Up and comer Moshpit speaks about their inspirations in film making and directing as well as experiences working with artists like Lil Xelly, Black Kray and WIFIGAWD.

wtrflls: Well to start things off let people know who you are and what it is you do?

Moshpit: I am moshpit aka Moshpitdmv, I am a Director and a platform which gives artists more exposure.

wtrflls: How did you get your start working with visuals and promoting artists? Were they originally both part of the same plan or did one follow the other?

Moshpit: Well originally i didn’t start doing videos with artist. I began vlogging and doing car videos roughly 4-5 months before getting into the music scene. But a few of My friends were making music and wanted me to try making a video for them.

So i tried, and i really really liked it so i decided to get serious with it and work with people I really liked listening to like WIFIGAWD, Lil Xelly, Black Kray, The Khan, etc…

wtrflls: That’s fire that it just sort of happened, speaking of the artists you’ve worked with how has it been doing videos for people like xelly and black kray?

Moshpit: Yeah, it kind of just came together by itself, but I LOVE what i do though. The people that i work with are more than just artist to me, they’re really good friends and people that I care about.

Doing videos with them is literally AMAZING

Like with xelly, i found him when he dropped the single “OK” before he dropped the 100 song tape and i thought it was so amazing, so i told him to reserve that song for me to shoot

After that, we formed a really good friendship and kept on working every day since. He’s really developed into such an amazing artist since I’ve met him.

And i met Black Kray when i was in California earlier this year, through friend The Khan. Kray, Khan, Wifigawd and I went on tour together earlier this year and that’s when i really got to spend more time with everyone as a whole and I shot “KING LAMAGRA 222” with Kray and Diamondsonmydick

Kray is really an inspiration to be honest, his music is Timeless

He sent me a song when i was driving to Richmond to shoot something and thats when we did “Tearful”

wtrflls: Man that’s crazy that you were in there from the start

Of all the videos you’ve worked on so far would you say you have a favourite or one you’re most proud of?

Moshpit – Oh man, I don’t even know if that’s a question that I can answer. My videos are like my babies, I can’t just pick one lol. But I would have to say Marvel – Lil Xelly is one of my favorite videos I’ve done because the intro had all the videos that i did for him up until that point. But i have some unreleased videos that i believe will definitely be in my top proud videos to date.

Whenever I can drop them, everyone will see

wtrflls: Heat 🔥 looking forward to seeing what’s coming

Are there any directors/filmmakers who you feel have a big influence on your work or do you focus on trying to be different?

Moshpit: I’m inspired by a lot, not just other directors/filmmakers. I look at a lot of Manga, Culture, Comics, and a lot of Art that was made in the world. But for Directors, I look at George Lucas, J.J. Abrams,  Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow, Hype Williams, and actually Kanye West, he’s a real Visual Artist because of his eye he uses when he does set designs for his visuals on his tour. I’m really active on social media so i see a lot of peoples work and a lot of videos look really similar, so I make sure to myself that what ever I am putting out, is in my eyes, “ART”, so i can help the world progress in its visual craft.

for example, my lego video, or my marvel comic video, or my Jurassic video (which i am doing a follow up for), and few others that aren’t out just yet, they’re all different than the normal conventional video that’s “standard” in today’s video world. I want to challenge the worlds ideas and be unconventional, which is what art does

wtrflls: Pushing progress in art is always admirable, and taking influence from places outside our craft can definitely help

Looking ahead is there any artists you’ve not worked with yet that you’d like to? Any one particular who would be a dream to work with?

Moshpit: yeah I have a few people that I have always looked up to growing up that are my dream shoots

ASAP ROCKY, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, YG, Travis Scott, and Eminem

oh and BONES

wtrflls: Some big names there, I imagine a collab with ye would end up being wild af

If you weren’t making videos what do you think you would be doing with yourself?

Moshpit: but yeah if ye and i could work together it would be amazing. I think we would be a good fit together

if i wasn’t making videos, I would probably still be an entrepreneur, open a restaurant, or an IT company. I went to school for IT systems but i didn’t like what i was doing

wtrflls: Definitely a switch up but got to admire that need to be an entrepreneur

Is there any other genre of video production you’d be interested in trying out? Whether it’s film, tv or something else entirely

Moshpit: yeah actually. I really want to work on a big film one day, like star wars. I grew up watching that and Harry Potter all the time so to be able to work on something similar would be an honor

wtrflls: That would be crazy

Working the way you are where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Moshpit: in the next 5 years i see myself really pioneering a new way to make visual art, i really want to be able to make a big name for the DC Maryland Virginia area and to make it into another music hub in the country.  I want to throw more shows, host a tour, be really able to give artist that are serious about their music a chance to achieve their dreams.

wtrflls: With the work you been putting in I can see that shit happening for sure

Tricky question now, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? No greatest hits or compilations

Moshpit: damn that’s so hard

dr dre. 2001

either that or the cronic but i’ve always had more of a connection to 2001

wtrflls: Fire choice man 🔥

Usually i just ask the album one but seeing as you make videos, same question but movies?

Moshpit: Just one movie or a series 😬

wtrflls: Just one

Moshpit: Ahhhhh

I’m literally going insane trying to pick


Trust me i had a list of runner ups, but that movie is probably the most nostalgic

wtrflls: It is a god damn classic I’ll give you that

Thanks for a killer interview dude, got anything you want to say to the people reading, anything to plug? Or just  some words of wisdom?

Moshpit: Yeah

I want to tell everyone that the support you guys give me is unreal and i love you all forever. Word of the wise: “Add to the world, Don’t just take”

wtrflls: True words of wisdom
Thanks again 🖤

Big thanks to Moshpit for the killer interview, check them out on twitter @moshpit_dmv and on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DKyWUGTDqQxMVHFuABICA