The Buku Steeze Interview

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By: @Zomb_Slays

The Buku Steeze Interview

Zomb: First things first where are you from and how old are you?

Buku: Born in Memphis, spent a lotta time in NYC as a kid n live in Nashville now. I’m 23. Ima old man in sc years 😂

Zomb: Damn a lot of travel there growing up. When did you first get into music and who did you listen to growing up?

Buku – Yeah I also lived in Houston and Kentucky, but those first places I listed are where I spent most of my time. My dads always put me onto music since I was like 4. I was super into kiss, then a lotta punk music, and by the time I was in like 4th grade I was listening to any n all rap music. Just absorbing shit. Mainly Eminem, And 50 cent, n Kanye I’ve always wanted to make music and rap music was the only thing I could make by myself. I was recording shit into GarageBand at like 10 years old. I only started taking it serious n really taking steps to get my shit out there in the last like 2 years. I never lived anywhere for more than a year or 2 growing up.

Zomb: So a lot of moving and a lot of exploration in the music world at an early age. That’s amazing. What was recording and uploading your first song like?

Buku: Bro, when I first started recording there was nowhere to upload shit. I was burning cds n givin em our in elementary. Real shit. My first songs were uploaded on MySpace but that was way later than the first thing I ever recorded, I had a homie, who’s passed away now. N his dad held me down, he really believed in me from the jump when I was just a kid. He bought us a studio, gave me Christmas presents n shit. Like really made me believe that this is what I was meant to do at a young age, I haven’t even considered anything else since the age of like 9, I’ve always been good at words, and song structure, and melodies. I used to make beats too, just cause nobody else was makin em for me n I was too young to have any money. But I’ve always liked the attention, I’m pretty reserved but when I’m performing or rapping for people or showing them shit something else kinda takes over. I also had periods where I was making hardcore music at the same time while I was rapping but I always knew that I’d keep doing the rapping shit n the hardcore music was just for fun.

Zomb: Wow that’s such a raw ass upbringing in music. So with all of your experiences what are you plans for the 2nd half of 2018 and more specifically the summer?

Buku: Tbh, I have a problem disappearing for months at a time. As cliche as it sounds at this point, I struggle with addiction problems and anxiety especially about dropping music, so really just staying consistent, I got so much fire music to drop. I got a tape with @Gren8Beats beats otw, n another tape with production from taz Taylor, topper Atwood, more shit with maaly raw, visuals, and playing shows outta state n hopefully linkin with more artists soon. My real long term goal in all of this is to put myself in a position to put other people on, so when I want to fall back from making my own music for a lil bit I can still help other people do what they want. But I obviously got a long way to go till then. For now I just wanna keep droppin all this fye shit I got n get my name out there to as many people as possible. I think I’ve got something super genuine that a lotta people are reaching for but they’re always falling short because this shit isn’t actually in  them. There hasn’t been a day since I was a child that I thought I’d do anything but make rap music forever.

Zomb: That’s so motivational I know someone can get something from that. I know a lot of people struggle with anxiety and addiction as well as myself is there any advice or tips you’d like to share for the people about getting through it?

Buku: I mean I’m still goin thru it so I don’t have the perfect advice but I would say don’t stress about the moment too much. Physical and mental withdrawals will turn a day into the worst year of ur life. Take as much time as u need to get right, cause you’ll never be the best at whatever it is ur trying to do if ur not the best version of yourself. Everything u see on Twitter is bullshit, age, location, none of that shit matters, if you’re the best at what you do people will notice, and I spent a lotta time too fucked up, n caught up in mind  to realize that and it’s set me back. Take every single opportunity you ever get, and if ur not into drugs just don’t even fuck with it cause as fun as it might seem, and as good as it feels, sometimes depending on what ur fucking with just quitting isn’t always an option and it might seem like it’s helping at first but that shot will 100% set u back when it’s all said and done. I’ve had a lot of homies quit, give up making music and even die over that shit. It’s really not worth it but I’m not in a position just to quit as a risk to my health. So now I’m just trying to find balance in clearing my head and still making and releasing the best music I can, this shit used to be effortless.

Zomb: Super super solid advice for a lot of people and nothing but facts there. With all of that being said what’s your favorite accomplishment in music so far? Because it can be a challenge for people like us and anyone else who can relate.

Buku: Man honestly proving to myself what I can accomplish, I don’t have the most clout or followers but I’ve put myself in a position to take care of my girl and myself and work on music and travel as much as I want, and the following grows everyday. Nothing is out of the question for me, when I want to do something I don’t even consider not doing it. Only how I can make it happen and up to this point I have. I’ve worked with some of my favorite producers and artists in the game. (Bans is just my homie but) the Lucki shit n Robb Banks n maaly raw shit was all shit that I decided I wanted to do and did. Also inspiring people to do what they want. When I started there weren’t a million rappers in cities that weren’t  poppin making rap music and actually believing that they’d actually do this with their lives and not just give up in their late teens or early 20s. I’ve had a lot of random people from around the country and world hmu telling me that I inspire them in their art music clothes etc. or that they believed in me n that shit means a lot every time, even y’all hittin me up is a huge accomplishment to me, because I’m still surprised that people care everyday.

Zomb: That’s so dope. You seem to have such an amazing mindset and actually take notice of the people that support you. That’s must be such a good feeling. Do you have a favorite song you’ve made so far?

Buku: I try to, drug problems go hand n hand with depression so u caught me on a good day lol. But when I’m clear headed I know I’m the fyest in my bracket. Everytime you effect anybody, it matters. Something abt my music made u wanna do what u do by writing about me, and therefore progress in your field.. that shit is fye to me. People are too cool for that shit to matter but it does. Tbh, my favorite song of mine isn’t out yet, and like everybody else, everytime I drop something it’s my new favorite. If I had to pick though, it’d prolly be Winterdreams. That shit is a hit n I’ve loved Robb Banks’ music since I was in high school so that shit was sick, also I really like gunnin with Bans. That was the first time I talked abt my relationship with drugs in a less positive light and how it affects my relationships with people.

Zomb: Winterdreams really so hard and Gunnin w/ Bans is so interesting because a lot of people can relate to that one. What’s one of the of your favorite things about making music these days?

Buku: I feel like I’m a super relatable person so listening to my music is like listening to a version of yourself that’s made some questionable decisions in their life and just stuck with it lol. My favorite thing about making music is being able to express yourself. And my ability to express myself solely off the energy I create. I don’t have to get deep with my words get the feeling across, and I can make some shit that u can go up to and turn up, or just FEEL that shit, and I can do it at the same time. Musics gotten that way recently. But I’m trying to take it further, like talking about trapping in one line, and heartbreak in the next, cause fuck it, Everybody feels that shit no matter who you are. Shit might not make sense to people, but I don’t make sense to myself sometimes. I think most people are too normal, or trying really hard to not be normal.

Zomb: That’s all true brother all it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but yourself.

What are some of your top artists you’d like to work with in the future?
Buku: I really wanna work with Pharrell one day, and I think me n juicewrld would make some cool shit.

Zomb: Oh hell yeah JuiceWrld would be insane. A lot of good names there. What about outside of music? What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated?

Buku: I’m really into legacy’s and being an underdog and winning against the odds. I want my story to be crazy, and to be able to feel accomplished when I look back. I wanna be able to help people achieve their goals. I wanna give the important people in my life the shitbthey deserve. Im close with my dad but, I was raised by a single mom, and I’ve got a gf who’s been with me thru a ton of shit, so I wanna get them right. And shit on people who didn’t believe in me. I also wanna make clothes one day, not merch but real deal cut and sew shit, I love the fashion/art world and I want my music to be an extension of that.

This shit is an outlet to me for me n the people around me to live the lives that they deserve, i’ve watched people give up on this shit, but I’ve made it my only option so ima be here whether a million people are watching or a thousand. Life’s the worst when ur broke, I don’t wanna bring kids into that or watch the people I care abt deal with that shit anymore. Moneys foreal freedom.

Zomb: Such solid ass goals. I love the motivation from @bukuSteez  What was your first job if you’ve ever had one?

Buku: Lolol I worked at a little caesars in high school lol, then a couple other places. I ended up working at a dog kennel, and there was a house attached to the building  n I was trapping at the time so I’d be working and making like $500 or so every couple days servin outta there, n then the place coincidentally closed on my 19th birthday so I threw a fat ass show. My homie got locked up the night before for “attempted murder” n he’s still locked up so we took donations at the door and put like 700 on his books. Butwe legit had like 200 people in this lil ass house wit people doing coke and other drugs everywhere n free liquor n some dude got his ass beat n shit. It was so lit that we caved the floor in. but anyway yeah, since that place closed on my 19th bday I’ve just been hustlin n makin music. But I live on my own n pay my own bills n support my girls n buy clothes all the time n shit so I’m aight lol. I’m not makin no like celebrity or like kingpin money though, which I need to be. Shit wasn’t as positive back then lol, I was on some shit that a lotta people are on now, I feel like I have some insight that other people don’t. But I don’t be tryna teach or preach shit to people, everybody gotta learn thru their own journey. And I’m not claiming to be smarter or better than anyone.

Zomb: Very well said honestly  and that show sounded lit indeed lmao. Finishing this quick one up did you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts?

Buku: fuck what anybody says, none of that shit matters. Anybody telling u what u “need to do” is unhappy with themselves. How much time u spent enjoying ur life is literally the only thing that matters when ur dead, jus make sure your money straight n you’ll always be good lol. I fully believe this what I’m meant to do and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’m sorry to my fans for not being the consistent artist that they deserve and I’m working to be better🖤 S/O to @moriahgetsmoney and my best friend Jonah PM and all the people puttin in work in Nashville, too many to count. Also shout out to ANT, Dylan, Creep and JC 🙏

Zomb: Definitely huge shoutout to all of them and huge s/o to anyone else mentioned. UVC is honored to host the first @bukuSteez interview 🦇💕

Buku: Thank u bro fr 🖤