Zomb: First off where are you from? How old are you?

1800: Right now I’m in Bakersfield, CA but i grew up mostly in ventura/ LA area as a kid. I’m 20 years old!

Zomb: How was west coast life for you? do you enjoy California?

1800: It’s super chill, I like california a lot. I mean I feel like growing up anywhere has its pros and cons but im super thankful for the ppl i met out here! I also lived in Nebraska off and on in high school.

Zomb: That’s dope I completely agree with pros and cons. Speaking of high school, how was that experience for you? and What was your music interest at that point?

1800: Thank you!! I got in to music when i was about 13, I had a family friend who owned like a site that sells drum packs and like vsts and it interested me so I begged my dad to buy me a copy of Propellerhead’s Reason 6. I made like weird dark witch house type stuff at first but when I was maybe 15 I got my first job and bought a bunch of equipment to record my voice and guitar. Wound up making wanna be like post punk goth stuff but none of it is released or will be released lol!!

Zomb: LOL those old times can be so nostalgic that’s amazing. Shoutout your family friend for sure. You came a long way since 15, what are some of your favorite songs you’ve made since then?

1800: I’m honestly super critical of myself but I’m most proud of all the work I’ve gotten to do with OutWest, those are the homies. If i had to pick songs thats are 100% me my favorites are Always Nothing (produced by ugly zucc) and I’ve been up too long.

Zomb: Shout all those guys for sure I loved you with ugly zucc. Shoutout Cold World as well. What are your plans for the fall and the rest of 2018?

1800: I’m trying to work on an album right now, sending guitar out to the homies and letting them produce around it!! for some reason its borderline impossible for me to write over my own production lol. Personal life wise I want to like send out a portfolio of all my work to studios around me so I can get like an internship on like mixing and mastering in a studio setting. I also want to send out more beats for placement because thats something I don’t typically do!!

Zomb: Perfect plans that’s dope to hear. Collabs and opportunities galore.
What do you enjoy more production or actually making a full song?

1800: Lately ive been more experimental with production!! but i love making full songs. its cool knowing u can just make something in your room and put it out for thousands of people to hear!!

Zomb: It’s amazing how it can be done these days we can’t wait for more content from you. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future big or small?

1800: Honestly I want to produce for Lil Uzi so fucking bad!!!!!! He’s been like an enormous influence to me like the past 4 months, i always liked him but i started paying more attention to all the production he uses and how unique he is. I’d also love to work with black kray, 93feetofsmoke, Lil tracy, Fats’e, and Dylan Brady would be insane omfg.

Zomb: Lots of big names there honestly that’s such a fire lineup. I think you and DB could do something really crazy. What’s making a song like for you these days? Explain that process a bit and how long it typically takes you to make a song.

1800: Lately ive been working on a lot more synth based shit so what i’ll do is i’ll write guitar and figure out what key it is then build a bunch of synth melodies around it. I used to focus on just having a very clear guitar forward sound but now im trying to incorporate it in more subtle and unique ways. Also been experimenting more on vocal manipulation so in the end it all sounds more complete and focused.

Zomb: Solid that’s really interesting everyone has a different process with raw instruments. What are some studio necessities for you? Things you can’t be in the studio without?

1800: Korg microkorg and my telecaster!! and a mic of course but i used a really shitty condenser up until recently. imo mics dont matter much it just matters how much effort u put into mixing it.

Zomb: I know a lot of people that would completely agree with you and with that being said what is your number one goal in music? What do you want the people to get out of your sounds?

1800: Honestly all i want in life in people to know that emotions theyre feeling can suck but at the end of the day you can turn it into something beautiful that can help others. I dont want a lot of money, i just want to have an apartment i can pay rent off my music with, a nice girl to hang with, and a cat. 🙂

Zomb: Honestly the simple things are the best. That’s interesting so what would you do if you happened to get rich? How would you spend 1,000,000?

1800: I dont even know man. I guess i’d buy a decent car and maybe invest in something!! maybe open up my own studio 🙂

Zomb: Investing is the wave these days so that’s probably what i would do too. Back to music for a minute, who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

1800: Damn, the hard questions!! The Cure, Black Kray, Lil Uzi, New Order, andddddd Mike Kinsella.

Zomb: Wow what amazing set I can see a little bit of each inside of your music. One of my last questions was what are some things like about the underground and what are some things you wish you could change? If you have any.

1800: culture vultures. ppl cap too much. if ur not going thru heartbreak or dealing w shit dont act like u are bc its popular. or like dont act hard if u arent. i guess its the same for any kind of art, i just wish people would create stuff bc they need to or feel something rather than worrying about a check.

Zomb: 100% that’s such a great thing to mention my friend. I absolutely agree with you. Before we sign off do you have any last shout outs or words of motivation?

1800: shoutout everyone who’s helped me thru this interesting journey and shoutout ppl listening!! i used to sit in my dorm just dropping shit to get stuff out there and i appreciate that people actually cared enough to listen!! I’m bot some huge name or something but i really appreciate how far ive come in a year 🙂

Zomb: Huge shoutout anyone who helped you along is gonna be amazing to see where you go from here and it been a pleasure honestly. Thank you for your time and I’m glad we finally sat down and got a chance to get this done🖤

1800: aw thanks man i appreciate it 🙂 💖