RoShamBeaux has made their way from the Virginia scene to make an impact on music and more specifically artists duos. Take a dive into what this pair has to offer in 2018 and beyond.

Zomb: Where are you guys from and how old are you?

Jay: So we’re both from northern Virginia. I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life before moving out here in la this past year and mikey’s kinda lived all over the place haha and i’m 25 and mikey’s 24.

Mikey: Yeah I’m Hawaii born, but I’ve live in like 9 states but my most recent homestead is VA. I’m 24, 25 October 1st.

Zomb: Alright amazing so two VA locals but Mikey moved around a lot. That’s crazy what lead you guys to meet each other? Tell me about your background and how you became close.

Mikey: Oh man, so it was years in the making before we even thought of making music together. We hung out a lot freshmen year and bonded over Derrick Comedy skits, like what Childish Gambino did before the fame. We fell off for a bit but then senior year we had the same homeroom class. We chopped it up over music and absolutely everything, and then I mentioned on Facebook how I wish there was a local record store I could dive into.

Jay: cheaaaa and then i hopped in the post and asked him if he made beats randomly and low and behold he lmao cause i had just started writing raps around that time getting on random instrumentals. the typical dead presidents beats and such but i was looking for a producer to collab w at the time. so he sent me some of his beats and i start writing over them and sending him roughs that id record over my laptop and from then on we just started working together as a duo. Setting up shop in his basement and making music under our first group name, sleeping giants lol.

Zomb: High School homies starting out together I like it. That’s super rare these days but you gotta start somewhere right? What about your musical influences growing up? Who did you guys listen to and idolize?

Mikey: That’s a good question. Off the top my main influences are Nujabes & Dilla for the straight hip hop beats, Imogen heap for the creativity and eclectic pop flow, Dance Gavin Dance for the growth and the Sango and Carmack for making me want to put 808s on everything.

Jay: I’d say some of my biggest influences have always been atmosphere, nas, and lupe. they’ve always been some of my favorite artists in terms of their ability to create a total story with song. I’ve always admired that and have tried to craft my work to match there’s as much as possible.

Mikey: Oh how’d we forget it, Childish Gambino/Donald Glover has been a HUGE influence for both of us to and we’ve bonded over the years over his growth and artistry.

Zomb: Such a unique sound library. That’s so dope. So fast forwarding to starting your music, how did each of you get into music? and what was making your first song together like?

Jay: Oh yeah Gambeezy all day. Yeah for sure we both def try to stay as rounded as possible when it comes to the music we listen to. I kinda have my older brother to thank when it comes to my taste in music as well as getting into it. he’s always been somewhat as my role model growing up so everything he did i watched and wanted to do as well. we shared a room together growing up so all i’d ever be listening to as a kid was emo/punk rock shit and Eminem and all types of heavy metal and different rap. so that’s probably where my taste for moody and emotional music came from haha and when i was in middle school he joined a band that i thought was really dope and i remember seeing them practice and being around that and that’s when i knew that one day i’d like to make music for myself.

Mikey: Yeah it was family for me too. I grew up around music. My moms parents were in a band, and my grandma plays the drums. But both of my parents were mad young when they had me so I grew up listening to what they listened to, and music was always playing. My dad was in the army at the time but he was an aspiring DJ/Rapper. I’d find his notebooks all throughout the house growing up and I wanted to emulate that.

Zomb: Family roots stronger than ever. It’s a great influence at an early age. You guys linked back up in high school, at what point did you decide to become a duo?

Mikey: Senior year around Christmas time. I remember that because Jay would come over all the time during break. I forgot to answer the first song question but it’s kind of a funny story, and I still feel a little bad about it. So our first song together was “Sleeping Giants – Beast” and it was instant magic between us, but it wasn’t intended for Jay. I was trying to start a collective of other artists and musicians and I had a few people who were down. They all put their verse over the beat, then Jay rolls through and drops the hardest verse. I scrap everyone else’s and decide to just straight up let him murk the beat haha.

Zomb: Damn what? That’s so crazy I probably would have done that same thing that’s so dope of you. You guys mentioned your early name Sleeping Giants, how did you make the transfer to RoeShamBeaux?

Jay: lmaoo damn i never knew that mikey 😭 ummm i just remember we felt like it was time for a name change. we were kinda moving in a new direction as artists. evolving a little and we thought it was time to put the old name to rest. All pun intended. We went through a few different names but we landed on roeshambeaux. it felt right. Mikey came up with that one lmao I liked it. thought it was cool, so i said let’s do it.

Mikey: Yeah we had a list of like 100 names and RoeShamBeaux seemed like the most dynamic for us. I came up with some graphics for us and we just ran with it.

Zomb: What a solid ass story honestly really like that and what you guys chose. What are your plans for the fall and the rest of 2018?

Jay: Thanks bro. We’ve got a big single we wanna hit the scene with soon, called baby boy. so everyone can be on the lookout for that 😎😎😎🤟🏾we also plan on doing a video for that one as well. it’s gonna be super lit. this is one of those songs where we just want people to get reckless and break shit to and then for the rest of fall we just plan on releasing a slew of new music for y’all. keep the train going and not letting up.

Mikey: Yeah, think of it as Marvel, this is like phase 4 for us. We’ve had our growth but now fall is our time to release some Infinity war shit and change the game.

Zomb: Oh so we on the Marvel wave? I feel it a lot and those hype singles are always the wave. What are some of you two’s favorite music you’ve made or released?

Mikey: Aye man they’re on top of their game so I know we have to match that heat lol.

Jay: Hmmmm. the song that i feel the most proud of that’s released is probably playground that’s when i felt like, ok, we can kinda do pretty much anything we want here and make any kind of music. that’s probably our most complete song, I think I was really proud of the writing and production and how we were able to delve into more of a mainstream pop sound and still stay true to ourselves.

Mikey: Oh I like that answer a lot. Playground was us really spreading our wings. The two that come to mind for me are Old Schooly. This is one of the first songs we made as Roe, and it was the epitome of who we were at the time. Young hungry kids who were finding themselves. My second is Jetta Whippin’. That was a f*ckin moment for us. This legitimized our entire grind. It’s special for me because of the timing of it all. I was in my last year of college and I had no clue what I was gonna do, but music was my life. Jay can attest to this, but I made this promise with myself that if we didn’t have anything to show for our grind when I graduated I would then do something permanent. But that song really blew up for us and gave us real inspiration. We hit 100k on the night of my 23rd when all of my homies came into town to celebrate my bday with me. That time is definitely top 10 life moments for me hahaha.

Zomb: First off those are deff some of your heaters and the fact you took that jump proves you deserve to be here and people out there actually enjoy your craft. That’s inspiring and also leads me to my next question, who are some artists you two would like to work with in the future? Big or small.

Mikey: Hmm man this is actually a hard one lol. Joji, tobi lou, brockhampton, Gambino and some others
Jay: I always wanted to do a song with mac miller. also another big inspo especially in terms of modern hip hop artists. but he’s in a better place now, rip 😔✊🏾 Ummm. Gambino would be tight, danny brown would be dope lmao. juicy j cause he makes everything lit. Ummmm. Yeah that’s tough dude. So many artists that we respect across the board. I wanna work with em all.

Mikey: Oh fuck Danny Brown!! Also a major inspo btw
Jay: OH YEAH. Going back to what we have coming up the whole collab thing made me remember. we’re actually working on an album with one of our hometown buddies, noah kenton. huge friend of ours, incredibly talented artist. he was also a feature on our song, playground. We’re gonna be going to seattle next week for a week to live/work in his stu and crank out this collab album we’ve been working on the past couple months. Probably gonna be dropping it this fall. it’s gonna be great. i’m excited. it’s a different sound for us and yeah it’s gonna be cool doing something different with a good friend. Be on the lookout for that. whole squad doin big things.

Zomb: I really like those collab ideas that doesn’t surprise me at all I think you guys would mesh well with a lot of them but for sure be on the lookout for the new. That’s gonna be great there’s nothing like working with close friends on something like that. What do you guys hope to accomplish in music? Do you have a long lasting goal?

Jay: yeah it’s gonna be fun staying out there solely to make great music. I can’t wait. For sure. mainly to be a staple in the game and to really put my all out there and make music that connects with people on a personal level. when i write my songs i feel as if i’m really telling people my darkest truths. so i want to know that these songs we’re making are helping some little kid out there the way music helped me out growing up.

Mikey: Yeah i was pretty much going to say what Jay did. I want our music and actions to resonate with people. The truth may not always be sunshine but I really want to drive that home for people. It’s part of the human experience, and if we can help people out of there accept that, then we did our job. Side note: I really want to make an album or project that touches on like every emotion, so that people have a song for every occasion.

Zomb: One of the things I wanted to mention was I really enjoyed that answer because it’s coming more rare these days that people wanna make an impact and actually help someone with their art. I agree as well with the album idea because those ones seem to be the repayable ones. What do you guys do outside of music? What are you usually doing when you aren’t creating? What brings you happiness?

Mikey: To be honest man, stuff like this where we get to talk about our passions. Also learning is a big one. I’m a huge nerd and I love learning about literally anything. I get really into movie/art/anime because I love researching everything about it once I really get into it. If something can really get my attention or make me really feel something then that’s a wrap lol.
Jay: Hmmm yeah my passions outside of music i would say still remain art related. i love movies, television. anime. i love anime. i can talk anime all day. and sports. football and basketball mainly. i’m a packers fan so i’m a huge cheese head. i can watch Aaron Rodgers highlights pretty much all day unapologetically.

Zomb: I can 100% relate to both of what you guys said that’s what I like to hear. Once I find something I like it’s all over lol. So you both mentioned Anime what are some of your favorites?

Mikey: Fooly Cooly is a classic. I’ll always fuck with the big 3, one piece, bleach, and naruto. My Hero is a future classic to me. Oh man, I’m a sucker for like slice of life and sports anime. Kuroko no basket and Haikyuu are definitely worth checking out for high paced action, even if you don’t like basketball or volleyball. Your lie in April is an awesome one about this piano playing kid. And bakuman is a must watch from me. I always thought it mirrored me and jay because it’s about two kids who team up in high school to draw and write manga. And you just watch their rise through the game. Ones the writer, and one draws so I felt the similarities lol, you want to root for them.
Jay: yeah yu yu hakusho, dbz, rurouni kenshin and g gundam were huuuuge for me growing up.

Mikey: Yep yep

Jay: Then for my adult life one piece, hunter x hunter, attack on titan. looooong list tbh. if there’s gore and action im into it lmao

Zomb: A lot of those are so fire and especially Your Lie In April. It’s so funny because why are sports anime so fire? That’s absolutely hilarious to me. Back into music for a second one of the last questions I had for you guys is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Mikey: Right? I’m saying though, everyone needs to watch some sports anime. But there’s been way too many artists who’ve made songs I love, but if it’s 5 artists that I’d ride or die for it would be Dance Gavin Dance, Imogen Heap, Danny Brown, Childish Gambino, and Nujabes.

Jay: Id have to say atmosphere, lupe, nas, old school macklemore, he gets the most flack in the world, but his writtens have inspired the way i write a lotttt, and then ima go hella underground and say das racist just for the hell of it. They’ve shown me to just flat out have fun with the music I make.

Zomb: I had a feeling that’s what your lists would be like. Straight inspirations for you two. Do you guys have any last shout outs or words of motivation before we sign off?

Jay: Shout out to the homie deadmoon for linking us. shoutout to underground vamp! i’ve been keeping in tune w y’all ever since i moved out here in la. really fuck with the movement y’all are setting up for yourselves. and a final shoutout to the fans and artists keeping this entire scene alive. everyone’s out here doing this shit for the love trying to manifest their dreams. it’s beautiful to watch and awesome to be a part of. Keep hustlin we all gon get our chance to eat soon! Also another quick shoutout to the homies/roomies lil ill, vin atlas as well as the big homie kwallah the god! check them out whenever you get the chance 😈🤟🏾
Mikey: S/o to all of the fam! 433, Jostice, 1400L, all the family and anyone I’ve called family you keep us rocking and shaking! S/o to Underground Vamp for keeping yalls ear to the ground and bringing people to light ☀️💀 s/o Lil ill, our boys Noah and Vin, Kwallah and Diggy and anyone who’s stuck with us for so long!

Zomb: Absolutely I know everyone will be able to get something from this. We really appreciate taking your time for this interview we’ll keep a close eye on you guys and keep grinding!