By: @AstralGoon

Today we’ll be covering an exhilarating artist that’ll stun your mental with groundbreaking production with a vocal intensity shaking each track that is touched. The artist we’re mentioning is Crimewave. Currently seen appearing sporadically throughout the underground scene since early 2015. He’s curated waves, produced for nearly everyone coming up, and is working with the greatest artists out. You’ll see appearances from Crimewave on tracks with Aj Suede, Rozz Dyliams, Wolftone, Slug Christ,  Lil Toe Nail, Joule$, Yung Bitch from Midnight Society and plenty more artist you’d be familiar with.

The sound that Crimewave comes with can be a sound thats melodic yet hardcore, rushing, and a nostalgic form of grunge yet set in such a modern way .  He released a tape under the name “Lil WikiLeaks” a year ago that has these fast tread like instrumentals with a rushing attack on flow dominating over the whole instrumental. Entering a show that Crimewave is performing at is a unforgettable experience because his energy is through the worth and every word on the mic is on point with no slips t all, people mosh-pit, throw their bodies lifelessly , and truly enjoy the energy coming from Crimewave.

 This also relates to the music that’s record within the studio, whether you’re at the show or listening to it at home you gain the same adrenaline listening Crimewaves art. Crimewave is from Washington , State residing in the Pacific North West area, the scene hasn’t always been the most exuberant but the last 3-4 years it has been taking off and I can personally say myself I have seen the progress flourishing in Washington and Crimewave is a huge aspect of that progression coming from within the area. 

He has also been involved in a rockband outside of Rap/Hip-Hop which expands his versatility to lengthy sections when controlling the vibe of a soundtrack. If you’re interesting in a light/dark tone mixture within music that is a head banging experience this specific artist is a guarantee for satisfaction when looking for the right energy to get going. If you look up ‘Blackhouse Records’ you could find exactly what you’re looking for out of Crimewave and other artist they display with vinyl releases to CD releases through the distribution label. 

I’d suggest beginning your search through YouTube or Soundcloud to explore Crimewaves collection and listen to a selection from this specific artist. Crimewave has versatility amongst others yet the tracks are not often a hit or miss, they usually always hit. As you submerge the study on Crimewave you’ll completely understand the style/technique being displayed . The dark trap attacks on the music solidify the sound perfectly. 

As time passes you’ll witness more of Crimewave’ being mentioned , more shows, more tours, and releases including his name. If you keep an eye out on the underground scene you’ll witness that he’s nearly involved in half of the production on full length tapes , albums, or EPs being release. Having a track produced by Crimewave is necessary at this point as if its a underground standard. Keep your eyes and ears open for this fuzz distorted artist , you’ll never regret the listen then continue coming back.

Check out his SoundCloud page below.