By: WtrFlls

We spoke to Yung Scuff the Star Seeker (@yungscuffonline) about his inspirations, his city, his love for Metallica and much more. 

Wtrflls: First off thanks for taking the time for the interview, to kick things off whereabouts are you from and how did you get started with music?

Yung Scuff: You’re welcome. I’m from New York, grew up in Queens then moved upstate a short while before starting middle school. I started becoming interested in making music when I watched a video of Metallica performing live on YouTube when I was in 5th grade. I forget which song they were performing particularly but it was definitely Metallica and I remember in that moment I knew I needed a guitar.

Wtrflls: Awesome, it’s good hearing about people getting their start so young! Do you feel Metallica were a band that impacted the way you write today?

Yung Scuff – Yes absolutely. Metallica is my favorite band. Appreciating Metallica’s earliest albums as well as their later work taught me how important it is to not stay in one ‘lane’.Metallica had some of the fastest and heaviest riffs I’d ever heard at the time but also some of the biggest, catchiest, melody-driven music I’d experienced as well.They knew how to do it all so well and it made me appreciate artists that were not one-dimensional. They showed me the beauty in sorrow and the disappointment in ecstasy.

Wtrflls: Definitely Metallica pioneered a lot of what is happening in music today. Aside from Metallica who else would you say has had a major impact on your music whether it be a direct influence on the sound or just in the energy you give?

Yung Scuff – A Day to Remember. One Direction. 5 Seconds of Summer. Avenged Sevenfold Slipknot. Bones. Lil Peep. Every one of those artists have done a lot for me as an artist.
Whether it be how I make my music or even just how I think about music in general. Any pop music from the late 2000’s / early 2010’s as well. I loved the huge hooks and clever melodies
also NSYNC can’t forget them lol

wtrflls – Damn that’s a varied list, it definitely helps to have a wide taste in music as an artist especially when crafting a unique sound. Moving away from influences for a minute Yung scuff the star seeker is an interesting name, where does it come from?

Yung Scuff – Me and my friend were coming up with name ideas for a hardcore band for fun and one of his ideas was ‘Scuff’. I thought it was interesting that no artist had seemingly used the word scuff in their name prior so I thought hey ‘Yung Scuff’ sounds kinda cool for a solo artist name and at the time I was just beginning to experiment with new solo music and I didn’t have a name for myself but everyone I asked also thought Yung Scuff was cool and I love it so I went with it. I added ‘the starseeker’ Bc i thought it sounded catchy and it narrows me down a little more from the other ‘yung’s that are out there. It’s also a reference to a weapon from kingdom hearts

Wtrflls: It does give you a unique edge for certain. You mentioned hardcore bands, is that the scene you started off with before moving onto a solo project? Or have you more or less been on this path from the beginning?

Yung Scuff: yeah! I sang and played bass in a post hardcore band before starting yung scuff and eventually quitting to pursue yung scuff more diligently.
was always in bands throughout middle school and high school. Mostly metal lol

Wtrflls: Nice one, I feel that’s where a lot of people get their beginning 
How was transitioning from being part of a band to the solo stuff? Was it challenging or did you find it easy?

Yung Scuff: easy because I kinda didn’t feel appreciated enough in my band anyway. Always made acoustic pop music by myself on the side as well while I was in the band (it was never too serious but it still helped me learn how to work on my own)

Wtrflls: Nice one. Looking to the future now do you have any big releases or collabs in the pipeline?

Yung Scuff: I’m currently working on my first mixtape because I’m at a point where I finally feel comfortable releasing that much music at once. Also working on a collab tape with macho randy. 
And always recording new singles of course.

Wtrflls: Nice, looking forward to hearing it! Dialling back a bit, how do you feel being from New York has impacted your work?

Yung Scuff: Never really thought it impacted me much aside from some of the landscape and scenery. Autumn in upstate New York is a beautiful thing to see and feel. But recently I’ve been hanging out with friends that I’ve made in New York that make music as well and that’s been a very encouraging, inspiring and impactful aspect to me as well.

Wtrflls: I’d love to see upstate NY in autumn it’s meant to be beautiful, it’s definitely beneficial to have a group of friends who inspire you. Do you have any dream collabs, artists who you would love to work with at some point or artists who are sadly no longer with us who you would have loved to work with?

Yung Scuff – for sure. I’ve always wanted to work with 5 Seconds Of Summer really bad especially because I feel like I’d get along with them and be able to write a great ballad with them also bones and a day to remember. would love to work with producer john feldmann. I want to work more with Lil Lotus as well because he is one of my favorite up and coming artists in particular enjoyed working with him a lot on my song ‘Getting Worse’. still one of my faves

wtrflls – 5SOS are really blowing up, would be cool to see them dip their toes in the underground a bit, a lot of really cool artists on that list man. How was it working with lotus? And do you think he’d be down for another collab?

Yung Scuff – For real! 5sos has been one of my favorite bands since 2014 and to see their new album doing well makes me really happy especially since I feel like this album is the most genuine reflection of what they love to do so far. I know that the guys in 5sos love a lot of different music so it would be really cool to see that for sure. And it was awesome working with Lotus. He’s a really engaged, insightful and naturally talented artist. He was also in bands prior to his jump into solo music so it’s especially easy for me to click with him over that. We knew exactly how we wanted ‘Getting Worse’ to come out so it wasn’t hard to execute something special like that together. He probably wouldn’t care to make another song with me right now (unless I pay) but that’s understandable because Lotus is busy taking over the world and that’s exactly what I think he deserves. Maybe one day he’ll reach out and we’ll make some more hits but I have a lot to prove and work hard towards to expect anything like that from anyone, especially from lotus.

Wtrflls: I appreciate when folk are willing to put in the grind to get where they want to be something you clearly are, it’s always good to see On to live shows, is there anything in the near future as far as shows go?

Yung Scuff: no particular plans for live shows right now! I want to wait until I know people will show up. I played a lot of shows in a lot of states over the years being in my most recent band and it gets tiring and stressful so I want to ensure that it will be worth it and that I myself will also be able to provide the best live experience for those who do come out to support me. There’s a lot I want to make sure is ready before I perform. 
Who knows though, if I get offered to be booked on the right bill and it feels suitable to be my ‘first show’ then I might not have a problem with it. There’s a lot to think about regarding this for me.

Wtrflls: There does seem to be some real decent lineups in NY recently so would be cool to see, but definitely worth waiting till you think is the right time. Recently your music seems to have been getting quite a lot of attention do you feel you’ve noticed a change? Is there anything you thinks caused it or are people just clicking with what you do?

Yung Scuff: I have definitely noticed a change. In the past 6 months I’ve achieved so many personal goals of mine and I’m continuing to see numbers I never thought I’d hit in the first place. More important than the numbers though, It’s insane to see how many people are connecting with my music now and I’m beyond appreciative of it.
I think besides the music that I release itself, I definitely gain a lot of my momentum by posting short  acoustic singing covers of my favorite songs on twitter and Instagram.
People who may not be familiar with my music see me singing songs they may be familiar with so they check it out, (hopefully) like it, and it leads them to my original music.
I think it helps a lot and it’s fun and keeps me connected and present with everyone
it makes me happy that people do seem to be clicking with my music because I’ve put a lot of hard work and thought into the few songs that I do have out currently.
I’m working towards releasing more consistently in the future lol

wtrflls – It’s always good to see people who deserve it get attention on their art. Mixing it up a bit now, if there was only one album you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be? No compilations or greatest hits.

Yung Scuff: ty (-: and oh this is a difficult question. I will give you the best answer that I can though actually no I know this Teenwitch, Bones, It’s one of those things where there’s just something about it ya know? Its chilling, the perspective aspect of Teenwitch is truly engaging. 
There’s great love stories being told on that mixtape as well. Listening through you can also probably hear like 10 different styles of music on it too. There’s a song for every mood which makes it a great album to have as the ONE album. I could talk about Teenwitch forever.

Wtrflls: That’s a real good choice, don’t think I’ve had anyone pick a bones album yet either
Well before we wrap it up is their anything you want to plug or any last things you want to say to the readers?

Yung Scuff: All I gotta say is we all got heartache.

Wtrflls: Thanks for a killer interview dude. Keep an eye out for Scuff’s upcoming releases on his SoundCloud here ( as well as other streaming services and follow his twitter to stay in the loop.