The Phantom Caine Interview

By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and how old are you?

Caine: I’m from Ottawa Ontario, Canada . I’m 21 years old

Zomb: I hear Canada is dope. What’s it like there for you? Do you enjoy it?

Caine: Canada will always be my home, it’s just always cold here aha and the summers aren’t very long . I enjoy being here but I’m more of a warm weather person . Plus winters are very depressing here.

Zomb: Yeah I can totally agree warm weather is way better then cold. Winters also can get a lot of people down I can certainly relate. What’s the music scene like in Canada?  What did you grow up listening to and who were some influences growing up?

Caine: Music scene is crazy in Toronto and Montreal. Ottawa is where i’m at and really only 1 artist has seemed to pop off. I’m trying to be the next one . & grew up listening to a lot of backstreet boys, Chris brown and 2pac. My major influence now is Travis Scott no doubt.

Zomb: Yeah honestly I’ve gotten mixed reactions about the Canada scene but you certainly have the potential to be the 2nd out of Ottawa. Those are also solid influences growing up and very interesting that you say Travis Scott. He’s been killing it in the recent years. Skipping to 2018 what are some of your plans for the rest of the summer and 2018?

Caine: 2018 I’m already going crazy trying to knock out minimum 1-2 songs a day and just put all my energy into music. I think great things happen when you are focused & neglect to acknowledge any negativity in life . I feel like good things are going to happen this summer.
Zomb: That’s the way to go, you gotta stay positive to achieve the results you want. What’s some of your favorite music you’ve released or made so far?

Caine: Most of them are not even out yet lol but the ones that are is the one I just got out with bones and “live life” is a very good record , I might even do a video for that song it really goes hard.

Zomb: “Live Life” is certainly a banger. Now speaking of Bones what was the process like actually getting him on a song? And what was that like for you?

Caine: Appreciate that! & I just had the opportunity to collaborate with him so I jumped on it as soon as I could. I would have released it earlier but again I went through a dark phase and it really pushed back a lot of things. I just work really hard and get in the studio, try to meet as many people as possible it’s bound to happen where somebody knows somebody who can help boss you up.

Zomb: That’s so inspiring and connections are everything. You mentioned visuals earlier, what is the visual process like for you?

Caine: I try and do photo shoots every week with my boy woodboyproductions and we are working on a few videos too . It’s like a drug , I want to record like everyday and do something everyday related to music.

Zomb: That’s how it’s gotta be 100% That attitude will get you far. S/o woodboyproductions as well. Do you get nervous around the camera or is it a natural thing?

Caine: It’s natural, even in front of large crowds for shows like I live for that , before I was always like insecure of my image and thought I was ugly as hell but seeing all these rappers come up a lot more ugly than me made me feel like a Calvin Klein model so I said fuck it let’s get out here. Acne or any other insecurities are hella real but you gotta move past that shit to excel on to the next phase. We all human we all got different issues.

Zomb: Perfect answer. That’s definitely a positive way to look at it. Tell us a little bit about your experience with shows and actually being involved.

Caine: I haven’t performed in like over a year but every time I have performed has been I. Ottawa and once Montreal and every time it was packed and crazy as fuck lol . I don’t wanna perform anymore until I’ve reached some personal goals and until I can headline something alone.

Zomb: Absolutely understandable. Performing is something that needs to be done comfortably. Since we’re on the subject of the future, who are some artists you’d like to work with big or small?

Caine: Well lowkey I got a song done w/ Pump in the vault s/o max p for hooking that up he’s my big brother and somebody I look up to. Pump did the song at his house too. Also I think fauni would be a good collab and lil skies too. I’m tryna be the most versatile like the ability to go underground with bones and then mainstream with Pump. Have people guessing what Vibe I’m going with every song.

Zomb: That’s the juice absolutely. Being versatile is the way to go and especially with what artists you work with. What are your studio necessities? things you can’t be in the studio without?

Caine: I don’t like being in the studio with people lmao . I did it once like 20 people were there it sucked so literally just me is all I need.

Zomb: Everyone’s different. Whatever works is always the best bet. Who are your top 5 artist of all time?

Caine: Dean Martin, 2pac, lil Wayne, michael Jackson , drake

Zomb: All so so so solid. One of the last questions I had for you was your name. Explain the thought process behind your name and tell us a little about that.
Caine: My name comes more or less from my dad , he always told me I was white as a ghost because of my pale skin. I even have a ghost tattoo lol. My name resembles my ghost like features.

Zomb: That’s so interesting. I really like that. Wrapping this quick one up was there any last shout outs or words of motivation for the underground?

Caine: S/o my manager jay & just keep working. Giving up gets you nowhere.

Zomb: That’s right brother. Thank you for your time and UVC is going to keep a close eye on @phantomcaine for 2018!

Caine: Mad love thank you 🙏