The Christophr Interview

By: Wtrflls

Christophr (@prodchristophr) as an extremely talented producer/rapper with some big projects under his belt. We got him for an interview to speak about his origins, his work and what he has coming next.

Wtrflls:  Well to start things off where are you from and what got you started out making music?

Christophr: Im from south shore massachusetts, randolph originally but i moved to the plymouth area. It’s really the stix out here, but a lot of the work we do is out of Boston. As far as starting out making music that’s kind of a long story, i was on probation and i really just wanted something to take my mind off not being able to smoke weed. Or do any drugs for that matter haha.

Wtrflls: It’s good to see people grinding and making good music even out in the stix, when you started out did you have any specific goals in mind or was it just something to fill the time?

Christophr:  Well when I first started fiddling with ableton I was in highschool and wanted to make dubstep and edm smh. But after that phase was over i really never got into it until like 2014, long-story short i got raided and was in legal trouble. Found myself sitting around with nothing to do a lot of the time. I wasnt working and i wasn’t making money so one day i picked up ableton again and started making little dingers , they were terrible lol but i found a lot of joy in it. It wasn’t till i met @BR0KECH1C about a year later that i really started to take it super serious.

Wtrflls: I feel most producers had a dubstep phase haha speaking of ableton is there any reason that you use it as your music software or was it just the program you had access to when you started out?

Christophr:  MF WARP FEATURE!  I started because i read in some forum that it was easy to get but as time went on i really love that fuckin warp feature. It’s a life saver if you sample. Also the simple look of it, it looks like tetris. In comparison to like FL. That shit looks like the inside of a banshee from halo.

Wtrflls:  Amen to that, never used a DAW that made warping as easy as ableton. When you’re making a beat do you generally stick to samples and software instruments or are you rocking any cool hardware?

Christophr:  Definitely, and i actually met broke chic on a whim one day thru a mutual friend. I was actually waiting to pick up dope with my friend and needed a ride to pickup, so my homie hits up broke chic because they were long time homies. So we pull up to brokechics house and go to his basement and there’s music equipment everywhere. And next thing u know we are showing each other beats and collabing just about everyday so we decided to bring HellAge back from the dead and rebrand it towards the soundcloud rapper community.Hell Age really was a family that adopted me in and allowed me to create a platform. They started in the boston hardcore scene in like 2009 or something. They did merch for Vein and BrokeChic was a part bolo santosi and east coast wizards before going solo. This shit runs deep haha.

Wtrflls: That’s awesome, it’s weird how chance encounters can end up with some real cool shit. Especially someone with such deep roots in the music community. Who would you say is your biggest influence/inspiration in your work?

Christophr: Damn thats hard, well i grew up on such a weird mix of music. When i was younger i listened to Wu Tang, Slipknot, Pantera, nelly, petey pablo, 8ball, three6 and then moved to the killers, lil wayne, the bravery, gucci mane, yung lean, all of gbe, chief keef lil b, bones, sgp, raider klan omg i can’t name them all i love so many different types of music i wouldn’t say that a certain artist is my influence but i will say that Young Thug is the a grace to this earth and god in human form. I have a strong background in drums, i played in bands and stuff so i think thats my strongest point in music is my ability to adapt to genres with drums. And that’s really what a beat is right haha.

Wtrflls: Shout out Thugger! That’s a real good mix of music, definitely what’s a beat without a sick drumline? If you weren’t making music what do you think you’d be doing?

Christophr: I’m in school for Entertainment Management, and a audio minor. I’ve worked with companies like LiveNation just doing runner stuff for $15 and hour. Probably that haha. Going to get cigarettes and pizza for artists haha, I’d definitely be somewhere in the industry. I just love this shit too much. Lmfao

Wtrflls: I feel you, you can’t beat working in music. Do you have any big projects in the works just now? Exciting collabs you’re working on?

Christophr:  Alotta stuff in the works, alotta placements i cant speak on yet but i’m working w artists like @lilxelly @LilDrank1 @parispowered @PatrickMichel__  @BabyyShiva

And i’m dropping a instrumental collab tape with @SCREWMANEFLAME as soon as this art comes back.

Tons more collabs with @BR0KECH1C

Shit there’s a ton more but i can’t give it all away
I wish i could tell yall the big ones. You’ll just have to see.
Oh and more mf raps , imma drop more raps. I get a lot of messages of people asking me if i quit rapping. I’ll have something for ya soon. I promise.

Wtrflls:  Damn you’ve been keeping busy haha stoked to hear what’s coming up. One last question before we wrap it up, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? No greatest hits or compilations everything else is good.

Christophr: Finally Rich By chief keef. I listened to that shit everyday for like a year.

Wtrflls: Niiice, excellent choice! Thanks for an awesome interview man any final words before we finish, got anything to plug?

Christophr: Bless all of youu

Big thanks to Christophr for the interview. You can check him out on twitter @prodchristophr and on SoundCloud here keep an eye out for some big future projects!

Wtrflls: <3