The Vision4k Interview

By: Carssere

Carssere: Where are you from? What you rep?

VISION4K: I’m from Houston Texas

Carssere: Houston has always been a hotbed for talented underground and mainstream artists. What was life for you growing up there? How’d you get into this kinda music?

VISION4K: My life wasn’t anything crazy, just normal and boring as hell, I didn’t talk to people much so I got into music as a way to vent. I’m not entirely sure how I got into this realm of SoundCloud but I’m glad I did

Carssere: I think it’s fair to say that you are currently one of the most popping producers out there in the underground scene atm. You have a big reach, and your fans definitely outnumbers your haters. But do you ever get tired of doing the same old same old? Are you looking to venture into other things in the future? Or are you enjoying what you got going on at the moment?

VISION4K: I wouldn’t say I’m that popping but I think I’m making some kinda mark, and yea I’ve been doing sum vocal stuff again on my page, it’s been getting a lot of good feedback so I might just continue it, so far I like what I’m doing and hopefully I go far with it

Carssere: Is your work inspired by any other producers or artists? Or would you say you are trying to do something new that hasn’t been tried before?

VISION4K: My work is most definitely inspired by other producers, but I try my hardest to put my own spin on what they did, I like to use different elements of other producers i look up to and combine em to make something insane

Carssere: Care to tell us what producers inspired you the most?

VISION4K: Whitearmor, Clams Casino, Blank Body, Tish Vair, ginseng, just to name a few
Def cap crunch as well

Carssere: Those are some pretty solid influences honestly. Especially Cap’n Crunch, one of my favorite producers out there at the moment.

Carssere: What are your goals in this industry?

VISION4K: Really just to do what I love while makin money, that really has to be the best feeling in the world and I dream of it a lot. Also to work with my biggest influences one day, it would mean the world to me lol

Carssere: Any artists you would like to work with specifically? I’d love a Vision4K x Tracy someday.

VISION4K: That would be a dream, I’d also love to get one in with bladee one day as well
Carssere: Any new projects on the way? Anything you got on the low?

VISION4K: New album on Saturday and I got another EP comin soon after that! Gonna be dropping singles throughout the summer a lot too

Carssere: That’s awesome. Glad to see you putting out high quality projects at the rate you do. That’s a great thing to see in the underground scene.

Carssere: Anyone you’d like to shout out?

VISION4K: Shout Out my supporters frr and shout out DiTC