Lifted is a music producer from Milwaukee, WI, and is associated with the underground collective NEILA WORLD. He began making intros for people on YouTube around 2013-2015, and they all learned from each other. Producing music was always a desire for Lifted but he didn’t know how to get involved until his journey began in 2013.

MusicofCarolina: What’s it like producing beats out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin? I always think of T-Pain saying it, personally. 

Lifted:It’s alright, but there aren’t many artists / producers that are serious about what they do out here and none of the locals are in tune with what’s going on in the underground.

MusicofCarolina: How’d you link up with the folks at NEILA WORLD? What’s it like being in a collective? 

Lifted: I’ve been mutual with two of the members for a while now, Fadedblackid and

Trapphones.They were taking submissions from producers to join Neila World and they both told me to send beats, they went through a few rounds of selecting producers to join and I happened to be one

of the ones they liked the most. Being in a collective is a great way to make connections and

work with new people, but at the same time you have to have a group mentality. You can’t move

on your own and make moves for your own benefit, you have to put the group first and keep the

same work ethic as everyone else otherwise it doesn’t work out.

MusicofCarolina: You Tweeted to your supporters about joining Foolish Cult on August 17th. How has this impacted your work ethic and production style?

Lifted: Joining Foolish Cult is probably the biggest opportunity I’ve had to date, I wouldn’t say it’s changed my work ethic / style at all though, I’ve been going hard ever since I joined Neila World and plan to keep it that way. (Shoutout Hella Sketchy)

MusicofCarolina: What’s your favorite placement you’ve landed with an artist? Did they tell you the track was dropping?

Lifted: I don’t have a favorite placement right now

MusicofCarolina: How do you face beat block? 

Lifted: Beat block is one of the hardest parts about being a producer, everyone has different ways of dealing with it but for me I just let it happen, I can’t force beats, and if I do they sound like ass. I just have to wait until I get back on my game.

MusicofCarolina: Are you still using the same DAW from your earliest production days?

Lifted: Yes, I’m still using FL Studio which is the same DAW I learned how to make beats on.

MusicofCarolina: What is your dream placement?

Lifted: I have too many artists I want to work with to pick one dream placement, but to name just a few, Lil Uzi Vert, Yung Bans, Ron$oCold, Weiland, Cyrax, and BoofBoiicy just to name a few.

MusicofCarolina: How much are your leases and exclusives? Also, drop your TrakTrain or beat site of choice.

Lifted: My leases right now are $25 (Collab leases $45), and my exclusives are $250 (Collab Exclusives $500). I recently switched over to airbit from traktrain.

MusicofCarolina: What’s your favorite part about making music?

Lifted:The fact that you can make whatever you want, with music there are literally no limits to what you can do and I love that.

MusicofCarolina: What was it like being on the radio?

Lifted: Being on the radio this early in my career is surreal, I waited in my driveway to get that video for an hour. (Shoutout Lonny Lohon)

MusicofCarolina: What advice can you give brand new producers?

Lifted: Make as many connections as you can, work with people who are willing to work with you and grow together, don’t force anything. Find your sound, make what you want, but also cater towards what rappers want. Once you find that perfect mix placements will start coming easier.

MusicofCarolina: Who needs a shout out?

Lifted: All of Neila World, but especially Fadedblackid and Trapphones for giving me the opportunity to join Neila World. Marcelo, Hella Sketchy, Lonny Lohon, Vision4k, Lil Fendy, Vick Lejet, Glockz, and too many more.