By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: First things first let’s start off with your age and where are you from?

Cxxp: I’m 19, I’ll be 20 in August. I grew up in Boxford MA, small town about 30 minutes north of Boston.

Zomb: So you’re from the New England area, what was it like growing up there and what was your first introduction to music?

Cxxp: There was honestly not much to do so me and my friends always went into Boston & did our own thing. I basically went full force into this music shit Junior year of high school when I realized I had potential. me and my bro went to guitar center one day, bought all the cheapest equipment & recorded our first song in his bedroom.

Zomb: That’s so dope what an early start. When did you realize you had potential and what was recording your first song like?

Cxxp: I think I just always thought I was good even when I wasn’t, really just believed in myself. I was so hype about our first song. We had no idea what we were doing but it didn’t matter at the time.

Zomb: That’s the magic of it and those first days are the most fun. Who did you listen to growing up or who were some influences of yours?

Cxxp: I listened to mostly what my parents played in the car. my dad would play every type of rock and my step dad would bump Snoop or Jay Z. I’d say Lil Wayne, Kanye, & Kid Cudi influenced me the most once I was a little older.

Zomb – All solid artists and I think a lot of people got their influences like that. Tell us about your name and what your process behind picking @lilcxxp

Cxxp: well my name is Coop but I wanted to show up first when u look me up so I put x’s instead of o’s. Also I’m 5’5 so lil made sense lol

Zomb: Aye short gang for life! But that’s extremely smart to do I’m sure the fans can get something from that. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

Cxxp: my favorite song is probably “Loner” because I like the message and energy I put into it. Also u can turn up to it

Zomb: “Loner” is an absolute banger and one of my favorites from you. Tell me about the process behind that song and what it was like making it.

Cxxp: Thanks bro! So I was in a shitty place mentally. I went back to college up at UMaine, didn’t have a place to sleep so I slept on my friends couch for awhile. made this song about my ex. Like how you feel mentally alone even when your with someone. I just couldn’t connect to anyone anymore. Then, I found this dude at a party who let me come record a few nights later. That’s my brother now. we recorded 6 songs there before I dropped out.

Zomb: Wow what a come up. That’s so solid and that’s the exact vibe I got from that song. For anyone that wants to hear it – What is the music process for you these days? What is it like making a song and how long does it take you on average to make one?

Cxxp: Damn good question. Lately I come up with an idea in my head and a mood I want to portray and I freestyle the hook first. Then the verses I write if I can’t come up with it on the spot. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes but most times a couple hours.

Zomb: Whatever works. That’s the process and it’s most certainly working for you. What are some of your studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without?

Cxxp: I have my own studio now but I always need certain plugins. And the Apollo Twin Duo is my go to audio interface. Oh but I can’t be in the studio with a lot of people, It ruins my vibe haha.

Zomb: Yeah I get that a lot as to where people can’t be in the studio with a lot of heads.
What’s your favorite thing about New England/Boston music scene if you have one & what’s one thing you hate?

Cxxp: I get a lot of support out here but I really just keep to myself and my homies in @deadlockriot . The only thing I hate is that it’s not as dominant as other major cities.

Zomb: Yup absolutely agree. What are your plans for 2018 and the rest of the summer?

Cxxp: I’m trying to push out a bunch of singles and hopefully put out a project come early fall. Also I’m going to LA for the first time in August.

Zomb – Big s/o LA for sure. Thats solid as f*** What are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? big or small?

Cxxp: I’d love to work with Lil Aaron, Juice Wrld, Trippie Redd, Paris, Skies & Yung Pinch. I don’t know I fuck with so many artists out right now. Also, smaller artists I’m listening to Moses & Sprite Lee heavy. Oh shit I forgot Lil Uzi! Also I’d love to work with Travis Barker one day.

Zomb: Huge s/o all them that’s a solid ass lineup. What’s one thing you love about the underground and one thing you hate?

Cxxp: The underground has a lot of potential and everybody is more connected than I thought. I just don’t like how underground I am. I can’t wait to have a solid fan base, do my own shows and have more doors open up. I also hate how everybody thinks this is just a “hobby” just because we aren’t on the radio or something.

Zomb: I completely agree. I like the way you worded that and how you mentioned it’s not just a hobby. Does boston have a lot of influence on your music would you say or no?
Cxxp: Boston definitely influenced me by making me want to chase this dream.

I’ve always liked being the underdog in the city, it brings out this energy I have inside. Like I love the hate I’ve gotten because I know time will show everyone. If that makes sense haha. Everything negative that comes my way is turned into a positive through music. I got mad love for Boston and all the artists doing their thing.

Zomb: Absolutely that’s such a positive way to look at things. I completely agree with you. Putting music aside for a moment what keeps you going outside of it? What keeps you happy?

Cxxp:  wow. honestly I don’t know. I kind of just keep going even on my worst days. A lot of people count on me & I’m tired of being sad.

Zomb: Tons of motivation in that statement. Songs like “Loner” really emphasize that. You do a good job at putting things into words. Tell us about your experiences in life that make you able to write the way you do.

Cxxp: I appreciate that for real. And I’ve always had trouble being genuinely happy, since I was a kid I‘ve struggled with anxiety. When I realized other people struggled too, I felt like my music could help. Also a lot of heartbreak fucked me up, but I’m good. We all go through it. I have trouble getting over things, the past always loops in my head. The good and the bad, so I write it down. It’s therapy.

Zomb: Wow. That’s insane and completely relatable. It’s always perfect to find some sort of therapy. What are some of your goals in music and what do you wanna accomplish?

Cxxp: I wanna take over the world man. Step by step. There’s no limit. But it’s not all about me, my main goal is to inspire anyone who listens to me to find what they love and go for it.

Zomb: Absolutely solid. One of the last questions I had was who are you top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Cxxp: Such a hard question because there are way too many. But probably.. Kid Cudi, Xxxtentacion, Kanye, Eminem, Lil Peep Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Future could also make that list for me.

Zomb: All legends 100% If you got rich what would be the first thing you would do?

Cxxp: I’d probably buy a house in LA & build a crazy studio. Put my brothers on too.

Zomb – That’s the way to go. I like that vibe for sure. This was definitely dope I’m sure the fans will get a lot from this. Do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts you would like to give before we sign off?

Cxxp: Yeah thanks for doing this bro. Shoutout all the people I work with & my whole team over at @deadlockriot . I’m grateful for all my supporters. Shoutout Conn (cxnnxr), Dom (shotbytanj), & Javi for everything. Also shoutout my new manager & friend @Prestigious . Shoutout @UNDERGROUNDV4MP ! Oh & yeah, chase your fucking dreams. Your opinion of yourself is more important than anybody’s else’s opinion of you. You only live once so do what you love.

Zomb: Huge shoutout everyone mentioned here and shout out your team as well. You heard it here first everyone, thank you to @lilcxxp for taking time out to do this and everyone watch out for him this year he’s steamrolling through everything. Where can the people find you after this? Any @s people need to know?

Cxxp: Everything is @lilcxxp , appreciate you guys for real!

Zomb: Absolutely it was great sitting down with you. Follow @lilcxxp on all platforms and be on the lookout for new content 🦇💕 Thanks for your time.