By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: Aight, first things where are you from & how old are you?

Dinero: I’m born in Grady Alabama where it’s dirt poor niggas ain’t have shit, then moved grew up in and out of Detroit and Pontiac erwhere in Michigan.

Zomb: Decent amount of moving I know a lot of people can relate. What was it like growing up in such a hard area and what was your first impression of music that you can remember?

Dinero: Mane like in Alabama it’s just like a buncha dope crack all that ain’t much but when I was coming up in Pontiac and shit I saw a lot. Dope heads er where crack houses, shootouts, I was all around in and out Detroit and Saginaw I got family out there so I don’t seen it all.

I lost my aunt jet to crack at like 11. I lost my big bro at like 13 and that’s when shit got crazy erbody ran off wit da gang shit we omb and erbody clicked up the gang crowd different up there. Mane I done been shot at all that but I had got my momma door kicked down cuz I was sellin. After that at like 17 they was talkin 7 years they found sum dope and a scale was tryna cook my ass, I was 17 so they put me inna program and probation for 2 years shit had got so hot my momma moved me out to charlotte and first impression of music comin from where I’m from we been freestyling posted up smokin dope just rapping since like 9 my aunt really pmo all that shit. I was heavy on biggie, weezy, and em. Inna south tho comin up I had first heard blues and sht I fw that shit heavy a lotta my music got either a turn up or sad ass vibe and when I hopped on a whole skateboarding scene at like 11 that’s when I got on the Black Sabbath Kurt cobain Beatles shit, where I’m from I ain’t Eva let a mf know what I was listening to. but nah lotta mfs don’t even know bout music yu digg.

Zomb: Damn that’s so crazy first off big RIP to everyone you’ve lost. It’s too real out there for sure. That music history is dope though it’s rare that a person has a background in genre as expanded as yours. You mentioned Wayne etc etc who else was an influence to you growing up?

Dinero: Appreciate it bro frfr. but biggie set everything off in the beginning biggie and Lil Wayne ain’t nobody fw them fr but when I found Ozzy and jimi and like the whole rockstar wave that’s when I knew like ya this shit fa me, sex drugs and music lol.

Zomb: I can definitely relate to that myself. I like the solid mix for sure. When did you first start making music? & when did you release your first song?

Dinero: Hell ya g and I made a OG bobby Johnson remix and posted it on SoundCloud like 2 years ago right before SoundCloud had took off mfs in my highschool and round the block fw it so I kept going. I really did that shit cuzza fredo long live fredo.

Zomb: Long Live Fredo first off & OG Bobby Johnson gotta be one of my favorite beats so I’m glad that was the one you got around to your area and people got on it. What’s your recording process like these days? How long does it take for you to record a song?

Dinero: Frfr g and mane I used to just hop in stu hop on a song be right out and be done now like each song at least at least 2 hrs I want my whole art to be perfect and consistent but really just roll sum up I be in stu all day everyday.

Zomb: Quality >> Quantity is way for sure. What are some studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without?

Dinero: I honestly can’t record if I ain’t drippin lol like I need sum new fashion when I’m in stu and a fat blunt

Zomb: What a rare response I don’t think I’ve heard that one yet. Whatever works. What are your plans for 2018 & the rest of summer?

Dinero – Lmao it’s all about confidence but if a lame throw it on it ain’t the same , ain’t bout what’s on you it’s about what’s in you and I’m finna drop my second ep wit my boy will Villes Will 2 finna drop hella visuals but right now I’m just doing shows gettin my face seen.

Zomb: Extremely solid. Talk about your experience with doing a show, what’s that like for you?

Dinero: Hell ya, and my boy zues and lotta ppl in Charlotte be throwin shows and shit I fw it heavy. I did my first sho out in New York it was sum real shit I fw the ny heavy.

Zomb: That’s dope big shoutout NYC. Speaking of shows what’s your favorite song you’ve made or released?

Dinero: Prolly my song keep it bc that shit never get old got hella energy and helped me get my foot in door but tell them folks book me I need more shows lol.
Zomb: Aye someone book this man. That’s deff a classic for sure though. One of the last questions I had was who are your top 5 artists of all time?

Dinero: Thanks bro and my brother Slime Dollaz, my bro 10cellphones, my nigga KillTj, gang inna UK Zaddyllusion, and Thugga all time goat.

Zomb: Big shoutout all them for sure I like that list. Any last shout outs or words of motivation before we end this one off?

Dinero: Ya mane just errbody know as long as you keep in sht real witcha self and ya ppl anything possible, don’t buy another mans dream. And shoutout RVLG.

Zomb: Absolutely. Big shoutout to you & everyone mentioned. It was a pleasure chopping it up with you 🦇💕

Dinero: Appreciate it bro frfr🤞🏽💓