You may not have heard of Lil Hotspot yet, but you’re sure to be seeing his face all over social media soon. With such a unique name and fly-lumberjack style, it’s not surprising that he’s coming up fast. His track ‘Spill Your Brains’ has capped over 16k in a little over a month. But it’s not just his physical presence that’s earned him the exposure. The track is an absolute banger, $uicideBoy$ in its style but with a raw twist. Lil Hotspot is all about the art, having a deep background in a wide array of musical styles and street mediums. He loves the experience, putting it all into the brand he creates. Lil Hotspot is definitely something new, something you’ll regret sleeping on.

Interview by: UVC

UVC: What do you go by, and where do you live?

HS: Lil Hotspot and I currently live downtown Los Angeles. I was raised in Indianapolis Indiana born in Houma Louisiana.

Why did you start making music?

HS: Always thought I’d be in a band and had an interested in music. I owned some instruments and took a few lesions here and there, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to the underground graffiti/hip hop scene around age 12 or 13 that I really started doing music.

UVC: What drew you to the underground SoundCloud scene?

HS: I came up as a bass music/hip hop dj and would use soundcloud to upload dj mixes. A friend showed me that we could upload music for free to soundcloud or mixcloud.

UVC: How is your scene in your hometown? Anywhere you want to go?

HS: When I was young there was only the hardcore/ punk and metal scene where I lived and was heavily a part of that until I started d-jay-ing and producing music. Then we brought the underground dark bass music to Indianapolis. After doing big underground parties for a while, that style of music started to fall off in our area and the soundcloud rap started to emerge. At first I was more a producer/engineer in the Indianapolis rap scene and just listened to a lot of the dark soundcloud rap stuff. Now, the goal is to experience cultures across the world and allow them to experience a bit of mine through my music.

UVC: What makes you a unique artist? Do you think it’s important to be unique?

HS: What I think makes me unique is my sound as well as my brand in the sense of my brand being reflection of my past feelings, ambitions and future goals. Of course nobody’s pasts or goals are the same, so what comes out is unique to me. My sound is a mixture of influences through my life with a slight spin of what I think is dope currently, but as an artist I don’t know if you ever stop trying to develop your own unique sound. I think being unique as an artist and actually reflecting on yourself as an artist is the most important thing, but simultaneously being relatable is also important to having a impacting brand or sound.

UVC: What are your biggest musical and artistic influences?

HS: When I was young I was very influenced by hip hop, bass music, punk rock, metal, hardcore, screamo, and indi-rock. Senses Fail was probably one of my favorite bands along with modest mouse. More currently I would say that my music is influenced by the first 10 or so $uicideboy$ tapes. The ones that sound super deep and soulful yet still have that street Memphis murder sound

UVC: What’s your artistic process?

HS: My process tends to work in cycles. I’ll go through an exploring phase, a learning phase, a creative phase, a writers block phase, then I repeat. I prefer to work alone.

UVC: How have you perfected your brand and aesthetic?

HS: I have been thinking about the brand, what it means and how to reflect the light from my brand for a while, and have developed it based on pop culture growing up (things I like, anime, my homies around me who helped do art and just a reflection of my experience). I try to take a little something from everywhere I go or the people I meet to help influence my brand. If anything, I would say my brand is still developing as we speak and there is much more to come.

UVC: What message, if any, are you trying to convey in your music?

HS: I honestly haven’t really figured out my complete message other than reflecting on my past experiences through my emotions to allow others who have had similar experiences to have a dynamic of reflection to help understand themselves and their own experiences. Also to let all the loners, all the depressed kids, and of the outcasts, the people who dare to be different, that it’s alright to be yourself. We all have had it hard, life’s a bitch, but you always gotta work for and expect more from life even if you may just want it all to end.

UVC: What does your music/art mean to you?

HS: My music and art is probably the most important thing in my life. It brings me purpose and will continue to shine light on my path. I’m a only child and have always felt alone, and through music I was given the power to connect and share love with people across the world I haven’t even met.

UVC: Would you consider yourself more of a musician or an all-round artist? Any other mediums?

HS: I would consider myself an all-round artist. I grew up painting, drawing, making clothing, stenciling, and more. And as I’ve grown, my art has extended into video, audio, photography, and much more. Everything I do for this music I think of as a reflection or extension of my artistry my ambitions and dreams. Before I started taking the artistic mediums seriously I skateboarded, and looked at that as an artistic form of expression.

UVC: Who are you listening to?

HS: To be honest, mostly my homie’s music and whatever eddy baker puts on when I’m posted at his crib, which tends to be some good shit lol.

UVC: Most influential artist of all time? In the scene?

HS: I would probably say Van Gogh is one of the most influential artist of all time, because he did what he felt like and died by it. No matter what anyone said he stood by his art and he knew it would strike emotion in the viewers. Even with the hate and ridicule, he managed to always do him and be great for it in his own way, even if it didn’t reflect in his own lifetime. I would say the biggest influence of our current scene abstractly would be Fred Durst, being The Godfather of rapmetal in a weird way lol. Or more currently, the movement bones created with his music.

UVC: What’s in your closet? (New purchases/favorites)

HS: I have a lot of black clothing, a lot of plain black and white stuff, a lot of designer and a lot of vintage. Tbh I don’t even wear half of the close I own because I’m so picky. I just went shopping/got flow on some free gear and came up on a bunch of black tees, a bunch of white tees, some new preme gear, some section 8, some healthy boys merch, and some merch for my brand.

UVC: What’s the future look like to you, for yourself, and the scene?

HS: I’m looking forward to a bright future and a lot of traveling for both the scene and myself.