UK artist Sullii (@lonesullii) follows up soulful debut EP ‘42’ and ghostly single ‘Haunter’ with a new track title ‘You’. This single shows a mellower more tender side to Sullii with stripped back production and a soft, passionate vocal performance, coming off previous tracks that, whilst presenting similarly vulnerable lyricism and moody instrumentals, were flavored with trap drums and seemed to draw more inspiration from the rap scene.

 In particular this track seems to contrast with ‘Haunter’ with its eerie instrumentals and paranormal themes transitioning to something much more gentle in tone. Lyrically there is a lot of depth and emotion as fans have come to expect, Sullii clearly showing strengths as an accomplished songwriter with themes of the people you love changing the track is sure to strike a chord with listeners.

 The stripped back production, which consists of just simple electric piano chords and the occasional clav hit allows for the vocals to take the forefront and capture the listener.

 Overall ‘You’ marks and intriguing change of pace from Sullii and a beautiful insight into the mindset of the artist which peaks interest in what he has to come.

‘You’ is available on all streaming platforms now and you can catch Sullii on tour in Europe this fall with nothing,nowhere and Lontalius this fall.

Stream the track below.