The Babyblu Interview

By: @ShayyNextDoor

Shay: soo explain your song “worthless” what’s the meaning behind it?

BabyBlu: worthless is the amalgamation of feelings brought on by my deepest thoughts that piled up a few months ago when i was going through some of the worst depression ive had, everything from suicidal thoughts and feelings of truly being alone were all put into the deepest song i’ve ever made, it is my depression put into a song

Shay: tell me about yourself where you from all the good stuff

Babyblu: from Portland, Oregon, city of roses, i put myself into the night life of it i love the street racing scene honestly, nothing better than being a semi weeb sad-boy and living in the sister city of Tokyo. I started music 9 months ago in June and managed to hit 35,000 total plays and 400 followers within that time which I never thought I’d be able to do.

Shay: anything is possible nowadays seen it happen with my 2 eyes lol hows the music scene where you from really haven’t heard too much where you from

Babyblu: Music scene is dead, I’ve only ever met 2 other people in my genre that make music from Oregon, I’m working an ep with one and we might work on a side project together

Shay: you ever think about collaborating with anybody

Babyblu: I collaborate a lot actually, in the 9 months I’ve been on, I’ve collaborated with around 45 artists, dream collabs would be yung lean, trippie redd, and reo cragun

Shay: what made you start doing music,what inspired you

Babyblu: Yung lean and spooky black definitely, but they didn’t drive me to do music I never had the drive thinking “music is what i want to do” one night on June 30th I had just left my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years I was listening to sad boy channels like astari and mefumetto, and I’m not sure, I had a daw and I was making trashy beats in it for fun, had a 40 dollar mic, xlr that I plugged straight into my pc, and just started looking for lean type beats, found a few wrote some stuff to them and they were trash, I looked up “how to sound like lean” for my mixing tutorials and just posted whatever I made, I made 80+ songs in my first 3 months just writing and recording and mixing 3-4 a week all in one night,My biggest inspirations now are trippie redd, spooky black, and yung lean, and my music emulates that

Shay: what’s your main goal in music

Babyblu: I am currently aimless I make music for myself and those who will listen, but i hope to give my sound to Everyone who will listen with open ears and a sunken heart

Shay: besides being an artists are you into anything else

Babyblu: Street racing, every weekend friends and I go downtown to street race