By: Carssere

Carssere: ​Where are you from?

Chris Vayle: I’m from Memphis, TN.

Carssere: How was life growing up there for you? Would you say it played a role in you getting into this kinda music?

Chris Vayle: Growing up here was kind of like a obstacle course. You go through shit here, see shit and hear shit and it makes you either be involved or be isolated and I chose the latter. Which in turn, has played a role in me making music.

Carssere: Growing up in an area like Memphis where there’s always been a prominent music scene, and definitely a huge underground scene, how do you set yourself apart from everyone else? What makes you unique?

Chris Vayle: Just being myself and not conforming. Fulling acting on my emotions and my ideas, not being scared to express myself. Although I do respect the other artists around me.

Carssere: What artists do you respect and what artists would you say have influenced your overall style?

Chris Vayle: I respect and listen to Blocboy JB, Dee Mula, Key Glock. Just to name a few. I wouldn’t say any of them or anyone from Memphis has influenced my overall style except for my brother, R7.

Carssere: Some good names to respect that’s for sure.

I know your apart of Anti World. Tell us a bit about how you got into that?

Chris Vayle: It happened pretty fast actually. Ive known most of the rosted for 2 plus years now so it was also natural. After my music video release of REGRET, CXRPSE added me into the anti-world twitter chat and said I was in and everyone was with it.

Carssere: Anti World is easily one of the most noticeable collectives in the underground. And with that comes haters and all that. How you feel about those kinda people? Do they annoy you or do you just embrace it?

Chris Vayle: The haters just do their job. Just more people that I pretend don’t exist. It’s almost like they do our job for us by speaking on us.

Carssere: That’s admirable honestly. Good attitude about shit for sure.

Any future projects on the way?

Chris Vayle: I have this upcoming tape with R7 which I hope to be my breakout. It’s really going to embody our sound and push it. I also have a couple of fashion related things coming as well.

Carssere: Definitely looking forward to that tape with R7 👀

Have you been doing fashion already or are you just getting into it?

Chris Vayle: I’ve been into fashion for a while just have never got a chance to put it on platforms. Now that the opportunity presents itself, I’m taking up on it.

Carssere: What’s your favorite track you’ve made? Anything specific?

Chris Vayle: Most definitely loveme; leaveme. That’s my all time favorite.

Carssere: What would you say is your biggest goal this year? Are you looking to just grow your audience, or are you looking for something else?

Chris Vayle: My biggest goal for this year is to have a full project out. I feel once that is done, everything else will fall in order.

Carssere: Lastly, anyone you want to shout out?

Chris Vayle: I want to shout out my girlfriend, my brother R7, my Anti-World, and my mom. I love you guys.