The BigHomieSlim Interview

By: Bernard

UVC:  Where are you from, what you rep?

BIGHOMIESLIM: richmond VA like some other legends
(ugly mane, goth money nick f, divine council etc)

which is a collective i made pretty just based off keeping shit 100 and making gritty music thats somewhat different then what u hear today these guys @versacetundra  @hardbodyjonesog @Hades_swmp @Sluggard72 @GGSmokEE @kendreamz

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: How long you been in the underground game?

fucked around back in 2013-2014 but started dropping srs solo shit around the beg of 2015-16

which right after i opened for pouya, ramierz, lil peep, xavier wulf n suicideboys
my third show was pouya which was in seattle
had to greyhound 3 days just to get there but it was fuckin lit

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: Man you’ve fucked with some of the biggest underground artists of all time my man, how did you set this shit up? Y’all talk to ’em at all?

BIGHOMIESLIM: the shows or swamp?

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: Tell us about both, I am hella interested with knowing how you set up your collective and then shows with some of the best.

swamphouse started out like i said to bring real shit back to hip hop
it’s not about flashy shit and flexing, clout etc
it’s about being true to yourself n everyone else
so i wanted to get guys w the same mindset as me and i met a couple cats online and some i met in person
BMT & Lord Slug are high school homies. GoldSmoke is my seattle connect he hit me up on email trying to produce for me, he made a track for me called “BlotterBoy” n from there its history he just hits me up one day asking if i wanna do a show w pouya
n like i said the rest is history one thing let to another and i’m now living in washington with shows w legends under my belt
just shows all you gotta do is think n do it
& of course ive spoken to all of them but the most memorable was definitely speaking with ruby before the show
being told i got the instinct to make it and to keep pushin by one of the greats/one of my favorite artists was lowkey life changing
i mean i knew it myself already but to have it approved is another thing

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: For some reason a lot of underground legends flock to Seattle. I remember underground icon Tracy lived in Seattle for a few years when he was just starting out. What exactly makes people come to the city? What would you say is special about it compared to other cities? You don’t really consider Seattle the crime capital of the world or anything but it definitely attracts some of the best artists. Want to tell us a little bit about the place?

BIGHOMIESLIM: man to me seattle is one of the most beautiful cities you can go to.
I think if you aren’t born here only certain ppl are brought here.
The energy here is amazing and welcoming and in terms of music this is my second home.
People are somewhat open minded & are down to bump new tunes.
My first solid fan base is here.
Also weeds legal here so that draws a lotta people as well lol

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: Would you say y’all a legend in your city?

BIGHOMIESLIM: I think we’re legends in our own right, we’re still showing/proving it to the public. This shits about passion n we’re bringing it.

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: What artists would you say inspired your “aesthetic” as an artist?

BIGHOMIESLIM: Tupac, Lil Ugly Mane, N a lotta bands like slipknot, suicide silence, nails etc Those are all heavy influencers on my sound from early on and just shit I’ve been bumping since the beginning.
UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: At what age would you say you got into this kinda music? Does it run in the family or did you find it on your own?

BIGHOMIESLIM: My dad listens to everything. He played bass and toured w in living color in a band called the good guys.
I got into hip hop early. Like 7 yrs old Hardcore and metal music around 12/13. I’m currently 22 yrs of age.
UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: What do you think about the current underground scene? Would you say it’s become extremely commercial, or it’s still as good as it used to be?

BIGHOMIESLIM: The rawness and originality is gone but I feel like there’s a new wave coming that’s gonna save the scene me And a lot of my homies n other groups included
UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: Anyone you wanna shout out?

BIGHOMIESLIM: anybody who’s been helping w the vision so far they know who they are

UNDERGROUND VAMPIRE CLUB: Sounds good man, we’ll definitely be on the lookout for

SWAMPHOUSE/SWAMPGANG this summer. Can’t wait to see what you got in store that’s for sure! It’s been a pleasure talking to you

BIGHOMIESLIM: no doubt thank u for the opportunity bro.