up energy is unleashed, as it brings you back down to coast through the final 4 tracks. To spare an ever increasingly verbose description of this track, its a banger. It really shines through this project.

While nothing entirely subversive or new, it is an exciting and comforting project with a recognizable form full of catchy hooks and memorable production that Wrist Boi provides from beginning to end in an admirable order and flow from song to song. Belgianese is a fun tape to listen to and won’t ever leave you in a dull moment.

Stream the project below.