The SonnyDopeCat Interview

By: @ShayyNextDoor

Shay: let’s get to business

Sonny: Esketit

Shay: so Sonny inform us about you? where you from.. how everything been for you in the music scene

Sonny: From Springfield, Illinois. Moved to Indianapolis, IN when I was 18, lived there for a year, now I live in Charleston SC. I have been here for a year and a half. Met a lot of cool people. @BFRESH88 was the first in SC to reach out to me and connected me w artists such as @EmperorTimeline, @BigGhini, @KVII803, etc. also connected me w/ @DJSCrib06 and performed a show with him. Since then I have just been networking hella. I’m on Twitter 24/7 for managing myself and building my network. Aww yea and s/o to @golilturbo and @fadedblackid really welcomed me too, turbo even taught me how to pearl backwoods lol

Shay: Backwoods are the move in 2018 now lol, honestly as of right now you’re on the come up how do you feel? UU posted you.. having all eyes on you atm..facts love seeing people I know of making moves in the underground scene.. how did this all start for you? why you start doing music

Sonny: Really my producer @KadenceDopeCat is the one who started it. We used to know all the words to every Mac miller/ Wiz Khalifa track back when they were coming up on Rostrum, and we just were like yo we could really fuck w this shit too you know? So we started writing and bought a mic and shit and of course at the beginning people hated and it’s still haters to this day. S/o to Y’all I love Y’all. But I just remember officially dropping my first track( has since been deleted) and seeing it get 1k in a few days from all locals and the feedback I got was amazing and ever since then I was hooked. Music is an outlet for all my feelings and the thought of having a platform to not only influence others but to also be able to put younger artists on; that’s the goal.

Shay: Facts speaking of goals right now what’s your biggest goal?

Sonny: #1 goal is very simple. Get to the point where I can quit working and really start blowing this shit up.

Shay: You have any favorite artists you love working with

Sonny: @KadenceDopeCat and @tdursa are blood so you’ll see the most from us. + it’s all organic bc when we make a song we are always all together in the stu. And the song is 100% original from the production to the mixing/mastering. Recently @GUCCINEVERLOSE and I dropped a track and it’s at almost 7k. Peep that sonny x @BIGBABYSCUMBAG prod. by @NOIAMBRENT is dropping very soon. And then I have a surprise feature that I’m not going to say until it drops but just know it’s gonna be big

Shay: Definitely looking forward to that !! if you could give the next artist any type of advice what would you tell them

Sonny: Honestly consistency is key.  The more you work on your craft, the better you will get. The more you pay attention to how others are succeeding, the better the tools you will have to know how to succeed. You have to be a sponge and open to learning how the game works before you run shit. U feel me? And obviously, you have to have talent. But hard work ethic and little talent beat lots of talent with no work ethic any day. + that work ethic will turn to talent once you put those hours in

Shay: Straight facts, does sonny have any hobbies he like doing, things that you’re into etc

Sonny: Hell yea, if anybody wants it in Fortnite my gamertag @sonnydopecat on Xbox

Shay: If you could describe yourself with one word what would it be?

Sonny: Humble, I’ll always listen to anyone music, I don’t do this for clout.

Shay: true nowadays some artists would barely fw other artists music they let the clout get to they head

Sonny: Yea I experience it firsthand every day

Shay: yeah well thanks for taking the time out your day for a UVC interview

Sonny: Of course. I appreciate u taking your time to interview me