The SsappyY Interview

By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: So tell the world about SsappyY, how old are you and where are you from?

SsappyY:  I’m 19 from a small town called Cameron park near Sacramento California.

Zomb: How’s cali life? Have you always lived in cali?

SsappyY: California is a big reason I am the way I am. I come from a small town but have big city dreams I’m going to live out. Yeah ive was born a raised in Cali

Zomb: That’s so dope. California breeds some of the best music right now.

So when did you get into music? Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?

SsappyY: I started composing music when I was 12, but I did make my first song when I was 5. My favorite artist when I was growing up where bands like creed, my chemical romance, Marylyn mansion, John Mayer, korn. Many more but thoss people have made some of my favorite songs

Zomb: Such good artists and you can notice the influence in your music sometimes.

What’s some of your musical plans in 2018 having such an alternative sound?

SsappyY:  I’m working on my debut album called “Sso Yyoung” that’s going to be hosted on iTunes ect as far as where my music is going I like to keep that a secret🤘🏻 my fans can expect a lot of growth within my new album though thanks to some of my producers @inweather @tobaccobowl

Zomb: UVC really f***s with your sound and most certainly excited for that.

Now with your album in the works, who are some of the people you’d like to work with in the future as far as artists?

SsappyY:  Ooo a lot of artists but to start with some i’d say

Larry fisherman zillakami spooky black partynextdoor Rexx life raj an it would be legendary but korn

Zomb: Korn collab would be insane.  Zillakami x SsappyY would be nuts as well.

Spooky Black (Corbin) was a huge underground influence.

Do you have any other underground artists you look up to or like to work with as far as pioneers?

SsappyY:  I’ve never really had a normal outlook on music I just feel like if it makes you feel good listen to it. I’m not sure about who the pioneers would be but personally my pioneers were Lil peep og Maco xxxtentacion and 3rd eye blind

Zomb: Awesome influences for sure. I love X personally and OG Maco goes without saying.

Now how is the recording process for you as far as the studio? How long does it take for you to make a song and what are some of your studio necessities?

SsappyY: I just turn on a beat An if I feel something I make a song if I don’t then I move to the next beat. Depending on the song I mean x pill was a huge freestyle. So I guess it depends on the song. Beautiful loser took me about a whole day to make. Studio necessities are a good vibe and not having people in the studio that are going to distract the artistic process

I’d also rather be alone sometimes unless I’m just with the producers

Zomb: I feel that for sure. Being alone certainly helps with a lot of creating.

Having a decent music library out, do you have a favorite song you’ve made so far?

SsappyY: That’s so hard to pick, I’d say beautiful loser is my favorite song out but

my personal favorite is in my debut album an I can’t wait for that to drop.

Zomb: Beautiful Loser is a banger.

Can you give us any details on your new album? as far as features or release day?

Ssappyy: I’ll probably have one feature on it from a well known person I’m going to keep a secret an as far as a release date I’d say somewhere around September of 2018

Zomb: That’s awesome so this summer is gonna be a good one for SsappyY.

So album out this year, wonderful music library out, What’s SsappyY like aside from the music?

What are some things you enjoy in life and what keeps you going?

SsappyY: My family keeps me going if I didn’t have my mom i don’t know what I would do! I love reading books and studying psychology I guess expansion of my brain and knowledge keeps me going and just the simple things like hanging out with my friends a jumping off rocks into the river I like to keep it simple no need to focus on stuff you can’t change and that might hold you back. I guess I’m just a free spirit

Zomb: Wow that was hella inspirational to be honest. That’s dope because you’re right my family keeps me going too.

Wrapping up this interview was there any s/o’s you wanted to give or any last words?

SsappyY: Shout out to you underground vamp an shout out to foreignhype @inweather cheifin Ethan @tobaccobowl and all of @RefryWorldwide also my Bro @ShadyMacOD and @yungjero and thank you for my first interview we had good time an I hope everybody that reads it checks out my music and joins me on the journey

Zomb: Absolutely SsappyY this was dope and we’ll for sure keep updated on you!

Have a good a** rest of the day and we can’t wait for the album!