Scavenging through music I’ve come across Jimmy V, a cunning, emotional rage filled artist sculpting a message of his experiences; he comes from the known collective anti-world. Noticing he has a heavy social media presence,  I took the time to listen through his latest album that has been released, it’s entitled “seen at 9:18 a.m.” unlike most of his music this album is directed in a smooth euphoric fashion that has melodies with synth ambiance running lightly like water on low over a dish. He’s usually known for the dark attack on a track or tough lyricism that hits harsh. Here he tackles a aspect that would remind you of mndsgn instrumentals with a metro-zu like feel. So that gives you a clear picture of whats to come before taking a listen.

Jimmy V has particular tracks such as “so late (prod. ak collette)” and tracks such as “stuck in your feels (prod. ak collette)”. These tracks have sounds that wrap around your body giving you these chills of nostalgia that happen to run deep. Foremost this tape is similar to a acid trip experience when you take the time to sit down listening to it. You find yourself warping through cyberspace looking for the shrooms in your cabinet. If you indulge in the sweetest tunes you’ll relate to this tape more than you’d expect , just let it play through then you’ll find yourself lost in the midst of it. 

We’re blessed enough to have albums such as “seen at 9:18 a.m.” by Jimmy V. Yet I’d like to title off a few more albums you can seep into for the record. There is “RIP BETTY BAGLAND” a album that is straight east coast , boom-bap influenced that has the attack I was speaking of earlier. To be peculiar this album is full of lyricism, flow, and has that signature masterpiece content many people miss hearing or search hours to find. The track entitled “more than half amazing (prod. evergrns) defies the aura of this specific tape , this a must listen if you’re into artist such as MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt , or producers like Alchemist . 

As we dig deeper through the archive Jimmy V’s album “LA BLUE GIRL LA FLARE” sticks out like a sore lip. It has deep pimp fueled emotions with a mystical enchanting sound behind it. The first two tracks slap you right in the face. The way you’d have to listen to this tape is by rolling a few fronto’s of the best gas pack you could get, spark them up, and get to listening. I say this because it has a heavy drug using concept within the lyrical content. The instrumentals match every tone he sets to this Album, to be completely stern this isn’t a hit or miss, it’s a hit from the jump. There is a lot of content you will be subjected to loving the moment you get to listening. I’d also like to suggest you click on “HOW HE TAKE PERC 10’S?? AND STILL WALK ?!?!” it’s quite filthy and has character behind it describing a high tolerance. 

Jimmy V is a hard-going, tough-going, go getter when it comes to the fine arts of music. The passion for his music and the struggle he has displayed that he openly speaks on is what makes you cherish his art even more. There isn’t a weak bone, or a weak tone in this mans ethic. If you’re searching for a diverse musician that’ll set the tone for you every time you put his music on rotation , you need to open the crate and take a look at what Jimmy V has in-store. He’ll be more widely spoken upon, he’ll be way more mentioned as the days go. This is an extremely rare artifact in time and we’d be thrilled for you to be as thrilled as us about Jimmy V.  

Stream the project below.