A Short Tape Review by @MusicofCarolina

“love creates heartbreak which creates art.”

– shoki

This 6-track project from shoki is just what I needed.

The multi-talented artist and producer from Alabama killed “FUCK LOVE THE EP” in July.

After six listens in one sitting:

INTRO is naturally the first track, and the vocals sound strategically tucked behind an ethereal trance. They are a bit quieter than the vocals on the rest of the tape. This created a more intimate feeling for me because I had to turn the volume up and pay attention better. The 11-second melody lead-in on the following song HEARTBROKE is a nice way to catch you by surprise when the percussion comes crashing in immediately after. This track has mainstream potential and would be more than appropriate on your favorite playlist.

I’ll explain song 3 and song 5 in a later paragraph.

FUCK LOVE is the fourth track on the tape. Everyone can relate to this song. Even if you’ve only ever loved yourself you can relate. It has an upbeat melody, and its percussion mimics the instruments on track 6. I think one of the beat tags could have been placed better on the track.

The project contains two interludes (FADE AWAY & SORRY). They’re surrounded by songs with a quicker BPM and bring the listener back to the deafening sadness an individual might struggle with during the day. The feelings portrayed throughout both tracks are executed effortlessly by a female figure (@astoldbymeagan). It seems logical to pinpoint these vocals as the root of misery for shoki. It’s bittersweet because this figure helped make an incredible project.

The last song on the project is BAD LUCK. The guitar strings are gorgeous on this song. They’re the perfect assist to well-mixed vocals and matching percussion on the track. shoki knew he was dangerous when he chose to record on these beats.

Do not allow numbers to sway your opinion. This is a high-quality project from @prodshoki.

(Production Credits: KimJ, Discent)

Stream the EP here: