By: ShayyNextDoor

Shay: whos “Jiggly J” and where you located at?

Jigglyj: Jiggly J’s some weird character I made up back in 6th grade for my parody rap YouTube channel but then I realized I actually had bars so I ran with the the whole music thing. It was kinda hard to be taken serious with that name but after awhile people neglected that I had a goofy ass name and realized the music was great. I’m in Joliet (basically Chicago) and the creative scene is pretty cool out here. We’re all in high school tryna get rich before we graduate and stuff

Shay: how did all this music stuff start for you?

Jigglyj: It started with the parody rap stuff and then in like 7th grade I started writing lyrics on my Eminem type shit. I didn’t really take it serious until sophomore year though (last year) when I started Grimy Gang. I just started doing shows and stuff this year, so I guess you can say my actual career started in 2018.

Shay: whats grimy gang ? who’s all on your team

Jigglyj: grimy gangs a music group and a movement. we’re just all different and make our own waves. me, sanch, tone, moi, and jt are all on the squad. we bring crazy energy to shows and implement different styles into our music. our main goal is to push creativity and ambition amongst people our age. we also sell merch and have a clothing line (coming soon.) but yeah, we’re just the weird cool niggas and shit. we do our thing

Shay: fw the movement g !! are you guys just local or pushing worldwide with grimy gang

Jigglyj: we’re trying to go global as fuck. we’re gonna bring underground and experimental to the mainstream. we’re expanding pretty quick due to our shows and we’re definitely trying to take this to new heights

Shay: for those you haven’t heard of your music before how would you describe it

Jigglyj: Can’t put me in a box. I have like different stages and phases and I try new shit all of the time. I have like my emo songs like Dead Soul, my bouncy songs like Groovy Groupie, bangers like Skank Hoe and BAD2THEBONE, and most of my unreleased shit is like Pharrell type shit or some emotional singing shit. I have a lot of shit going on in my head and I just let it all out honestly so yeah fucking with my music is like the mystery box.

Shay: what you like to do for fun when your not working on music

Jigglyj: I like to workout and shit. I used to hoop and draw before I did all of this music stuff. When I have the money traveling and going to new places is my favorite way to waste time to be completely honest. And I like sex a lot and stuff like that.

Shay: what’s your main goal for this year?

Jigglyj: I want to launch my clothing line successfully, gain the popularity I deserve, make a couple projects, have my first Soundcloud hit (maybe like at least 100k-500k) and do a bunch of shows. I wanna travel a lot too and get like $100,000 by the end of the year.

Shay: hows the scene where your from??

Jigglyj: pretty weak when it comes to rap, no ones really making noise but a couple of people. we do have a lot of undiscovered talent out here tho but no recognition because no one shows support. everyone’s lame as hell to be honest but that’s how it is. Everyone out here likes underground music though which is really cool, and we listened to a lot of people before they blew up like X, Carti, and Juice Wrld

Shay: whos your favorite artist you wanna work with?

Jigglyj: Tyler the Creator is my dream collab. I feel like we could just make the coolest stuff just because our minds sort think alike. He’s one of the reasons I started making music