Zomb: First things first where are you from and how old are you?

Ben: I’m 17 years old from Toronto, Canada

Zomb: Youngin from Canada. What was it like growing up there?

Ben: it was pretty cool, really cold winters, so hockey with friends was tight when i was younger. not a lot of support for creative shit so as i started getting involved with music it became a bit harder for me.

Zomb: Yeah that’s dope Canada really infamous for those. What were some of your first exposures to music and when did you start making music?

Ben: so when i was younger i was really influenced by mac miller, i related to him a lot – were both half jewish, etc. so he was my first initial influence to start rapping. this was back in 2015. then later in 2016 i got tired of looking for producers, and another artist who i was listening to at the time was mf doom, someone who produced his own songs, so that gave me the idea to start producing.

Zomb: That’s dope huge shoutout Mac Miller he was also a lot of people’s influences around that time. Deff huge to mf doom as well I’m glad he got you on that. That’s a great start, do you have a favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

Ben: favourite song i’ve released is running lapz for sure. i think that’s the first song i’ve actually been a fan of and enjoy listening to.

Zomb: running lapz hard for sure for sure. Explain your name for us or tell us the meaning behind it if you have one.

Ben: okay so basically when i started rapping i went by a different name, which was just my name without one letter, it was really boring though. so then one day i was watching spongebob and cartoon ben just popped in my mind. benjamin is my real name but everyone calls me benji

Zomb: Damn some spontaneous shit right there. I like the flow of it for sure. What are your plans for the rest of the summer and 2018?

Ben: definitely going to keep on dropping singles, and i’m gonna start working on a tape soon. also going to be working on producing with some bigger artists. also lookout for the dxd compilation tape out october first.

Zomb: Absolutely solid. Everyone most certainly looking forward to it and definitely go get the new compilation tape out Oct. 1st. Tell us the story behind @dxdallstars for those who don’t already know.

Ben: so pretty much i started talking to hawk boy last summer, i bought a repost from him and then i sent him beats. he fucked with what i sent so we started working. then he connected me with yung sherrf, young mess, and yung griffin, and we all just started working. then we just decided to start a group and we kept on adding people in. we don’t plan on adding anyone else though. we’re satisfied and confident with who we got.

Zomb: That’s so sick and I’m glad you guys knew when you wanted to cap it off and not get overwhelmed. What are some of your goals as a team?

Ben: we really just want to make an impact on the underground scene and make the best music we can while staying true to ourselves.

Zomb: Staying true to yourself is the best goal to hold close. We got faith in you guys. Who are some artists you wanna work with in the future? Big or small?

Ben: i would love to work with all of sadboys and drain gang. to produce for any of them would honestly be a dream come true. i would love to work on some beats with with gud sherman and whitearmour. would also love to work with some of the artists in pc music. i’m a huge fan of hannah diamond!!

Zomb: Wow I love those responses. Shoutout SBE & DG as well as Hannah that’s really dope. SBE & DG some of my favorites as well. How long does it take for you to get a song done? On average.

Ben: honestly, i’m really fast at making songs but it varies. i can have a song done in ten minutes fully, or i can be stuck on it for hours it just depends. like for example running lapz took me about ten minutes, i had the hook ready the first time i heard the beat. but a song like reddish blu took me a bit longer cuz i our more thought into it if that makes sense.

Zomb: Yeah absolutely. It’s like some come and some you need to work for to get em the way you want. What are some studio necessities for you? Things you can’t be making music without.

Ben: water for sure. i’m always drinking water. i’m not picky in anything clothing wise like bighead said once in an interview, like some days i’ll be in a nice outfit or sometimes i’ll just record a song in my bed wearing pajamas. but yeah definitely just water.

Zomb: Lol yup absolutely I can definitely relate and I know others can as well. Especially with water. If you could change one thing about the underground what would it be?

Ben: i would definitely change how producers are treated. i know things are getting better, but still even there’s some youtube channels that don’t credit producers and that makes me sad. producers should have fans like the vocal artists, they play such a big role in the vibe and direction in the song.

Zomb: I absolutely agree. 100% agree being a one year producer myself I’m pretty sure worldstar doesn’t even give producer credits either not even in descriptions. That’s something that needs to be changed. Now lemme ask you, If you ever got filthy rich what would be the first thing you would do?

Ben: def buy my mom a car, she’s always wanted a range rover but couldn’t ever afford one so thats definitely the first thing I would buy. also buy an apartment for me and my girlfriend.

Zomb: I love when people give right back to the people they love. Dope. Who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Ben: 1. Kanye 2. yung lean 3. lil peep 4. bladee 5. corbin honourable mention playboi carti/lil tracy. could listen all of those artists for the rest of my life and be satisfied.

Zomb: Shoutout all of them I like that line up a lot. One of the last questions I had for you was what keeps you going outside of music? What do you do when you aren’t making music? What keeps you sane?

Ben: I love spending time with my girlfriend and my friends, I also really like playing video games. I feel like video games are something alot of people do so I love including video game references in my music, also sampling video games OSTs is really fun.

Zomb: Yeah absolutely totally good to get away for a bit and that’s so interesting to hear I think sampling them can be so sick too. Last question I have for you is what’s your favorite video game of all time if you had to pick one? Considering that’s definitely a favorite hobby of yours.

Ben: favourite video game of all time is world of warcraft, has definitely gotten me through some hard times and ive spent so many hours in it I feel emotionally connected as nerdy as that sounds haha. im a big nerd lol

Zomb: Lol deff not bad at all I can say that same thing about Halo that’s absolutely hilarious. Any last shoutouts or words of motivation before we sign off?

Ben: shoutout my mom, shoutout my girl, shoutout dxd, shoutout background boys, shoutout Canada, shoutout earth. keep being weird and making art. and shoutout underground vampire club !! always been showing support.

Zomb: Aye! Everyone take notes from this man. Thank you for taking your time out for this and UVC looking super forward to new @caartoonben & @dxdallstars

Ben: thanks for the interview, really appreciate it. its been cool.