By: Wtrflls

Colourful emo musician Drawn to the Sky spoke to us about his home town, his start in music and how he’s evolved as an artist since beginning

Wtrflls: Let’s kick things off, where are you from and how did you get started making music?

Drawn to the Sky – I’m originally from Le Sueur, MN and starting writing my own songs in 2012 (when I was 17). I didn’t start taking music seriously until 2017 (when I was 22). It’s been about a year and a half on my “Drawn To The Sky” journey.

Wtrflls: Awesome, what would you say was the turning point that started you writing as “Drawn To The Sky”?

DttS – The turning point for me was in college. I participated in Division 2 Track and Field as a Thrower, and around 2016 decided that I was going to chase after my long time dream of being a professional musician. It was at that point that I made the decision to quit college Track so that I’d be able to dedicate 100% of my time to Drawn To The Sky. It wasn’t easy giving up another big passion of mine, but it was a sacrifice i needed to make in order to become a successful artist!

Wtrflls: That’s pretty admirable, making big sacrifices like that takes a lot of dedication for sure! Listening to earlier music you’ve released there seems to be a change up in the style of music you write, was there a major reason for that or is more of a write what you’re feeling type of thing?

DttS: From the time I started writing my own songs in 2012, all the way up until Fall of 2017, I only wrote acoustic songs (with a touch of Punk/Emo influence). This stemmed from my early love of metal and rock music, along with acoustic influences such as Never Shout Never. But deep down I had always had a love for hip-hop that I wanted to express. After the release of my first acoustic EP, I decided to combine my punk/Emo lyrics and vocals with some contemporary hip-hop and pop beats. This experiment resulted in my latest EP “Dream Trauma.” I want to continue making this kind of music from now on, but will definitely be making some acoustic songs again here and there!

Wtrflls: Got to love never shout never haha it’s good to see artists experimenting with styles they enjoy rather than trying to follow the trend, looking forward to hearing them 🖤 do you produce and record the music yourself just now or have you been working with other producers?

DttS: Definitely! and currently I’ve been producing all my own music, but really want to work with producers in the near future to make my creative process more efficient and collaborative.

Wtrflls: Awesome, it’s definitely good to get other minds into the process, can create some unique stuff. What kind of software do you prefer to use for your production? Are you an FL guy or an Ableton guy? Or something else entirely?

DttS: I’ve only used Logic Pro X as of now, but I definitely would to like to try FL Studio soon cuz I’ve heard it’s an easier workflow for hip-hop!

Wtrflls: From what I’ve seen Logic is definitely useful for production. Changing the subject a little, are there any artists you would say have been a big influence on your writing?

DttS: The biggest influences on my songwriting overall would probably be Pierce The Veil (Vic Fuentes). But on the hip-hop side, I’m very into the way Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Skies write their vocal melodies. A lot of repeating patterns and hooky lines/word sounds.

Wtrflls: Vic does have the voice of an angel haha so you just dropped a song (which is a banger btw) is there more on the way in the near future? When can we expect another dtts project?

DttS: Yeah he does, haha. Thanks! Right now I’m gonna stick to releasing singles throughout the Summer every few weeks. I’m currently sitting on by far the best music I’ve ever made, so I’m really excited to release it starting the end of June!

Wtrflls: Exciting! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on 🖤 is there anyone in the scene just now that you’d like to collab with? Big or small artists

DttS: I’d really love to collaborate with Braden Barrie (aka SayWeCanFly). He’s been a big influence on me as I’ve been growing as an independent artist and I’ve always really loved him as a person cuz I think we share so much in common. I’d also really love to work with Nothing Nowhere sometime in the near future. I also really vibe with Post Malone as a person and his influences, so that would be a HUGE dream collaboration of mine someday, haha.

Wtrflls: That’s a hell of a list would love to see them happen for sure, on the topic of collabs are there any producers in the scene at the moment you’d love to work with?

DttS: I’m not familiar with too many big name producers, but would definitely LOVE to work someday with Rex Kudo or Nick Mira, haha.

Wtrflls: Nice one. How about live performances? Can we expect to see a Drawn To The Sky show in the near future?

DttS: (Also 4evr and Maaly Raw!) As far as live performances, I’ve limited myself this summer because I’ll be moving out to LA in a few months, but I Will be playing at The Garage in Burnsville, MN on July 28th as a little farewell to my home state!

Wtrflls: All excellent producers, Maaly Raw and Uzi are always a winning combo. Awesome man good luck! Before we wrap things up, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? No compilations or greatest hits

DttS: Totally agree 👌 That’s a semi-impossible question for a music lover, haha. If greatest hits were allowed I’d have to go with Queen. And honestly I don’t think I can even answer this properly cuz I wanna go with an older, timeless album but can’t think right now…Lol. As far as rock/metal goes I’d have to say Misadventures by Pierce The Veil. (Although I’m sure there’s some Beetles or Bob Dylan album that would be more enjoyable to repeat for a period of 60+ years, haha)

Wtrflls: Haha for sure it’s a tough one, it’s great seeing the variety of answers people come up with. Well thanks for an awesome interview man, anything you want to say before we finish it? Anything to plug etc?

DttS: Thank YOU dude, it was my pleasure. The onky thing extra I’d like to say that for anyone looking to make a major change in their life, that “Energy flows where a attention goes.” Only focus on what makes you happy and what you are grateful for, and you will create More & More of those things in your life as you good along 😊✌❤

Wtrflls: Big shout out to Drawn To The Sky for the interview you can check his music out on all streaming platforms here and if you’re in Burnsville in June 28th be sure to catch him live!