By: KindaDead

Interview with P2 The Gold Mask
By Kindadead

I was given the opportunity to ask some questions to Texas native and underground icon P2 The Gold Mask. Turns out that behind the mask is a smart, creative,  good willed dude with a true passion for what he does. Here’s what he had to say –

KD: So, at what age did you begin making music, and what was your main inspiration to start making music in the first place?

P2GM: making music idk what age I was cuz I always liked music whether it was freestylin on the bus to games n middle school to rappin at the lunch table , I been involved forever but I aint put music out to public til 2014 actually I put something on youtube n 2013 but id say officially n 2014. My main inspiration to actually try n put music out would have to be the whole based movement LilB , OceanGang Cartiergod and Yung god n OJ juice caint forget da Juice .

KD: Who are some of your biggest musical influences and inspirations currently?

P2: oh shit well those people I just mentioned plus 50 Cent , Mf Doom , Tribe Called Quest etc I listen to a wide range of music I actually don’t listen to a lot of new music or popular artist (current) I more so listen to older music any n everything pre 2007 only new shit I jam is beats from producers n maybe ppl I know makin music . I don’t wanna be influence by anything of this era its shit water to me .

KD: I’m sure in your time making music you’ve got to work with and meet a lot of folks, who are some of your favorites you’ve had the chance to work with?

P2:  Bones , Chris Travis , Yung god , Cartiergod , Lil Peep , Barry Whyte , Tama Gucci .. its so many its hard to name tbh

KD: What made working with your favorites special?

P2:  the music we produced , u know some feats or collabs sound like they never should’ve happen but all my work with these ppl was dope or atleast the fans supporters said that .

KD: What are some of your biggest pet peeves when working with new artists?

P2:  um I don’t care for cocky ppl or ppl of low moral character , I don’t like idiots or bad energy around me u know like guys that think they are super thugs or some weird lame shit like that. I don’t like thugs or so called gangsters or whatever u call that negative so called street shit , I jus like good normal ppl u can be from da block like me or the burbs long as u a good trustworthy person .

KD: What’s the story behind the infamous golden mask?

P2: shit I sold drugs weed mostly n not petty so I didn’t want my face hot or popular feel me cuz if I got popped how I was livin I wouldn’t be home for 7-15 or some shit cuz I mean I rap about my life not to much fantasy shit ya know, n on the artistic side shit I jus want ppl to focus on the music not my face cuz sometimes u don’t accept certain music from ppl based on they appearance n I wanna do all n any kind of music I choose I don’t jus want females drooling at my face cuz im fine af feel like a model like Vega from street fighter im too pretty smh fr 🙁

KD: Who’re two artists, 1 dead and 1 alive that you dream of working with?

P2: Dead artist none , artist alive prolly E-40 . I don’t really want to work with anyone unless it happens organic if I could i’d rather completely make my own music n have my complete own fanbase

KD: What do you consider to be your biggest milestone in your musical career thus far? A particular project, collaboration or a show you did that made you think “damn bruh im really doin this shit!”

P2: project “Ballin cuz Im Ballin” album was icy af , working with Peep before he passed and our song being at like 6 mill on spotify is a milestone rest in peace im forever thankful to Gus . and I been making music public for only 4 years n every calls me a Legend :/ (even tho im only 4 years in just getting started ima do this shit for the next 10-12 yrs for sure) but I appreciate the title because I never thought anyone would even like my shit so that’s my biggest accomplishment is that the underground n indy call me a legend so anytime I want quit I know my music will live on forever because the status the fans awarded me.

KD: I know a lot of people hold you in the same regard as other underground legends like Black Kray, SGP and SHWB, but do you think of yourself as a legend too? And if so, what do you think makes your music important?

P2: um no I don’t really not yet because like I said im jus starting it jus so happened I made a big splash my first song out with risks but im still learning n growing , if anything I accept that status in my city of San Antonio because I along with my brothers 2Lit and Ghostpizza brought life to a place unheard of musically since 3rd Degree12-15 years before, now a lot of young artist have opportunity n a lot are capitalizing so that’s what im most proud of.

KD: Who’re some of your favorite artists outside of rap?

P2: outside rap fav artist , zack villere , syd the kid n her group tha Internet , Dram , The Blow , Tama Gucci , Sam Smith adele shit I can go forever tbh I like to listen to Disco , 1980s rnb and 90s New jack swing Rnb etc

KD: Now, If you had to venture into a different avenue of music, what genre would you go into?

P2: neo soul or rnb ,used to wanna organically do emo band shit but I could never assemble a group either ppl didn’t take it serious of weren’t good

KD: At what point did you start to realize that your music was beginning to take you somewhere?

P2: 2015 I got clout n ppl started booking me out of state

KD: What legacy do you feel you’ve left in the underground?

P2: the legacy I left is one of doing u n fully enjoying it . like I make some relative music but when u dive in it become quite unique from adlibs to overall lingo n also I don’t always rap on beat or n a traditional cadence, im not afraid to be funny n a song even trap shit I think my music is funny n a entertaining way as much as it is swag.

KD: Who does P2 the gold mask make music for?

P2: I make music for all races of normal ppl meaning common folk not super thugs , but rather ur normal functioning society member feel me like if I speak about selling work I tell the truth ill be like ” dada I jus served 2 bows at the subway parking lot” instead of saying I just pulled up to the traphouse wit my killers yada I hate when ppl act like its that crucial like they from Chiraq lol calm down shit u can serve weed coke whatever pills n never even see a hood shit everyone does drugs :/ so im famous for telling the truth that more ppl can relate to rather than a extravagant story mirroring Chief Keefs life lol

KD: What did your first rap check/lump sum of money go towards?

P2: first check or checks got flipped on weed tbh shit I jus cut dat shit out cuz im older n jus had my baby boy plus my bestfriend n running mate got hit with 12 yrs so that was a easy sign to read .

KD: And lastly, If you had to live in any movie or video game universe, which one would you chose and why?

P2: adventure time cuz finn n jake my dawgs haha

Also P2: thank you guys for da interview stay blessed up ! P2