By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: Tell us about yourselves where are you from and how old are you?

Cam: Hi I’m cam, I’m 22, toaster strudels are better than pop tarts, and I watch Pokémon indigo league. I’m from chandler az, but since nobody know where tf that’s at, you can just say Phoenix.

Tuxx: im tux. my favorite food is forever lil Caesars, I don’t eat Brussels sprouts, I’m from dry ass chandler az otherwise known as Phoenix, Arizona. Oh and I’m 18.

Jaxx: What’s good it’s jax. I’m 17, I’m from AZ where you get dehydrated by lookin outside  
I Like my bowls filled w fruit, woods filled w gas and icees.

Zomb: That’s got me in tears. Solid diets and even more solid area. What’s it’s like being from the West and what brought you each to making music growing up? Who were some early influences for all of you?

Tuxx: my whole family been into music so I’ve been around studios since I was young as shit. I really got into this shit about a year ago and started taking it serious about 6 months ago.

Jaxx: My inspo was my brother @3rdOcean
We both grew up skating at the same time and he switched to music.
I saw big bro doing shows and was like.. bruh that shit look tight haha. Soon enough i meet this fool tux skating at the home park and shut took off from there.

Cam: Honestly the West is hella diverse, the thing is az has no culture, so we aren’t really stuck with one kind of sound, it’s dope haha. I started making music at 20, I never thought I’d be rapping, it kinda fell into my lap after freestyling for fun for a couple years. Raider klvn, shwb, and fatmankey really got me into wanting to rap simply off the different flows they all brought to music along with fire ass beats.

Zomb: That’s fire I love when area’s tend to have more diverse sounds and you can actually hear it in the sound. You 3 have similar backgrounds and eventually took it seriously, what point was it that you decided you were gonna take this seriously?

Tuxx: i started taking it seriously when jaxs and I had our first show. seeing the people that support you in person really pushed me. We stopped rushing our shit and taking more time in the whole project of it.

Cam: I honestly decided to take it seriously when I was placed  in the position I was in when it all went down, but all in all just having people around me telling me I have talent was enough to take it seriously and see that I have a real chance.

Zomb: What are shows like for you guys? Is that a nerve wracking experience?

Cam: I get them mf butterflies my guy lmao, but after you get out there and see everyone havin fun wit u and turnin up then it’s like everything else disappears and it’s just u and the fans, crazy feeling.

Jaxx: The shows are amazing.
I love seeing people Who support you and just genuinely fuck with you the energy is something else fr.

Zomb: Yeah for sure once you have someone telling you have the talent and keep pushing there’s no telling what you can do. Shows are such a crazy vibe and that’s honestly great to hear from you guys because come people tend to have iffy experiences at their early shows.
Moving on to what I’m sure a lot of people wanna hear is “TERRA” What’s the deal, tell us the idea behind the name and how you 3 came together for this collective.

Jaxx: I met TerraCam @ a show me and tux performed at in Phoenix and we had plans to link up but us being busy and what not later down we crossed paths it lowkey came outta nowhere. All faith in the process too.

Tuxx: ya. Terra sorta came outta nowhere but it has meaning to us  just what we are as a whole and as separate artists.

Cam: Yeah man it really was just the universe pulling us towards each other, we didn’t force shit, happened so naturally. Yeah what tux said, it came out of nowhere and just stuck lol we build and grow off each other and it works so smoothly.

Zomb: So a lot of natural chemistry between you three and it just ended up working well that’s rare these days. What are you guys plans for the rest of the summer and 2018?

Tuxx: I don’t wanna say much on what I have in store for this year. All I can really say is we’re going dumb w the content. Jaxs got a tape coming out. I’m workin on a tape. We got visuals. Shows. Vlogs. All that good shit. No set dates but just know we r working hard for this shit.

Jaxx: Honestly the same things we’re doing now w/ the team. I’m hype for everything that we got In store. It’s anthems for everybody all summer 2018 “Vanilla” tape drops this upcoming Friday. And I dropped a track from it yesterday!

Zomb: Lots and lots of good things in store for your team that’s exciting as f*** What artists do you guys wanna work with big or small that you haven’t worked with already?

Jaxx: No cap I need a track w/ this fool Cam ASAP!
Big artists, ima need that uzi feature, that JuiceWrld feat And that Yung bans feature😂

Tuxx: ya I need that d savage feature. Or tell lilcandypaint im tryna work.

Cam: 2018 will be the year we make our mark in AZ, constantly working, getting our name in everybody’s ears, then by 2019 I promise you we will be up and Lmao yeah I need somethin with Jaxs, so that’ll come hella soon, but yeah tell juicewrld, duwap, and lil Tracy I need the feature haha.

Zomb: You heard it here first we need those collabs asap. So with looking to make your mark on AZ what are some thing you guys would like to accomplish in music? What are some of your personal goals on why you do this?

Jaxx: I do this music shit because I love it. Simply, there’s no better feeling then completing a song you fuck with. Like I love listening to me.
I just wanna keep comin up w all new sorts melodies, connect w/ genuine people. & fill my mamas pantry.

Tuxx: at first I wanted a bag then I fell in love w the art of this shit. Like Jax’s said. That finished product has no better feeling. But don’t get me wrong. Bitch I still wanna bag 💰🙄

Jaxx: Bitch we abouta get all the bags.

Cam: I just wanna be the best there ever was out of AZ, my biggest goal I have for myself is making sure these two ugly ass dudes get the credit they deserve as well as myself, I’m a little older than them so looking back I wish there was someone there supporting me at that age with whatever I was doing. Just out here tryna make good music and make money to support my family.

Zomb: Oh yeah absolutely there’s nothing like a finished product and being able to live comfortably at the same time & take care of everyone. What are your favorite things about the underground and what are some of the things you would change?

Cam: My favorite part of the underground is definitely the fact that the best music is created entirely from the underground. Mainstream music is created by robots and sounds the same all the time, basically just drowns out the artists. The ONE thing I would change though is getting more exposure to the underground. Even though it may be called the underground, ironically it should have the most publicity, everyone’s favorite rappers popped off in the underground first, always gotta pay homage to where it all started.

Jaxx: Couldn’t have said it any better my guy.

Zomb: Wow absolutely couldn’t have said it any better I agree 100% Being older do you feel like their mentor in a way? @bbyterra

Cam: At times it can feel that way, more or so on personal levels rather than music wise, but at the end of the day I learn more from these two than I even can teach. It’s like a brotherhood at this point. We learn from each other and guide one another to where we need to be, the craziest part is we couldn’t of ever predicted that we’d all end up in the same collective. It’s really like having two little brothers on god haha.

Jaxx: Facts, that brings it back to the whole team effort, literally came outta nowhere and clicked instantly like it was destined.

Zomb: That’s dope so you guys are like a whole family. One of the last questions I had for you guys was who are you top 5 personal favorite artists of all time?

Tuxx: favorite artist are Kanye West, Daniel Caesar, bbyterra, liljaxs, anddddddd prolly myself. We fye as f***. Oh shit S/o Adam Sandler, real shit he had one of the best tapes of all time “Lunchlady land” “The chanukah song” Mf CLASSICS.

Jaxx: Fav artists: $kimask D-Phoenix Gunna Trippie & shoreline

Cam: Fatmankey, carti, kid cudi, tayk and x (RIP)

Zomb: I was going to say Shoreline deff another group on the map right now that’s sick you mentioned them. All solid ass lists and they they deff show in your sounds that’s a fact. My last question for you guys is what keeps you going outside of music? What are you guys doing when you aren’t making music?

Tuxx: when I’m not making music I’m thinking about other ways to make money involving my music.  All my spare time goes right back into music. There’s no way this shit can fail.

Jaxx: Straight like that. When I’m not making music im still making music. Never on my ass always gotta be doing something productive to better what I’m doing.

Cam:  Honestly what keeps me going outside of music is my girlfriend, without her a nigga would be down bad. I had no motivation until I started doin this shit full force Bc she motivated to be become a better person, so shoutout my baby lmao. When I’m not making music I’m workin, tryna make money, networking, or playing fortnite hahaha.

Zomb: That’s what I like to hear. I’m glad to see a group that’s actually moving like a unit. Any last shout outs or words of motivation before we sign off?

Jaxx: S/O @3rdOcean S/O @jaydeadmoon S/O my family & friends.
One love.

Tuxx: s/o the dood who made Cheez-Its
those mfs flame.

Cam: S/O morgan Jane S/O all my brothers in TERRA S/O my family and everyone out there supportin me and FREE BOBBY. Oh and never fuckin give up on ANYTHING, life is what you make it and if you put in the work you will be blessed with something amazing.

Jaxx: All for that good karma ya digg! Love everybody & how could I not… S/O TERRA  My real brothers, my second family. Thank you.

Zomb: Huge huge shoutout to everyone mentioned I’m glad we got this in honestly.

Cam:  Appreciate you for havin us on the interview man, really means a lot, and just know there will be much more heat coming soon from the whole gang.