The Ovrdose Interview

By: Elijah Laflair

​THEOVRDOSE has a sound that not many people can succeed with, but many try. Blending R&B with underground rap is no easy feat to conquer. With only a handful of songs and no official project, I recently caught up with him to get to know the person behind the name, and what he has coming next.

Elijah Laflair: Alright OVRDOSE, what’s your hometown?


EL: What’s the music scene out there like? Is your sound popular down there?

OD: The music scene out here is super lit, my hometown doesn’t really support me. But I get a lot of support from all over the world.

EL: When did you first start making your music?

OD: When I was 14.

EL: Your songs seems to have a strong  influence of R&B in it. Has that always been your sound or was that something that you had to find?

OD: First I tried to rap, and i wasn’t getting much feedback. But then I dropped my song “Like That” with a little more of a alternative R&B sound. That song went viral and I trended on twitter for the first time. Then I knew the direction I needed to go.

EL: Yeah, it seems easy for you to make music like that and you make it sound effortless. Were there any other artists or music that made you experiment with that sound?

OD: I really got into people like Jon Waltz, Partynextdoor, Ramriddlz, SAFE, and most of all The Weeknd. I really took influence from them. And actually I freestyle most of my songs that’s why they sound “effortless”.

EL: I looked onto your SoundCloud and saw that you didn’t have a full project released. Have you released any past mixtapes/albums?

OD: Not officially and not as “THEOVRDOSE”. But I’m currently working on an EP.

EL: When will it be dropping?

OD: I can’t give an exact date yet. But as soon as possible. I want to perfect it as much as possible to release something that can my fans can relate to and vibe with.

EL: All artists have different goals and aspirations that they want to accomplish in their career. What are yours?

OD: My goal really is to just make good music. If I make money off that’s fine. But my main goal is to make good music.

EL: Thanks for talking to UVC, man. I appreciate you letting us get to know a little about the man behind the music.

OD: New Songs very soon!