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 “Good Days” the latest song from GBC mainstay Cold Hart and frequent collaborator Lil Lotus shows a continued development in the music Coldy is releasing. Following his YAWNS produced EP from earlier this year titled “Wish Me Well” he has continued to show a maturation in both his songwriting and lyrics, tackling themes of heartache and abandonment.

 This song feels more like an actual co-written piece as opposed to Lotus just being a featured artist with interplay between the two vocally taking up a large part of the latter half of the track with the two voices meshing well and creating a somber yet beautiful melody with Lotus’ heavily autotuned hums pulling the song together.

 Production wise RRAREBEAR brings a dreamy R & B vibe to the song making it feel like more of an artpop track than the “emo rap” the two have been known for in the past which is a refreshing insight into the future of both artists.

Overall this song represents an interesting direction musically for Cold Hart and hopefully hints at future collaboration with Lotus, if we can expect tracks of this quality in the future.

Stream the song below.