By: Elijah Laflair

There are few artists and rappers in the scene that have mainstream appeal, but also have a loyal fan base and a work ethic of an underground artist. Reese Laflare has consistently been one of those artists. With his constant release of projects and his growing stardom outside of music, his wave is looking bigger than ever.

After the rising anticipation, his self-titled debut album is finally here. Any rap fan can see that Reese Laflare is on his way to big things. The songs released prior to the album, “Big Mad” “Drip Like That” & “Nosebleeds” had fans even more hyped. This album is an introduction into the world of Reese Laflare.

Laflare definitely shows his versatility throughout the project, beginning with “Escalators”. Many fans may not have been familiar with his lyrical rapping ability, but with this track, he’s making sure they know. With slick metaphors and smooth flow throughout the song, he definitely showcases his natural ability to actually rap. “This sound like Gucci with 3k done had a baby in a Pyrex pot” This bar was great wordplay and a spot-on metaphor. His ability to have his own style and be ahead of the trend while also always staying in tune with the climate and adapting to the new sound.

Reese pushes new levels in his artistry with cuts like “Much Better”. With a mesmerizing beat and a flashy but inspiring hook, this is easily a standout track on the album. Another track like that is “Circulate” where he steps out of his Atlanta-trap influence and goes for a more future pop sound that is slowly creeping into the hip-hop scene today. There’s not many artists today that are scared to step out of their sound, but with Laflare, he seems to always be comfortable in any sound, no matter what producer or rapper.

Reese also delivers with the features on the album. Ty Dolla $ign continues his kill-streak of features on “Big Mad” and Pusha T shows off his veteran lyricist skills on another standout track “Mood Ring”. Rising rapper Yung Bans also pops throughout the album on “No Cap” and “Stutter”. Gunna adds a verse on the previously released “Drip Like That” and on “Nosebleeds”, Young Thug proves once again why he is from another planet with an insane hook. There weren’t too many features on the album, but the ones that we on there fit perfectly with the album.

To think this is only Lil Skate’s debut album, it’s easy to see that he’s quickly forming his own sound in the scene. Reese has been grinding in the underground scene and he’s bound to blow up really soon. With his first album out the way, stay tuned to what he has next. Don’t be the last person to hear about the Drip.