By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: First things first how old are you & where are you from?

$ega: I am 600 years old and I am from Queens, NY

Zomb: 600 young as ever. Did you grow up in Queens? & if so how was that?

$ega: Yeah born n raised then moved to Long Island later on. Queens was LIT, very active. Alotta love alotta hate

Zomb: Yeah I feel that for sure. A lot of bigger places are like that. Tell me about how you got into music and what were some of your first experiences growing up.

$ega: Truthfully I had been making music since sophomore year in Highschool. And was writing heaviest after Highschool when I was sponsored skateboarding for a local shop n shii. Once the shop closed down I started transitioning toward seriously making music and what not.

Zomb: Wow that’s crazy so you had a local sponsor but when the shop closed did you lose all motivation at the time and wanted to put it all into music? & who were some of your influences in the early days?

$ega: Yeah! I was brought up off heavy inner city hip hop Nas, KRSOne, 50, Dipset, WuTang, BussaBuss, mainly 90s hip hop and even earlier. As far as music I was listening to the days I was prepping to put out music that I was GENUINELY intrigued by I’d have to say Goth Money Records and Raider Klan

Zomb: That’s such a dope variety and especially the GMR mention because that’s also a rare response. Shout out all them as well absolutely. What was making and releasing your first song like? & tell me about what that process was like for you.

$ega: Tbh making my first song lmfaoooo it was def a foundation, I listen to that song now and cringe so heavy hahahahahaha. Putting out music was very hard at the time and even getting comfortable with being in the booth and liking the end result of whatever I would make definitely took a lot of time for me. I’m the type of dood to really spit the same bar 20 times till it sounds PERFECT Thas was I figured out I work best engineering myself.

Zomb: Everyone always has one of those “songs” at the beginning for sure lol. That’s absolutely gold but it shows in your work as well. Like how you mentioned you’ll spit the same bar till it’s perfect that’s how artists should work because it reflects in your craft for sure. That was quite the grind for you so skipping forward to 2018 tell me what your process is like making music now, how long does it take you to make a song and tell me about the process.

$ega: Nowadays I really freestyle all my music as it sounds better and more organic with the beat but not full on one takes I call it free flow punch ins but not short punches. Pablo Picasso painting live time in the booth frfr.

Zomb: That would honestly be so insane to watch. I bet people would love to see how you work. Top studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without no matter what it is.

$ega: Tbh I just need my mental, it’s always WAY more energy whenever I’m cross faded but I usually don’t even like to have people in the same room lmfaooo.

Zomb: Yeah I feel you honestly a lot of people say that. It’s always better to have less people in most people’s opinions. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released?

$ega: Tbh currently out of my discography this entire RedRanger Tape is honestly my fav work at the moment and not saying that cause I just released cause this music actually months old.

Zomb: Absolutely. To be completely honest I think that project was very versatile in terms of your other work and I liked it a lot. What are you plans for the summer & the rest of 2018?
$ega: Still got this YungBans collab in vault, tryna do another visual, a lot more shows, rebuild my social media outlets and really get people familiar with EVERYTHING we’ve done and are currently doing.

Zomb: That’s solid. Big s/o @YUNGBANS as well. Speaking of visuals tell us a little bit about that process for you and what’s shooting photos/videos like for you.

$ega: Shii photography is very organic as me and my photographer Troy Rickmers have been going hard for years. Music videos are def a diff case as I don’t have a set filmer for visuals YET.

Zomb: That’s a dope relationship to have with a photographer and big s/o everyone doing their thing. Next thing you need is a visual partner and you’ll be set. You mentioned doing more shows what’s that like for you and tell us a little bit about performing.

$ega: Tbh I used to HATE performing and still find myself getting nervous before them but I think it’s natural because I take my performances very serious. I had a show on my birthday July 12th opening up for Comethazine out here in Dallas and I def had a GREAT set I feel like the best out of my career. Def due to new rage music being released that day as well REDRANGER⛔️👹

Zomb: That’s so sick I love when artists release music around the time of a show. I’m sure so many people can relate to the pre show jitters. s/o Comethazine & the Texas scene as well. You also mentioned rebuilding your social media’s and a few fans wanna know about what happened so tell us a little bit about that if you could and where can we find you on social sites?

$ega: So yeah basically Rip to my original twitter acct. I got suspended for arguing with a sensitive peon and calling the task force on him lmao he reported me with prolly a grip of his own heads and strategized to get me banned ☠️my IG is still LilDreamcast but I had to make a new twitter under this @ LilContra

Zomb: Alright first off that’s ridiculous I’ve seen that happen too many times. If you can’t handle the heat stay outta the kitchen. Everyone definitely go follow those if you haven’t already. Music aside for a moment where did you get your name? I know a lot of fans have been asking.

$ega: Highkey I used to have some BUSTER ass rap name and ended up really thinking to my roots what’s the ONE thing I fucked with heavy as a child comin up and thought video games then thought the first system I had like shit so I ended up rockin wit Lil $ega, alotta heads try n hate like it’s not a cool name but I fw it cause it’s completely original.

Zomb: I completely agree plus the music you make completely back it up. There’s a lot more people who like it then who don’t that’s for sure. I think it’s creative for sure. What keeps you going outside of music? What makes you happy if you aren’t making music?

$ega: Tbh only skateboarding really makes me happy like that besides music.

Zomb: That’s so sick. Skating is an excellent outlet. What’s your favorite thing about skating?

$ega: Learning new tricks that I NEVER thought I’d be able to do. Also zoning out and putting aggression and feelings into skating and watching how it affects your performance.

Zomb: Completely agree and I’m sure those who skate can relate. Going back to music, what’s one thing you love about the underground scene & what’s one thing you want to change?

$ega: Seeing people touring and getting money without signing and staying independent, shows me that shit is obtainable. Nothing I really wanna change I stay in my own lane, if anything further certain artists legacy’s that unfortunately aren’t here anymore if that makes sense.

Zomb: Yeah I definitely feel that. Big s/o everyone doing their thing and staying indie as well. One of the last questions I had before we wrap up is who are your top 5 artists of all time?

$ega: Shii thas hard man tbh no corny shii but I def am my very own fav rapper jus because I’ve watched myself do so many things I NEVER thought I’d be able to due from like a third person perspective seen me grow into what I am right now. I def was NOT supposed to be where I am cause I usually limit myself from elevating but I truly battled myself jus to be where I am now which may not be where I wanna be just yet but in a way I am my own hero lyrically image wise personality wise all that. Sometimes it’s okay to be proud of you then pat yourself on the back.

Zomb: Such a solid piece of honesty and I couldn’t agree more with you. I like that you said that and I think more people should be their own favorites. Do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts before we sign off?

$ega: Yeah for any underdog minded doods out there making FIRE that KNOW they better than a lot of the heads on, just keep working and have FUN cause people fuck wit you when you look happy and having fun cause they secretly miserable and need that energy. They’ll NEED your music as SOON as they see OTHERS out there NEED it so continue to apply pressure and stay persistent. But if your music BOOBOO I’m not talkin to you lol..

Zomb: 😂😂😂 You heard it first on @UNDERGROUNDV4MP everyone keep pushing. Huge shout out to @LilContra and thank you for your time we really appreciate you at UVC and I’m sure the fans will be pleased with hearing from you 🦇💕

$ega: ⚰️🖤

Zomb: 🦇💕