By: Wtrflls

Lil Polearm/Halberd (@lilpolearm) opens up about his influences, dream collabs and upcoming projects in this UVC exclusive interview

Wtrflls: To kick things off let everyone know who you are, where you come from and how you got started in music

Lil Polearm: I’m Evan and I’ve been producing under Halberd for 2 years before rapping consistently under Lil Polearm for around 6 or 7 months. I got into music by starting to produce lofi hiphop after randomly buying tomppabeats’ album Harbor on vinyl just because the cover was cool

Wtrflls: Nice one, lofi stuff seems to be a really good point for people to get into production. Currently would you say halberd or lil polearm is your main focus or do you give them equal attention?

Lil Polearm: Lil polearm is definitely the main focus and I enjoy it so much more. I’m able to put much more emotion and heart into it and I’ll only make a lofi beat once every month or so anymore.

Wtrflls: For sure if you’re more passionate about a project it makes it much easier to work on Going back to your beginnings how did you decide to move onto rapping? Was there any specific inspiration?

Lil Polearm: I always made trap beats on the side but I never really released any or pushed that side at all but to be perfectly honest I was sick of just mixing other people’s songs and wanted to make my own LOL

Wtrflls: Haha I feel that wanting to get make your own shit. Moving in a different direction do you feel where you grew up has influenced the type of music you make? Or did you find your influences later on through the internet or stuff like that?

Lil Polearm: I still live in the same place that I grew up in and the only thing it’s really done to influence me is just give me the motivation to be myself and prove people wrong if that gives you an idea of what it’s like here LOL. I did listen to a lot of punk music when I was younger but I’ve spent most of my life on the Internet since 8th grade so I guess most of my influence is from there.

Wtrflls: Lmao yeah it paints a pretty clear picture. So mentioning punk music were there any bands in particular? What other genres were you bumping around that time?

Lil Polearm: It was a LOT of Green Day and blink-182 and My Chemical Romance and then I really got into trap music when I discovered SoundCloud around my freshman year of high school (2015).Back then I was only listening to stuff on the charts, and didn’t dive that deep until maybe a year later.

Wtrflls: You can see some of that influence come through in what you’re doing for sure. Speaking of bands and stuff do you have any major dream collabs?

Lil Polearm: I have a lot of them for sure but this time I’ll say Bladee and Travis Scott

Wtrflls: Damn those are some good choices for sure. Looking to the future do you have any big projects planned?

Lil Polearm: Definitely an album of my own of some kind but probably more on the collaborative side as I’ve kept to myself for the last few EPs. Also hopefully a 4-way collab project between me @animepapi420 @afternoonbeats and @rapperatlas called juulstar

Wtrflls: A full length would be cool but damn that juulstar tape sounds fire. What’s the inspiration behind that project?

Lil Polearm: Mostly just messing around in discord and loosely bouncing ideas off each other when we feel like it I guess. I’m hoping we all find the motivation to actually put a full project together! We have one song ready to drop as of right now because I just finished mixing it while typing this LOL

Wtrflls: Lmao that’s some exclusive info, look forward to seeing what comes of it for sure. Switching up a bit what do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a musician?

Lil Polearm: To be honest If I wasn’t doing music I’d actually be able to finish an anime for once
Probably sleep well for once too LOL

Wtrflls: God damn I can relate haha. So where would you like to be music wise in say the next 5 years?

Lil Polearm: living comfortably without having to go to college. Also being able to hang out with my friends that I’ve met online over the years that’s the goal for sure

Wtrflls: I feel you that’s the dream. Switching up what have you been listening to lately? Any favourites from 2018?

Lil Polearm: I’ve been keeping a lot of cigarettes and sex, bladee, rex Orange County, the neighbourhood, and playboi carti in rotation for the past week or so. My favorite projects so far from this year are daytona, die lit, the new John Coltrane, and the new saba album but I’ll put kids see ghosts as an honorable mention. I’m really hoping astroworld is as amazing as it’s getting hyped up to be because Travis is my favorite rapper

Wtrflls: Some hella good projects in there, kids see ghosts deserves that mention fr that sample in 4th dimension is next level. Keeping with that tone if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? No compilations or greatest hits just straight up albums

Lil Polearm: OH WOW THIS IS TOUGH LOL. I’d have to say frank ocean’s blonde first. Cigarettes after sex’s self titled takes second place I’d be okay with that one too.

Wtrflls: Hell yeah blonde is revolutionary. Well before we wrap things up is there any last things you want to say to the people reading? Anything to plug or words of wisdom?

Lil Polearm:  up next. that is all

You can check out Lil Polearm’s music here and make sure to keep an eye out for juulstar when it drops!