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By: @elijahlaflair

Lil Turbo has been rising fast in the underground scene. Although he just started his career last year, he’s dropping great music and quickly building a fan base. UVC caught up with him to talk about his beginnings, his creative process, and his plans for the future.

EL: You’re relatively new to the underground scene. How were you able to build a big following and support so fast?

Lil Turbo: To be honest, everybody just fucked with me off vibes. I came in this scene droppin constant heat, so niggas respected me off that & plus as a person I always keep everything 100% genuine & I feel like that played a part too.

EL: Yeah I agree, your music is fire but you still keep it authentic. When did you start to take music seriously?

Lil Turbo: Thanks g, I try to stay in touch with my supporters a lot. But I started taking music seriously early last year.

EL: Damn, you’re making good progress for someone who started last year. Who are some of your inspirations from music? Or life in general.

Lil Turbo: To be honest, Keef & Wayne. It’s others in there but those two influenced me the most

EL: So you’re from South Carolina. How do you feel about the underground scene down there?

Lil Turbo: To be honest, the underground scene is bigger than it’s ever been. everybody working, we all cool so it’s putting the whole state on. SC is the next state to blow. Trust me, we got too much talent.

EL: You recently released Nitro Vol. 1, which was a mix of old and new songs. How did you like the reaction to that project?

Lil Turbo: It was fye cause I really didn’t want to drop that project at first lol. I was holding it back for a couple months, but when I dropped it everyone loved it. The feedback was so positive, I’m finna start dropping more compilation tapes like that lol.

EL: Why didn’t you want to release it at first? It’s a great body of work.

Lil Turbo: Think about it bro, at the time, everybody was dropping projects with no more than 5 songs max. I wasn’t expecting for my fans to fuck with a full 17+ song tape lol so it was a leap for me. But that shows sometimes you gotta think outside the box & take chances even when no one else is.

EL: You got any other projects you plan on releasing this year?

Lil Turbo: Most def, like 6+. I got a very self produced project coming also.

EL: Thanks for taking the time to talk to UVC bro. Is there anything else that you wanted to let the fans and supporters know? When can they expect some music?

Lil Turbo: I’ve got alotta big shit on the way, producing and rapping wise. Expect a lot in the near future, I’m dropping an EP in two weeks. I just want everybody to stay tuned to what a young nigga got comin bruh.