The MC Holocaust Interview

By: Carssere

Carssere: Where are you from and how’s life there?

MC Holocaust: I’m from birmingham alabama but just moved to portland last month

Birmingham too basic for me

Carssere: That’s pretty cool.

I’ll be straightforward with you, your music is something special. There’s not a lot of artists, if any, who are doing the kind of Phonk you are right now. How’d you get into this very specific sub-genre of music, and would you call it Phonk yourself or something else?

MC Holocaust: Thank you mane thats means a lot. First of all “phonk” internet term coined by SGP..i’ve never claimed phonk. I got into the game because i found out about artist like Cursed Baker and Stonedogg and dope producers like DJ Akoza bringing back the old school sound correctly. So i started rapping because i knew i had something different to offer. Sample wise etc

Carssere: Everything you drop is almost oddly perfected, like, you actually feel like your in the 90’s when a project like “Corrupt From The Get Go” comes on. I’ve honestly never heard stuff that good.

Care to tell us a bit about Doomshop Records and how you got into that?

MC Holocaust: I gotta simple and eerie. I started doomshop in 2014 before my 1st album came out with Dj Fatjunt and Stonedogg. Everyone naturally came about throwout these years

Carssere: Do you have any new projects on the way with other Doom Shop members?

MC Holocaust: Project with Dj akoza later this year. Doomshop vol 3 and 4. Were also going to work on a doomshop album with all members.

Carssere: That’s great, looking forward to all the projects you guys have dropping soon.

Where does the name MC Holocaust come from?

MC Holocaust: My name is metaphor for tragedy.

Carssere: What artists have influenced or inspired your music?

MC Holocaust: scarface, master p, mystikal,  leadbelly, mary j blige , r kelly, mazzy star, lee scratch perry ,50s – 60 psychedelic and obviously memphis artist nobody would know.

Carssere:I fuck with mystikal & scarface a lot. Good choices there.

What do you like to do outside of music?

MC Holocaust:scarface is my favorite rapper his music can make you wanna go kill a fool or make you think deep and cry. GOAT. Skateboarding , photography and obsessive beer drinking

You can never go wrong with Scarface. And skateboarding and photography are some of mine as well.

Carssere: Lastly, anyone you want to shout out?

MC Holocaust: Grime fiends, Da Menace, akoza, devilish trio, kaine, cursed, apoc krysis, tyris white jak3 and freddie dread, the whole doomshop and sixset family. Any who supports me and my family’s dream. My new album is dropping soon be on the lookout.