The Jordan $age Interview

By: @Carssere

UVC: What would you say the music scene is like down there? There’s tons of underground artists with Virginia & DMV roots.

JS: In my town there’s really not that many artists. a few that I can name but there not a lot of them I can count how many there are on my hand no cap. you would mainly found the underground artist towards PG county/ Maryland. Real shit it’s good to see the dmv develop a music scene it’s lowkey motivating!

UVC: What kinda music y’all into down there?

JS: Shit we’re into everything down here rap music Gogo Music Rock Music I don’t know about country music but we are real versatile with the music

UVC: Does the underground scene get love down there?

JS: Actually… it does gets love people support the underground  it’s crazy! like people have been bumping underground shit since my highschool Days that’s what shocked me. So yeah the underground scene gets love around here

UVC: What’s life in your town like?

JS: ​It’s quite tbh but it’s a couple places where it’s crazy? like I know where the trap house is like even though my town is small  it’s a lot crooked shit around here no cap like some white collar shit. Niggas get finessed crazy down here

UVC: How was life for you growing up out there? When did you get into this kinda music?

JS: My life had its ups and downs my dad wasn’t in my life so my mom and grandparents supported me even when times were hard. My cousin got me into Music he tried to get me into sports but it wasn’t my thing. He used to make beats and play drums so it got me into it heavily. But uh I get into Music around 7th grade but I took seriously 8th grade and ever Since then I just got better and I grew a love for it.

UVC: How have you adjusted into the current underground scene? What do you think about it?

JS: I haven’t really adjusted I just found my sound and found my style so just ride my wave I dabble with a couple of different styles. I love the underground scene I have met some couple that I’m cool with and the scene has grown more and it’s beautiful to see fr fr.

UVC: What artists would you say inspired your aesthetic in a sense?

JS: Man shit Xavier wulf,Chris Travis,XXXtentacion,ski mask the slump god, asap Rocky,Denzel curry, eddy baker,bones,black smurf,Kendrick Lamar,Childish gambino,Travis Scott,Og maco

UVC: So would you say you are pretty versatile?

JS: Yeah I would say pretty versatile I can rap or attempt to sing on type of beat expand my sound and all that good stuff

UVC: Sounds good man! Thanks for sitting down with UVC and discussing your town and sound and all that. Anyone you wanna shout-out?

JS: ​No problem it was an awesome experience being my first interview! I want to shout out skullgang,Dylan Tracy,CG,bankroll Boomer Tgotbandz, Shay the realist, Red-X,Undead pharaoh,Rogue,Lee,atachi rose,glockboy Fiji, lil jet,Mr.hi-hatz and Yungisgod. And free my nigga Charlie blacc

UVC: We’ll definitely be on the look-out for Jordan $age this summer.