By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: First off where are you from and how old are you?

KL: I’m 24 from the east side of Buffalo NY.

Zomb: What age did you start getting into music and who were some influences growing up?

KL: I started making beats at 18 and then I started rapping once I linked up with partner KT we locked in and I’ve been at it for a couple years. Big L & 50 cent are some of my greatest influences. Big L for the bars & 50 as a songwriter.

Zomb: Big L a rare one that’s for sure and 50 a household name so I feel it. When did you make your first song as a rapper and what was that process like?

KL – We had a couple suitcases we just put the mic up we would always collab and bounce tracks back and forth. Wrote it 15 minutes and laid it down. We engineer and mastered everything.

Zomb: That’s dope and always the best way to go is getting things done yourself. Moving into 2018 what are your plans for the summer and the rest of the year?

KL: Drop a lot of content. New visuals new music and collaborations all year.

Zomb: Solid. What’s one of your favorite songs you’ve made or released?

KL: My favorite song so far is the face video with KT The Loot Boss & Bee. After KT passed its my favorite memory. I’m working on a lot of unreleased music though sitting on 100s of songs right now.

Zomb: That visual is actually so so hard. Stacking libraries of music is always the way to go for sure. Speaking of visuals what is the visual process like for you? Do you enjoy it?

KL: Thanks bro we shut the strip down for that vid. Videos are my favorite thing to do I just like being in front of the camera. Soon as the camera on I’m ready to shoot.

Zomb: That’s dope that you aren’t camera shy. Some people can’t do certain things with visuals. What are your top studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without.

KL: That’s a fact I like the camera and stage though ✈️ I like creating music with others around. Once the energy flows and it’s lit I can create hits.

Zomb: Yeah absolutely being in the studio with others always helps. What artists do you wanna work with in the future big or small?

KL: I’d love to work a legend. 50, jay, Ross. I always try and emulate the biggest bosses of the industry.

Zomb: That’s always the goal I agree. One of the last questions I had was who are your top 5 favorite artist of all time?

KL: Top 5 in no order just on influence on me ima have to go Big L Nas 50 cent Biggie and TI.
I fw a lot of different artist but that’s definitely some of the most influential.

Zomb: All real goats. Absolutely. Last question I had was if you could change anything in the world in 2018 what would you change?

KL: I want to change the perception of rap. Over time it’s now about killing and drugs I want to show that you can be a businessman and be a rapper. You can be a philanthropist and be a rapper. Like there’s multiple personas of a rapper and right now with me having 4 younger brothers I just want to set an example. You can smart savvy and street savvy and still be an artist.

Zomb: That’s extremely powerful and really positive. UVC is certainly looking forward to watching @KingLootYCM in 2018. I appreciate you taking your time and big shoutout everyone mentioned here 💕🦇

KL: ✔️😈😈 already know bro I’m going hard all 2018 finna Drop a lot of new content. Got the clothing line too.

Zomb: That’s going to be so raw. Any last shout outs or words of motivation?

KL: Shoutout to all the fallen soldiers, this world never forgets a legend. And shoutout to you for the opportunity my guy.

Zomb: Absolutely broski it was an honor for myself and UVC 🦇💕

KL: 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

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