The DeKaney Interview

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By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb:  Who is DK for anyone that doesn’t already know?

DK: To be honest Dk just is you know like god, just is life and death are just there so I feel like it’s just one of those things that are already there you know?

Zomb: I feel the vibe for sure. When did you start making music?

DK: I’ve always had a thing for music but I never pursued it in a serious sense because I played football and basketball but I officially started 4 months ago when my cousin Nisie introduced me to Cain(CW) and he gave me a shot and since then I’ve been writing and recording music

Zomb: That’s so dope I loved chopping it up with Cain.

How old were you when you dropped your first song and how that whole process?

DK: I was 17 (18 now) and not gonna lie it was very tedious because you know trying to find your flow is hard and then you have to record multiple tracks because you want to use the best one for the song that’s what CW and CMF taught me so all in all it’s was a complicated experience but it was worth it in the end

Zomb: I heard the Texas scene is competitive do you agree with that?

DK: Not gonna lie I feel like it’s more of a arena than a scene because you always have new artist popping up out of nowhere and just makes it even harder to be noticed but it also makes you want to stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the class and in all honesty I like that because I’ve always been on to do something people would never do to separate myself from them so yea Texas is very competitive but it brings the best out of you.

Zomb: So sick that reminds me of the atl scene.

What are your next plans musically in 2018?

DK: Right now I’m working on a project but I’ll be trying to get my website up and running and doing a few performances and try to get some features hopefully with CW cause if I can land that that’d be golden.

Zomb: Now how did you initially link up with CW?

DK: I met him through my cousin nisie and at the time I didn’t even know who he was I just thought he was another dude pulling up to roll one but he told me about himself and that he was rapper and I told him that I was freestyler mainly because my dad Mr.Mook was a Houston rapper before I was even born so the next day we went to this event chopped it up and I did freestyle and the rest is history just glad I found a  family in CWCMF it’s CWCMF4LIFE

Zomb: Damnnnnn that’s what I like to hear that’s sick as fuck.

Ok so being with Cain and being younger do you feel more hungry then those around you?

DK: I feel that I have more to prove because you know they’re the OG’s they’ve been in the game longer so I can say I’m more hungry for surpassing them because I feel like I have the potential to be great as an artist and make Cain proud.

Zomb: That’s such a positive way to look at it.

What do you want the work to know about DK the person? What motivates you and what keeps you going when you aren’t involved with music?

DK: I’m really a fun person I like chillin with people and getting to know them and I know most people are motivated either by money, family, or something more but to be honest I do music because it’s fun to me I enjoy creating something and sharing it with people who love it as much or maybe even more than I do if I have fans I just want them to know I thank them for there support and feedback and if I’m not making music or writing I’m chillin with the fam ya know nisie, CW, CMF, Gxldie, Trey, or my  girl lil_Rxd Ashlie they’re always fun to talk to and be around and they’re always helpful when I’m trying to bring my ideas to life one thing I can say is that CWCMF is more than a collective it’s a family.

Zomb: Moving with a solid squad is always better than alone 100%

Wrapping this one up are there any s/o’s or any last words you wanna give to the world & UVC?

DK: Yea, first of all, I thank god and my family for this opportunity and s/o to CW/CMF,Trey,Lil Red,Gxldie,NISIE,hunchy,UVC,UGM,and all of Houston cause they know we don’t fuck with no hoe music also s/o to Southwest Houston thts my hood and my family always gon be there with either my boi hunchy or Kaso or my bros Kareem and biscuit thank y’all for the interview CWCMF4LIFE DKD and y’all stay alert cause DK WORLDEATER is on the way.

Zomb: Awesome broski good chopping it up with you UVC gonna keep an eye out for sure.