Switzerland based musician Sad/Reality took the time to open up to us about his music and inspirations in this exclusive interview.

wtrflls: Anyway let everyone know who you are and how you got started with music

Sad/reality: well i’m a 17 year old Portuguese kid living in Switzerland and i started making music around when i was 13 or 14. i used to make EDM and then i stopped and started making this kind of music back in December 2017

wtrflls: Living in Switzerland do you feel the local scene has had an influence on the music you make?

S/r: not really to be honest, i live in the mountain so i’m not really friends with any of the people who make music in the city sadly

wtrflls: That can be tough but at least with the internet you have access to a lot of music communities.

What would you say inspired you switching over from EDM to what you do now?

S/r: just time, i used to like EDM and then i started getting back into rock and rap. around that time i also started using SoundCloud and stared discovering a lot of dope new artists, which basically inspired me to try new things with music

wtrflls: I know what you mean with changes in music tastes and stuff

Were there any artists in particular who inspired your change in direction?

S/r: yes! lil peep, $uicideboy$ and some bands like balance and composure, citizen and turnover

wtrflls: Hell of a good list there haha

Switching up a little are there any artists who you would love to collab with? Don’t have to be the same genre as you

S/r: a song with citizen would be a dream come true
but i also would love to work with nothing nowhere someday

wtrflls: Would love to hear both of those for sure!

In a similar vein do you have any upcoming collabs you’d like to talk about?

S/r: music wise sadly not
but i’m collaborating with my good friend @cedarofgxd on clothes and videos… they will be out before 2018 ends

wtrflls: Look forward to seeing what you guys come out with

Changing up a bit, if you weren’t making music what do you think you would be doing with yourself?

S/r: most likely photography or video. I used to wanna be a photographer, i even shot a wedding once

wtrflls: That’s cool af, sticking with a creative field

You were saying you were 13/14 when you started making music, what inspired you to start?

S/r: i got the demo of fl studio from a friend and i started to play around with it, after that i just stared to try and make small songs. back then edm was really the wave in my group of friends so i tried to make songs for them to listen at first.

wtrflls: That’s cool that it started as a thing among friends

Does your family have much of a musical background?

S/r: not that i know of

wtrflls: Is there any song or project among the stuff you’ve put out that you’d say is your favorite?

S/r: you’ll miss me, about u and how am i not dead are my top 3
i’m pretty happy on « how am i not dead » came out because it’s the first song where i actually played the guitar myself

wtrflls: That’s awesome, good songs definitely

Is there any projects you’ll be releasing in the near future?

S/r: yes!! early December i’m dropping a new EP called « matters »

wtrflls: Awesome can’t wait to hear it!

Looking ahead do you think you’ll be performing live any time soon?

S/r: i really want to start performing live but for the moment i have nothing booked

but once i have an opportunity to perform i will for sure take it

wtrflls: Hopefully one comes up soon

Do you take inspiration from anything non music related when you write?

S/r: i don’t know if this makes sense or not but the weather. per example if it’s raining, or it’s a night i’ll feel more inspired to write something fitting for that type of mood… but in the end it really varies from song to song

wtrflls: I find a lot of people take inspiration from nature like the weather and stuff so I get you

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? With your music and life and all that

S/r: hmm that’s hard to say. i hope in 5 years i got better with music and got an audience that will listen to my songs. but to be honest i might experience in more art forms and just try to expand and learn new stuff

wtrflls: That’s admirable, growth is important for sure

What made you choose the name sad/reality?

S/r: i used to be named “lil t” for the first 2 months i started making music but i didn’t like the name. one day i came up with this line “this is the sad reality that i face, everyday is something new that i chase” and i told myself: “damn i like sad/reality” and i just kept the name

wtrflls: It fits for sure

Why lil t?

S/r: it’s my nickname, lil bcus i’m pretty small in height and also bcus of all the lil rappers, and the t stands for tiago which is my real name

wtrflls: Haha makes sense

This next question is pretty tough, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

S/r: hmm very tricky question. probably will be hellboy by lil peep because he’s my favorite artist and also because that album has a lot of different type of songs.

wtrflls: That’s a damn good choice, haven’t seen anyone pick peep yet

That’s just about all the questions I have, before we wrap it up is there anything you want to say to the people reading? Words of wisdom or stuff to plug?

S/r: just wanna thank everyone who took the time to read this and wanna let u know that a video for how am i not dead is coming out in the end of october.