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By: @Zomb_Slays

​Zomb: To get started, where are you from? How old are you and tell us little about @LoudPack_KAP

KAP: I’m from Miami Florida down south 200 st. I’m a versatile artist I started making music when I was 9 I use to rap with my little league football team before the game and ever since then I had a passion for making music I started recording my self around the age of 10 or 11 and pretty much kept it going.

I been growing as a artist and many other big artist reached out to me and labels but I’m just working on perfecting my craft. It’s a story and history behind my music. I was set up before. I got my car shot up over 50 times by 2 shooters one with a ak and one with a handgun of some sort. Me and 3 other people was in the car nobody got hurt even tho bullets went there the windshield and windows and seats.

I been in multiple near death situations, shootings and so much I don’t really want to get into but just know I want the whole world to know my story. HiyaHeights is the gang we a family we all grew up together as brothers since jit days, I’m talking 10+ years.

We making noise in Florida right now. Shout out to my boy spaceghostpurrp too he promoted me many times before and internethippy as well, trillphonk too. Shot out to leggo Eggo marlito snook ray shahka and saykoo and my cuz rogby. I got my name loudpack because I only smoke weed nothing else preferably out a backwood.

Zomb: First off definitely shouts out to everyone supporting you, every blog you got support from and it’s a pleasure to be chopping it up with you. Florida has quite the reputation in the streets and music. Your music most certainly has a story and you do a good job at telling it.

Does coming from Florida make it harder musically to get your name out there? Or do you just try to stay in your own lane?

KAP: Yeah it’s really hard because where I’m from it’s get overlooked because Miami is mainly for tourist but i mean salute to all my supporters because they are the ones helping me
build as an artist.

People often compare me to Kodak but it’s just because they don’t really understand our culture from Florida that’s how we talk and I had dreads my whole life I just be cutting it.

I was at Kodak house on Christmas me and Eggo we was shooting a music video for a song with got with his big brother John wicks.

Zomb: Big shout out Kodak & John Wicks also,

So getting your name out was hard but you actually made some solid connections with Kodak and John but I can totally understand where you’re coming from with being overlooked.

Now the Florida scene is poppin right now and there’s a lot of competition so I gotta ask what’s the recording process like for you? and What’s your favorite song you’ve made so far in your career?

KAP: I make at least 10 songs a day sometimes when I’m in my zone I make up to 100 songs a week sometimes so my favorite song always changes. I got shout out to my engineer too dshim productions.

Zomb: Most def shouts out your engineer dshim productions for sure. That’s always the way to go is stack your songs.

So having such a library of music what is the visual process for you like? and what was it like filming at Kodak’s house? because that’s gotta be a great feeling for you.

KAP: Hell yeah it felt good u know it was motivational I been on my grind for a while u know so it was a boost of motivation.

Zomb: That’s too dope. I bet that made you go harder for sure.

So that being around the start of the year, what are some of your plans musically in 2018?

KAP: In Tryna get the recognition I deserve sometimes I felt blackballed because I was supposed to work with many major artist right before they blew then they forgot about me but it never discouraged me.

Zomb: That’s such a positive outlook on it, never get discouraged.I bet it made you more hungry and want to grind more though because you certainly have the potential for a lot of attention.

So 2018 the year of the building your name, can the fans look forward to any new projects also?

KAP: Yeah I got a lot of videos on the way just to warm the fans up for a mixtape with big features on it.

Zomb: That’s exciting to here and UVC will definitely be covering that.

Now one of my last questions was, what’s @LoudPack_KAP like outside of music?

What brings you comfort in life besides making music? If there is anything.

KAP: 2018 already been good to me because my daughter was born and she is my biggest motivation. She brings me comfort other than music and being around family but honestly making music is what brings me peace and keeps my mind at ease.

Zomb: Music really brings peace of mind I agree but huge shout out your family and your daughter especially.

Wrapping this quick one up were there any last shout outs or things you wanted to mention before we end this one off?

KAP: S/o to u and all my supporters I’m truly grateful follow me @ loudpack_kap on everything we gonna turn up the underground again non stop hits Florida stand up 200st south Miami heights aka hiya Heights

Zomb: HUGE thank you to @LoudPack_KAP for taking his time to talk to me and @UNDERGROUNDV4MP

Make sure you follow all his social media’s @LoudPack_KAP and big shouts out Florida and everyone mentioned here.

Thank you brother and have a great rest of your day 🦇💞

KAP: Bless bro

Zomb : 🙏🏼